We’ll be right back!

What is up ATS CREW!!!!

We’re currently smashing our servers and blackberrys with a hammer before being subpoenaed! Oh wait that's the Clinton Crime Cabal, not us lol. We’ll be back online shortly. Just doing some long overdue server updates.

Over the next few months we'll be adding many new features to ATS and taking it to a whole new level!

We want you all involved in the process as this is about the ATS community so we will post some polls asking your thoughts about what you think would make ATS even better.

Thank you for your patience! We won't be long, hopefully, but you know how these things go..These servers don't feel pity or remorse or fear and they absolutely will not stop EVER, until they drive every webmaster utterly insane with endless security updates and upgrades... The war against the machines is here but mankind will prevail!

Deny Ignorance!

— The Above Top Secret Team