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posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 07:12 AM
She is talking and he doesn’t hear a word she is saying.

Tunes and melodies engulf him. He is submerged in the

water of melodic noise. Violins waft their harmonies and

trumpets blare. Saxophones abound and coalesce with

clarinets. Flute meddlies play effortlessly with the air and

fugues discover Intelligence. Cymbals clash and pianos

sing. Guitars, synth, bass and drums.

He is carried to Reading, New Orleans, Lindisfarne… the

Sydney Opera House!

Soprano and Tenor-Alto, falsetto and baritone. Reggae,

jazz and orchestral; pop, rock and folk. The trees join in

and rustle their leaves like maracas. The wind whistles.

Triangles ting and trombones boom. Notes cascade.

Quavers and crotchets everywhere. The rain is splishsplashing

upon the ground, striking up a beat. His heart

beats to the rhythm like a mighty drum. Double basses

boom and tambourines jingle.

She is talking and he doesn’t hear a word she is saying.

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