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On a higher being, the creator, Jesus and dimensions

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 10:42 AM
Can you imagine a 10 dimensional world??

The Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi manuscripts, reports Jesus as saying this when his followers asked him, "When will the kingdom come?"

It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, "Look, here it is," or "Look, there it is." Rather, the father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it.

It requires only that we see it. It is not waiting for a Divine intervention, miracle, or closing of the Age. It requires that each of us, individually, see the Kingdom--it is in us and it manifests in the love, compassion, peace, and bliss we display.

When are the end times? Sorry, you missed it. They've already ended. We're in the Kingdom of God; we just don't acknowledge it, and so, we just don't live it. The feast is spread out before us, and we are starving because we don't open our eyes.

1Tim. 6:16
(God) who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see.

Immortal: always was, always is, always will be.

One God who is Spirit, the absolute essence or entity that created all things, and expresses himself through three entities; Father, Word, and Holy Spirit.

The Word became flesh and took the name of Immanuel or Jesus, then revealed the Father and also the coming of the Holy Spirit to reveal to our spirits the truth, and the truth is the Word as Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life".

This is known as the trinity, I used to reject the belief of one God in three persons, because I believed the Bible did not teach the trinity, and I could not understand that "one could be three".

Lets digress a little, Dr. Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
Christian Astro Phisicist, stated on his program,

Reasons to believe - galaxy 5-3 Trinity Broadcasting Network, that in the universe there are at least 10 dimensions.

We common people on earth are familiar with a three dimension world, length, width, and height.

A lower class of life would be on a two dimension world, length and width, no height.

Can you visualize a flat space on earth into which a flat life is living and the branch of a tree would grow through this flat world, the flat life coming in contact with the new branch would have to go around it, and as the branch would grow it would force the flat life to go around a greater area, but that flat life could not visualize that this obstacle has three dimensions, it would only know that this obstacle is increasing in size.

If another branch from the same tree would also appear into that two dimension life it would be impossible for that flat life to realize that the two are from one tree.
Living in a three dimension world, length, width, and height, try to visualize that you are standing in the middle of a field located on the equator, at that spot the earth surface is spinning at approximately 1000 miles per hour, and the earth is traveling around the sun at approx. 66000 miles per hour, while being dragged by the sun in the milky way at approx. 500,000 miles per hour, and you start traveling in a spacecraft going away from our galaxy, after being one year outside our galaxy, you return to earth, knowing the speed of the earth on which the time is based and your traveling speed being so much slower, at your return your son might be older than you.

This is hard to understand. How hard would it be for us to picture a 10 dimension life that God created, and how many dimensions are there in God who is Spirit. If God says one God in three persons, who are we to say that's not possible.

[Edited on 22-11-2004 by TrueLies]

posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 08:06 AM
this is my understanding

The Kingdom of god isnt a geoloigcal location. It is more of when we all release to love each other as jesus loved us, then the kingdom of god will exsist in all of us, and it will be a kind of a heaven on earth. Sorry if that sounded corny, i dont listen much in RE class.

and as for the 10-11 dimensions stated by string theory/M theory. They are apparently really small and only exsist on a quatum level. And they are probably past the humans brains comprehension. Unless we unlock more of our brain in the future.

I, personally, dont believe the kingdom of god and 10-11dimensions have much relation to each other. One is a scientific theory, the other is a sense of compassion that will eventually be with us all.

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