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ATS chatroom(s) expanded idea

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 11:47 PM
I like the new chatroom format! nice server to, no lag for me so far

I notice that you have expanded for differant discussion topics, as well as the general chat area.
I have an idea about expanding a tad more.....maybe in the general chat area, you could have 2 rooms? one for the youngins and one for the geezers? Its a thought, because sometimes the age differance makes a differance in the style of comunication. The youngins would have a blast without being told to grow up.......and the geezers (me included) can chat with more mature members.

Im not saying one would HAVE to be in the room acording to age, let folks choose where they want to chat.......

youngins would be BOARD silly with a topic of child rearing.I bet they hate to be told "when I was your age"....and geezers usually are not interested in the latest nose piercing.

Its just an idea that I think would make the ATS chat arena more inclusive to all members.
I have been on quite a few chat sites that split up the rooms by age. Like 20's, 30's, 40's ect and it works so very well. Much more of a comfort zone for those participating. Im not saying we need a BUNCH of rooms....I am just thinking it would be nice for the general chat area to have the options of young and older. Youthfull or more mature, however you want to word get my drift I am sure.
Just something to ponder.

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