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posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 09:39 PM
Since a small boy i have always loved the story of "The Goatman". Im not sure if anyone has heard of it but i have always loved it. This is the story(from a link) :

There exists a creature in Maryland known as the Goatman. Whether it is Maryland “legend” or Maryland “reality” is a question that remains unanswered but there are enough witnesses and circumstantial evidence to keep the Goatman’s name alive.

When one first hears of the elusive monster they may be overwhelmed by laughter at such an odd sounding menace, or baffled at how such a thing came to be thought up. No matter what the initial reaction a person has, it soon gives way to curiosity: what the heck is a Goatman? While the facts may be disputed the details in every story remain the same; an angered humanoid emerges from the forest and returns to its abode without a trace. The invariable description is that of an upright creature but beyond that the appearance varies. Some have claimed that the Goatman has a human body with a goat’s head, similar to the perception of Satan, while others insist that the Goatman has a goat’s lower body with the torso of a human, much like the satyr of Greek mythology. There is another school of observers/speculators whose description is not as definitive and say simply that he is an exceptionally hairy humanoid creature roughly six feet in height. Regardless of the physiognomy the Goatman legends do share one common theme and that is Maryland or, more precisely, Prince George’s County.

Since the late 1950’s the territory of the Goatman has consisted of several localities in P.G. County with an acute focus on the Bowie area. The area is largely forest with a number of main highways running through it to other, more populous parts of the state. At the heart of the matter is the bridge known as “Crybaby Bridge” because, so it is said, if motorists stop on that bridge late at night the shrill braying of the Goatman can be heard. It should be noted that the crying could be that of an infant ghost, as the bridge reportedly got that name because of a young mother drowning her baby under it. The bridge is located on Governor’s Bridge Road.

The two other prominent roads that the the Goatman frequents are Lottsford Road and Fletchertown Road. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Glendale State Asylum is situated between these two roads. The locale around Lottsford-Vista Road and Admore-Ardwick Road has been reported as a Goatman hot spot. Maryland is not alone in Goatman sightings. In the eastern Texas town of Marshall, a “goatman” was reported by hunters during 1972, as the story goes. Another goatman has been reported in Alabama and is said to be roughly seven feet tall, hooved, with claws and a lumpy bald head. Stories have also poured in from Oregon, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and in California there is the tale of the “Chevo Man,” Chevo being Spanish for goat. There has even been a report from New Zealand.

As for the sightings, they come from persons of varying reliability. Some have claimed that the Goatman was bold enough to break into their homes while they were out, leading to the witnesses returning and startling the belligerent creature. And while struggles ensue there remains no physical evidence. Others claim to have witnessed the Goatman in the act of throwing canines off of interstate 495 overpasses near secluded areas. The assault of pets has been the most persistent accusation against the Goatman as there have been several rashes of mutilated or missing animals in the vicinity. The Washington Post reported such an incident in 1971 and while the author of the article treated the matter with levity they did provide a paper trail for those seeking more information on the spectral occurrences. When animals kept in the yard overnight or in pens become agitated or vanish, residents are heard to curse the Goatman. In some instances the decapitated corpses of the missing animals have been found, but as other journalists have pointed out there are other circumstances to consider (such as the fact that one of the dogs was found next to frequently used railroad tracks).

Another crime that the Goatman shoulders the blame for is the attack of cars left near the woods, often using an ax to damage the vehicles. This is one of the most frequent settings for witnessing the beast. This facet of the Goatman mythology has for many decades been blended with the urban legend of ‘the Hook”--two teens park on lover’s lane, the boyfriend gets out of the car, two hours later the girlfriend hears his blood dripping onto the car. It is a familiar tale by now, only in this region, the Goatman is the culprit. There does not appear to be any factual event in Maryland to spawn these stories. The crimes are said to be the offspring of the Goatman’s overwhelming hatred for humans and animals alike, a condition rooted in his origins.

