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Dream of gibberish, casinos, fighting the mob, stealing a cop car and intense weirdness.

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posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 10:27 AM
So, at first, it was like I was watching a better version of the movie "Casino", with generic mobsters instead of the famous ones from the movie.

They were talking about how gambling was the number one business guys like them could get in on and keep their hands clean or something like that.

Then, it cut to someone with a strange power, like to change things with his mind, sort of like a genie. But it was limited, so he only used it for cheap tricks and screwing over bookies and casinos.

Only, this time, they had caught him, or were on to him, because he was out of that gambling joint like a bat out of hell.

So, he makes a mad dash out of the building, and the only car there is this futuristic cop car looking thing, and everyone else is closing in.

The door is unlocked, so he gets in and re-locks it. He manages to get the engine to start, and he looks up, and the people walking on the roads are all African American, and they're not mobsters, so he's trying to turn the wheel, and avoid hitting these people.

The wheel won't turn, or at least not easily, so it's difficult, but he avoids plowing through most of the folks. He does, unfortunately, hit someone, though. And then the scene changed.

He was overlooking a park, talking to someone about whether or not he should share it with the whole world. The other person doesn't know what he's talking about, and then, spreading out from the first guy, the palette of the world began to shift, to a more blueish type. Then, I woke up.


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