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Four US P-3C aircraft possibly destroyed in Japan

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 06:46 AM
Yakota Air Base saw the collapse of the 550 foot long Kawasaki Heavy Industries hangar used to repair Japanese and US P-3 Orion surveillance planes from Naval Air Station Atsugi on Feb 15th. There were 10 aircraft in the hangar at the time, including four US Navy P-3Cs. It's not known how much damage the aircraft suffered, but the tails of some of the aircraft can be seen poking through the top of the hangar. Several P-8A Poseidon aircraft have deployed to Japan recently, but none of them were damaged.

The aircraft were 3 Kawasaki P-3Cs, one Kawasaki OP-3C, one Kawasaki EP-3, one Kawasaki UP-3D training aircraft, and four US Navy P-3Cs. All were undergoing periodic maintenance checks. At least one US aircraft had the aft fuselage torn off.

Yakota has seen 35 inches of snow fall on it this month, with 21 inches falling the week before. The weight of the snow caused the center portion of the hangar to collapse. The damage is preventing an assessment of the aircraft inside it. It was the worst blizzard to hit Tokyo in 45 years.

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan — The condition of several U.S. Navy and Japan Self-Defense Force surveillance planes is still unknown after heavy snow caused the roof of a hangar to collapse Saturday near Naval Air Facility Atsugi, according to U.S. and Japanese officials.

No injuries were reported in the collapse, but there is extensive damage to the building, and the 10 aircraft parked inside appear damaged as well.

“Although the immediate damage to the hangar appears extensive, the possible damage to aircraft is not currently known,” Atsugi base spokesman Greg Kuntz said.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 07:03 AM
so is KHI (or their insurance) responsible for damages? it is obvious that the hanger was not properly designed for the snow load it received. they should have known that and had people clearing the snow off the roof to prevent this collapse. also were any other buildings collapsing? if not almost every other building in the area collapsing, then just shows the culpability of KHI

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by generik

A number of buildings around Tokyo collapsed, but none as big as this one. Kawasaki should be responsible for any insurance issues, as it was their hangar, and not leased by the US or anything.

posted on Feb, 22 2014 @ 12:41 AM
Insurance job, its no coincidence the are getting the P8 and this happens to some of their aircraft...

I am taking the piss if you don't get me.

Must have been some weight, most hangars no only carry the roof and I assume include some tolerance for snow or migrating birds, but also have numerous gantry cranes running along them.

Its a monumental fk up that you have 10 aircraft in a hangar, during crazy weather and noone thought to de ice and remove snow from the roof.

Shame there was no residual radiation in the structure.

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