More often than not the Goatman’s origins are attributed to mankind’s greedy quest for knowledge. At the center of this moral crisis lies the United States Agricultural Research Center of Beltsville, Maryland. Two common variations involve a scientist working with goats at the facility. In one story the scientist simply went mad, for reasons often improvised by the storyteller, and ran off into the woods screaming. Ever since that accursed day the madman has stalked the woods of the area with an ax. The second and more fantastic version claims that the scientist’s experiments with goats went horribly wrong and he ended up becoming mutated and goat-like in appearance. After this occurred he went the way of his mad scientist counterpart, fleeing to the relative peace of the woods with an ax and a chip on his shoulder.

Beltsville is situated at the outskirts of Washington D.C.’s suburbs and has an abundance of wooded land that could provide shelter or an escape route for the Goatman. There is a third assertion about man’s scientific wrongdoing involving a botched attempt at creating a cure for cancer. As the story goes this occurred back in the 1960’s in a Pittsburgh lab using techniques that are known to modern medical researchers to be redundant with no hope of facilitating any breakthroughs in the battle against cancer. However, this was unknown to the unfortunates involved in the experimentation and, through methods as yet unrevealed, the cancer cells were caused to grow into none other than the Goatman. The abominable beast then broke loose and has ravaged the countryside ever since. Furthermore, this legend claims that the Chubacabra phenomenon is in actuality the mistaken progeny of the Goatman creature the was created in the lab. No explanation as to how he multiplied has been ventured at the time of this writing.

A fourth theory involves the mental health facility housed within the confines of the Goatman’s known territory. Some locals have grumbled about rumored experimentation on inmates while others have speculated about “regular” insane persons escaping in the night to commit the crimes that the Goatman has been blamed for. And finally there is the assertion that the Goatman is the embodiment of none other than the arch fiend himself, summoned to this earth from time to time by the rituals of satanists. The connection between this origin and the attacks on cars and dogs would seem tenuous at best. Other sources site parental license in the use of a deranged old hermit loose in the woods wielding his ax against children, generally residing in whichever area the parents wanted their children to stay away from. Examples are: near busy highways, under bridges, around certain electrical towers, and any other dangerous places.

As recently as the August of 2000 a group of construction workers sighted a sasquatch-like creature that, in their estimate, was twelve feet in stature traversing an area of Washington’s suburbs. Whatever is happening in the region, whether imagined or bizarrely real, the story of the Goatman will not only persist but thrive. Publicity has come from many different sources in the past few years including feature articles in the press in tandem with the inclusion on cable specials where the Goatman was featured with the monster elite, Nessie and the Yeti. Cryptozoologists, those who study the so-called extinct or nonexistent animals, have been drawn to the story in droves. Until the myths can be sufficiently proven or disproven the Goatman will continue to be the object of both ridicule and fear for residents outside of Washington, D.C.

sorry for it being so long
the website is here :

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posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 06:04 AM
mmm not sure about this one. The fact that the descriptions vary so wildly, from top half man, bottom half goat to the complete opposite suggest to me this is just an urban legend.

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 12:14 PM

Originally posted by LordGoofus
mmm not sure about this one. The fact that the descriptions vary so wildly, from top half man, bottom half goat to the complete opposite suggest to me this is just an urban legend.

Yeah i get your point. I also think the descrition could be made alot clearer from such a detailed account!!!

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 08:10 PM
All im saying is; is that i love the story, and if dont thats not my problem, i just wanted people to know about he goatman thats all.

i mean have u guys heard of him before?

posted on Oct, 2 2004 @ 10:01 AM
I've heard of batman, mothman, centaurs and superman but never heard about a goatman. Interesting story even if just to provide a few minutes of entertaiment

posted on Oct, 2 2004 @ 08:37 PM
yes i love this story, i first read it in first grade, and the version i read, was that there was a scientist. he worked in an animal testing lab, and was working with goats. something went wrong, and there was an explosion. he came out with different parts of him goatlike. ex: his feet were goat. part of his face was. and part of his chest. he began to hide in the forest and to wreak havoc on the people of that city, because they cast him aside. he wielded an axe and whenever a motorist had car problems he would butcher them and leave no survirors. although, now that i think about it, if there were no survivors where did the stories come from?

