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Egypt to try eight for alleged Mossad spy operations

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posted on Feb, 2 2014 @ 07:49 PM

Five Mossad officers and three Egyptians are to be tried for espionage in Egypt, according to local judicial sources, AFP reported on Sunday.

Prosecutors are accusing the eight – five Mossad agents and three Egyptians - of providing Israel with information bearing an impact on Egypt's national security, the report stated. The trial is expected to he held in absentia, as the Mossad officers are said to be "on the run." It is unclear if the three Egyptians, who are from Rafah, have been arrested.

Mossad agents on the run from Egyptian authorities. Will they be caught? Of course not, & neither will Israel aid Egypt in their capture, obviously. I wonder what Israel is doing with the information they've handsomely paid for? Aren't they allies with Egypt, so why not just go the official route? Interesting story that I doubt will receive new information.

Unless of course Egypt is making this all up....

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