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Will I ever... [Feb2014]

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posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 06:03 PM

Will I ever…

I never have done to feel what is wrong, reading mysteriously chatter and feel the excitement with a perfect song.
I always seek for the truth in my life. Moreover, what my meaning of existence here on earth would be. I search for the stars, to calm my mind that battles the wars of truth to find that I already have known but never seems to show.
Will I ever find rest and peace within this minding battle for right and wrong equally dueling to satisfy my path is good and know if what I do here is where I belong?
Will my memories ,memoirs and writings be save for those to read and just to cause for the battles in my mind and the truth unspoken unfold as token.
I will never rest before I know that life has meaning to find the key to understand the conscience of universal love between you and me.
Why do I search the truth for wisdom to tell the children from next of kin? So they know what happened their time ahead. Will I ever know if that is the truth, I spoke to them for what I have learned, is that the truth they have and earned? For years to come to put it away when wars are lost and truth will burn.
Will I ever know..?

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