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God, Satan, Angels and Demons. A non-fantasy Theory

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 11:57 AM
Though it is perhaps a little pseudo science, I honestly don't know so feel free to poke hole's in this theory (unless you are a mindless devotee of some faith and would never budge from belief, in which case; why even bother reading this?)

This is my theory on the supernatural, ghost gods demons and angels....all of that good stuff.

They are not mystical. That needs to be stated straight off the bat, no airy fairy meanderings through mysticim and hocus pocus is required or applies.

They are merely a collection of beings that exist on a different dimension then us. They clearly have a limited ability to interact within our 3d reality and the constraints we experience from the 4th dimension (time) are not completely felt by them.

I suspect they must pass through several levels before reaching ours and along the way they pass through an interesting one that explains the phenomena of recurring hauntings where the 'ghost' appears to carry out the same actions over and over again as though unaware of being observed. What's happening there is that this dimension, for whatever reason, is capable of actually capturing a moment in time like a recording, whatever process allows this dimension access to our own must not last very long because these sightings never last very long, Also whatever process allowed the interaction also creates damage to the 'fabrics' (for want of a better word) which creates the re-play effect. So not ghost's but tiny slices of our reality recorded.

Religion and ceremony has been developed over the eons to help codify and record various processes by which we are able to deal with these phenomena. Over time it turns into a massive organized religion where many of the practioners no longer truly understand what they are involved in. The processes used are not disimilar to meditation and rythmic beats and motion used by tribal communities around the world, only massivly complicated but still intended for the same purpose. They are similar to a Samurai meditating before a battle, methods to get yourself into the right 'place' (again..for want of a better word) to be able to deal with these things that scare and amaze us.

They are not God, the Devil Angels and Demons as we most commonly understand them but consider them more like humanities Elders.

Some of them may not have roots on earth, others do. The ones that call themself 'God' I suspect are not 'From' here or rather they did not originate as living mortal humans on planet earth. This does not nessecarily mean that they are bad or 'evil' but they are incredibly old and wise so their actions and behaviour may be difficult for us to fathom... hence the Awe they inspire.

I suspect that the concept of a Soul is very much real, but again not in a spiritual way. I *think* that there is a part of each person that continues on after the body dies but this 'essence' is of a kind that cannot be observed within the 3 and 4th dimensions. They exist on one of the dimensions between our physical one, this one the 3 and 4th and the one this 'God' resides in.

I suspect that angels exist on a slightly lower level then this god and experience 'Gods' presence in a similar fashion to how we experience the 'Ghost' level.

If the various religious stories are to be believed then Satan and the demons formerly resided on the same level as the 'Angel's' but disagreed with the 'God' entity about something and were forced to move to a lower level..... possibly even one below our own!

Demonic possesion is probably just a phenomena by which these nasty 'demon' entities are able to influence our brain wave patterns and behaviour making it seem as though they are actually inside the victim.... They may actually BE within the same area in universal space as the victim but still not entirely within the 3rd dimension.

I suspect that this disagreement they had MAY have had something to do with us, as we are basically a nursery.

We are essentially involved in a cosmic custody battle.

What do you think? a solution that the religious AND atheists can come together over.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 12:05 PM

Ghost's are just the remains of someone who has died and the dimensional level is somewhat lower then the Angels one but higher then our own. They may have a much more limited capacity to interact with our dimension as they would be new to the whole experience and would not have the skills required just as they may have lacked the skills in life to fly a plane or program a computer. Doing 'ghosty' stuff is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. I suspect it's also quite dangerous and/or painful otherwise it would happen more often.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 12:10 PM
The skills aspect factors in as an explaination of what we do after we die. We continue to experience and learn so we can move on to yet another dimensional level (like buddists)
It also suggests that we can expect a reality after we die that is not entirely unfamiliar to us, though we will feel like newborns.
It also explains why there are not more ghosts, perhaps they usually learn to move on from their old life by the time they develop the skills needed to actually interact with us meatbags.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by Raivan31

Interesting - let me read over this further but I have been thinking along similar lines myself.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by Raivan31

Now I am religious so bear with me, I often think that the Angel's are indeed previous human's and perhaps a race which reached the stage of Ascension also called the harvest in the bible or judgement day, I think it is possible that the earth has been used several time's.
Imagine for a few minutes you are a race of people whom have evolved to a stage where normal children may no longer be conceived and your races fertility has dropped off, then you find that your death is not actually a death but a whole new existence but you need to keep order to maintain a semblance of structure and society over there so you enact a policy of implementing law's to both self protect and protect the corporeal people whom are also evolving to this stage.
Two or more factions vie for dominance and a war break's out with one faction moving closer to the corporeal to hold them as a hostage while trying to multiply it's numbers by corrupting them into a disposable force while denying the elders there children and so a kind of stalemate come's into effect.
The two faction's may not be the same race but two separate races whom where created to the same original template by the eldest of these races whom with no new dynamism had become stagnant and found that only new soul's born with new idea's could keep there racial dynamism alive so they recreated a race in there image and this may happen on a cyclic pattern and perhaps move from world to world, though maybe sometimes the new world is reused with great pain taken to make sure it is wiped clean of as many traces as possible between harvest's.
The angels are workers and beings of power.
Jesus from a Christian perspective said that in the resurrection you would receive a new body, a celestial, heavenly or spiritual body like the ANGELS and there would be not difference between a man and a woman (so no children in the usual sense) and you would neither be given nor taken in marriage (A little more realistic than a garden safari park with a load of unspoilt virgins like the other main religion would offer).
So Man was made to work, Like the angels whom may therefore have been a race of man before man and the devil with the demons whom may not be exclusively so but appear to be another race of spirits whom were once angels is in the kids room with the kid's holding them hostage and turning them against there parent's while some may be his race's children mixed in.
And God well he is father of all but obviously is not happy with the hostage takers at all.
The angels may be could come but that would mean this crop of new souls would be spoilt and the devil also has a vested interest in not doing so to keep the angels away.
Also the hostage taker's would have a vested interest in pushing there agenda with all the children (corporeal people) so as to make them believe in there version of god (and the structure of the law's) over that of the other elder's whom had beaten them in a fair fight.

Of course one of the other implications would be that these Elders would likely limit the technology of the children as the simple fact that as they would be the dominant sentient race here any extra terrestrials may in fact be communing with them and not the larvae stage on the ground.

Who knows the universe is a weird and marvellous place and what deranged alien could ever conceive of a race like the human race.

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 02:21 PM
This is basically what many people who have studied "spiritism" conclude. It's something like what I have come to believe, too.

I dislike the fact that most serious scientists avoid the whole "spirit" discussion. I love science and wholeheartedly believe in it's tenets of hypothesis and experiment and realize that experimenting with something so ephemeral and unclear as spirit has many problems, but once one reads enough, or better yet, has unequivocal personal proof of spirits existence on some level, then the next step is hypothesis... but experimentation in regards to invisible creatures is... hard.

I sure wish the subject was investigated (and taken) more seriously, though. I have a feeling it would open whole new universes of scientific investigation. But it will continue to be ridiculed until the right person in the right circumstances hears that proverbial "bump in the night."

Edit add: I also think that our physics are lacking. We are exploring other dimensions more, now, and its only a matter of time until real proof or a serious theoretical framework exists to admit the possibility of non-physical intelligences (well, non physical as we currently understand it).
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