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 09:21 AM
It's true...Goatman does exist. He has even been on Saturday Night Live!

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 11:42 AM
I thought that was Goatboy

posted on Nov, 2 2004 @ 09:20 PM
I live in kentucky, and every day on my way home from school i pass an old rusty bridge that trains ride over every once in a while. Ive always heard that bridge is somehow connected to a "goatman". Any info about a kentuckian goatman? O_o;;

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 06:24 PM
Or!....Maybe it was manbearpig. Some people say that is just a charter created by Al Gore to improve his approval ratings. But some people would be wrong Al Gore needs no approval ratings! Because as we know there wont be a presidency or any people in the coming future because of global warming will kill us all. And so Al Gore being the genious that he is, I even heard he invented the internet! Well he used his vast fortune $$ to create the perfect next generation creature which could survive in the coming apocalypse and supplant mankind as the dominant species.

It's just an idea you know! Or maybe it was goatmanbearpig, I mean it could happen some sort of crazy experiment in a lab somewhere to fuse the powers of a goat, a man, a bear, and a pig, it would be like the ultimate super predator and survivor.

And another thing why does it always have to be a "man"? How come never a "woman"? You never hear of the goatwoman, or the slenderwoman, or the sandwoman, or the womanbearpig, or the mothwoman. But you constantly hear of the goatman and the slenderman and the sandman and manbearbip or the mothman... That right there is sexist.

For all any of you know, its not a goatman out there terrorizing people, it could be some really gross, smelly and hairy, half goat half woman creature, running around terrorizing poor innocent people. It could just be that you all got it wrong, and its really the goatwoman that's running lose out there.

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 06:27 PM
Goatman? That's ba-aa-aa-aa-aad.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by SkyGuy
I live in kentucky, and every day on my way home from school i pass an old rusty bridge that trains ride over every once in a while. Ive always heard that bridge is somehow connected to a "goatman". Any info about a kentuckian goatman? O_o;;

Yep, there are a lot of Goatmans in the USA for some reason, the bridge is said to be the place where the Goatman stalk cars and couples in the night. The reason is that his laboratory would be next to the bridge.

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 11:48 PM
It's in all probability a goatwoman, from all that witnesses and the stories it does leave an impression that it could be female. But I suppose if there is a goatman then there must be a goatwoman to, and if there is that then there must also exist a goatboy and a goatgirl as well, it is an indefensible totally factual fact that when there is one type of creature then it is highly likely that there must be more of its type, after all how would it breed or reproduce? And seeing as the story's of goatpeople are as old as civilization, no for realz I think they even existed in ancient Egypt, they even have picture of them in the pyramids somewhere. And so then it is highly likely that there must be a whole slew or group of goatpeople out there breeding somewhere.

Unless off course it really was made in a lab. In which case unless it is asexual and able to reproduce by itself, then there must be more then one of its type. In either case the chances either way point that it may be a goatwoman, first from the story it sounds like it was PMSing, going crazy, breaking stuff, and scaring people, which we know is a total female characteristic and such. If it was male it would probably raid a McDonald's grab all the cheeseburgers and go back to its goatcave and fall asleep, coming out only when necessary once a year or so. And second if it is asexual then creatures which are asexual tend to lean more toward the female type in there biological makeup then the male type, because of obvious replicating functions. Please people can we get our facts straight. Obviously we must delve further into this mystery.
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posted on May, 22 2013 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by Foobarr

I watched a show on this

I never knew quite what to make of it, I have heard of other sightings of goatmen across America but they do vary, usually either goat legs and human body or something more mixed like the one shown in here. As the show points out there are beings like the Greeks Pan and Satan so perhaps this creature has occurred in the past or perhaps our beliefs is creatures like this are the inspiration for these creatures like the goat man.

