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Sex, Family, Karma, Creation, Lower Celestial Gods, Higher Primordial Gods

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posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 10:37 PM
There are several planes of dimensions in this Cosmos.

The Higher Dimensions of Gods are called the Primordial Gods.

The Lower Dimensions of Gods are called the Celestial Gods.

The Primordial Gods have evolved themselves to a degree that they can survive and evolve on energies emitted by the galactic stars and suns.

The Celestial Gods, being of lower evolutionary levels and power than the Primordial Gods, thus have to rely on the leeching and vampirizing of humans' energies.

This is why all the different religions, governments and medias have emphasized so much on BS Love and Sex and Family and Creation.

Because the Celestial Gods, the puppet masters behind the human institutions and leaders on earth, need this prison planet matrix reality to survive.

Every time you have sex, you are creating "x" amount of karma with the other person. Every child you bring out into this world with the other person, you are creating "x" times a billion amount of karma.

All these collective karmic energies are what's holding this prison planet matrix reality together which is why all the damn puppet institutions, governments and religions keep calling for more and more families to be formed and for more and more children to be born despite the fact that we have limited amount of land and resources.

When all the karmic energies of this prison planet matrix reality is exhausted, then humanity will finally be unshackled and rise from the lowly pathetic physical existence of eating, s-hitting, farking and killing each other.

This is when the entire humanity can finally freed itself from the shackles of its celestial prison keepers.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 10:40 PM
If anyone can evolve themselves into the highest dimensional primordial gods, then they are home free.

If people still remain trapped in this cycle of rebirth and death due to their attachments to food, sex, entertainment and other fallacies of this prison planet matrix, well they will die and get reborn again to do the same old #z again.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 10:42 PM
There are many celestial gods, lower gods who scheme to keep humanity trapped in this prison planet matrix.

For if all the farm animals managed to escape the farm, how are the farmers gonna keep themselves fed?

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by YourGod

I disagree with your analysis of Primordial and Celestial gods.

By definition, "primordial" means existing at or from the beginning of time. In other words, "primordial" gods are deities personifying elements of existence so necessary that our ancestors would have believed they always (or very nearly so) existed. A handful, from various cultures, include:

Chaos; Erebus (darkness); Nyx (night); Gaia (land); Tartarus (Underworld); Ouranos (sky); and Pontus (sea) in Greek mythology. In Mesopotamia those roles would have been filled by Nammu (sea); Urash (land); Kur (Underworld); Antu (space); and Anu (sky). To the Egyptians they would have been (according to the Ennead): Nun (sea); Shu (air); Tefnut (moisture); Nuit (space); and Geb (land). Or, according to the Ogdoad: Amun and Amaunet (the invisible); Huh and Hauhet (space); Kuk and Kauket (darkness); and Nun and Naunet (the sea). In monotheism the primordial role is filled by the Creator; whether that is Yhvh, Allah, or someone else.

The primordial gods do not live off of "energy" from the stars and galaxies at all. They thrived off of the same "faith" energy as any other deity. In fact, almost no religion on Earth differentiates a "primordial" from a "celestial", or either of those from a "terrestrial" god.

Just to finish up though, the word "celestial" means positioned in, or relating to, the sky, or outer space; as observed in astronomy. So, let me also list off some of the celestial gods from various cultures for you now.

In Mesopotamia the most prominent were Utu (the sun); Nanna (the moon); and Inanna (Venus) who were all the personification/embodiment of those planets, stars, and satellites movements through the heavens. In Egypt one of the most prevalent celestial cults was that of Sopdet (the star Sirius), who was married to Sah (the constellation of Orion), and their son Sopdu (the heat at the height of summer, believed to be brought on by Sirius). Greece had a number of celestial figures in both the Titanic and the Olympian age: Hyperion and Theia, the representations of "distant light" and "divine brilliance"; Asteria (the starry heaven); Helios (the sun); Selene (the Moon); Orion (namesake of the constellation); and numerous others. There's significantly less celestial worship in monotheism, but, the Star of Bethlehem could be a hint at early celestial involvement in the Judeo-Christian religion.

I don't know where you're sourcing your information (if anywhere), but it is definitely not in any mythic or historical account of man and his early religious beliefs.

~ Wandering Scribe
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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by YourGod

What do you define as a god? What are your qualifying parameters?

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