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by grey9438

YA! you see this goatman or goatwoman is obviously out there terrorizing poor horny teenagers. And on delving further it seems that there even are whole secret cults based around the goatman. One of which you may have heard of before. Something called the "Illuminati" I know what your thinking. "Illuminati what is that? sounds like some sort of sushi dish, or a new electricity saving light bulb" Well its not! It's like some sort of cult or something.

And whats worse they seem to worship a goatman called Baphomet, as seen here in the link. Link

And if you look close its actually not really a man as its got both male and female parts, its some sort of asexual goatperson, so I was right in a way in my earlier premise that it could be an asexual creature. There even seems to even be some sexual rituals possibly even involving goats or something going on in this weird cult.

No doubt my earlier presumption could be right and the goatman could be a part of the new world order and there diabolic plans for creating the next evolutionary step over and in replacing humanity, Al Gore is no doubt even involved as he is with the new world order illuminate puppet, possibly even there front man to gull the people. What were dealing with here could be some sort of secret elitist cult to bring about the new world order by the mixing of the natural and unnatural the animal and semi animal ie man in a lab somewhere and releasing it into the wild to see its survival capacity and slowly take over the human race.

That and possibly some sort of ritualistic goat humping cult of weirdos. They may even hold secret meetings and wear some sort of funny hats, there may even involve some sort of secret hand shake or hand sign that symbolizes this cult and there evil going ons, all while indoctrinating the populous slowly and doing who the hell knows what?

As you can see here we have a goatman worshiper, you would be surprised how may of them there are out there. Link

Truly a sickening thought, but this cult seems to have been around for as long as anybody knows from back in ancient Egypt as depicted in some of there hieroglyphs a goatman was even one of there gods, as we see here in it went by the name of Khnum. Link

To even in ancient Greece with there worship of a goatman called Pan. All of this only says one thing, humanity sure does pick some funky ass gods to worship and bizarre silly cults to follow. I mean what next a half man half duck.
But really it would be no stranger and no less funny then all other things humanity have worshiped all thought out history.

But those vids say that particular goatman roams the woods of Canada. Maybe some Canadians could shine some light on that fact, or maybe Canada could be like some sort of base of operations for these goatpeople it could be there natural habitat as its got wild and woody areas throughout, mixed with the right weather for this goatman creature to thrive and life off, and nobody being none the wiser as the place is practically a wilderness and the Canadian language is practically unintelligent dribble and hard to decipher into plain english.

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

But those vids say that particular goatman roams the woods of Canada

Not quite the vid are of a show called creepy Canada and for whatever reason in the third season the went south of the border and looked into the goatman seen in Maryland, im not sure if any goatmen have been seen up here

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 12:15 AM
It's pretty obvious to me goat man is an evil spirit taking the form of a goat man.

Anyone hear about the story of a goat man appearing near railroad tracks? A young guy saw the beast-man and followed it. Was so intrigued that he followed where it went (which was on the railroad tracks on a bridge where the only way down was death), the boy died.

The sister/mother goes back to the place occasionally and said she feels an evil feeling in that place.

For those that don't believe in evil spirits, it doesn't matter if you don't believe in them, they exist, they are invisible, they only appear in rare cases, when they want you to see them or in the even rarer case of someone having the gift of being able to see them.

I would say they are in the 5th or 6th dimension, they can see us 24/7 but we can only see glimpses of them because we are lower dimensional beings (that's the most logical explanation of not being able to see them, they are higher dimensional).

I might as well lump all the vanishing act paranormal beings, E.T. including greys, reptilians, nordics, etc, Bigfoot, Goat-man, Moth-man, Yeti, etc etc etc. All evil spirits, all demons, these beings have been around since the creation of the earth at least, they know a thing or two, they know how to shape-shift, they are experts at it, it's one of their arts, one of their sciences, they can look like anything, another one of their arts involves dreams/nightmares, they have many talents, until the world wakes up to them they will continue to fool us with their spiritual/dimensional smoke an mirror tricks.

Chances are one is watching you this very second, it was assigned to you from birth, but fear not, God loves us, this is a testing ground, we also have holy angels assigned to us from birth. God lives, cast them out in God's name and they will leave, (they will of course have a legal right to come back and observe and tempt from time to time but when it turns into harassment that's when God/angels have the right to kick them out). God lives.
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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by grey9438

Well in that case at least this goatman is an American, and if its an American it probably can speak English if albeit badly, if it had the head of a goat then its biologically not functional to make certain noises, but it could likely speak a few words, I mean it must have a language. I don't know man, this freaking goatman has issues. I mean we have a half goat half man which may or not be a asexual creature, who seems to stock horny teenagers out on there makeout points while there trying to get busy, so we know that its not only rude and likes to interrupt people with there pants down, but its a pervert as well. But what really gets me is that it kills family pets, in the vid they said they even found the head of a dog, and it waving its axe in the air some ways off. That # is not cool, this goatdude man must go.

What we need to do is make some sort of expedition and head into the depths of Maryland and capture this goatman. I mean I would go, I am to lazy to go anywere. But # why not! I could even bring my sword along and if I ran across it, I don't know man! I guess I could challenge it to a duel or something. And if it does not want to duel me! I can insult it till it is so wrought with anger that it goes mad and attacks me. I could be like. "hey there you honorless son of a stinky she goat, you hairy ass piss smelling butt liker, yo mom was sweaty grass grazer who gave sour milk" So then it would totally get mad and charge me as I just insulted its mother, its got an axe or so people say, but at close range it would stand little chance, unless its a really huge axe. In which case it still would stand little more of a chance, it could try to throw that axe, which would be a surprise move, but if it misses it can kiss its ass goodby.

Or if that does not work we can try something else. I don't know what! Maybe we can like study goats. This goatman is a horny creature right, so if we find out when goats have there mating season and what signals or sounds they use, and what it revolves around. Or we can even tape a female goat in heat doing its matting call or whatever, or better yet get one that is in heat then we set it in the woods in a trap. The goatman will hear it think he got lucky, and that its his lucky day, and that he is going to score, then follow the noise to the trap. Then BAM when it gets in the vicinity we spring it, and that is that. It will be to busy thinking about other things to suspect its a trap. I mean that particular trap its worked for pretty much everything, it has great success in capturing humans and other animals so it should work on goatpersons as well.

And if that does not work, then we go to plan C...Plan C however is in the making. Then maybe after this menace has been captured we can move on to doing something about these goatman worshipers, have you really looked around there everywere, I mean on the TV in magazines, even in day to day life we get them throwing there horned one handed gang sign around representing the G man. Its kind of annoying, 99.99394949232 of them dont even know why there doing it. Goatman is definitely not as cool as they all think he/she/it is.
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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 11:27 PM
Goatman, Mothman, Bigfoot, Grey Aliens, all are forms taken by shape-shifting evil spirits (demons). Believe it or not, it's the truth. These evil spirits seek to deceive, they appear as angels of light and even flying UFOs. You can know their presence by the evil feeling you feel in their presence.

The Goatman lured a young kid onto railroad tracks, he died. The deception worked, the sister of the dead brother says she feels an evil feeling at the location of the sighting of the Goatman, I wonder why.

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

What we need to do is make some sort of expedition and head into the depths of Maryland and capture this goatman

A team of people to go into the woods after dark to find one or possibly more ax wielding aggressive goat creatures that attack people and animals without warning. good luck finding someone to do that

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