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Happiness, Health, Love and Wealth

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posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 07:09 PM
HI all,

This is the entire content of a recent post I wrote for my blog but due to not having many people visit my blog and that may of my friends who I have directed to this post have found it useful, I thought I'd post the content here for ATS readers in the hope that it benefits them too!

I have deliberately not included the link so as not to entice people to my site; it is merely the content of this post which I wish to share to my fellow ATSers.


Let me preface this post with this: I find that my mind wanders around from thought to thought on a near constant basis; it doesn't seem to rest even when I'm essentially doing nothing or trying to sleep. In those moments when I'm not really thinking about anything per se, I still have those repetitive thoughts; for me they’re a group of words and the first few are things I'm fearful of and then the last is slightly more upbeat. Recently I decided to change my thinking from things I don’t want to things which I do want; Happiness, Health, Love and Wealth.

When I was a boy, in year 8 if I recall correctly, I was playing in a state school boy golf tournament and on the first hole, I saw a helipad directly in front of the tee. The golf course is located on the premisses of a hospital, in case you were wondering why there is a helipad there…anyway, being a bit nervous I asked the coordinator what happens if I hit the ball on the helipad. He laughed and replied with, something like, “that’s impossible, there’s no way you can get the ball to only go that far even if you hit a bad shot; just hit the ball”. So there I am with my driver, nervous and thinking constantly about that helipad roughly 10-20 feet away from me. I swing and smash the ball; the only thing is, the ball somehow goes almost directly up, quite a distance up, in the air and then lands and stays directly in the centre of the helipad. The coordinator was shocked! I was so embarrassed and he just said, “I have no idea how you were able to pull that shot off, be-it an awful shot, but with a driver there is nearly no way possible for that to have happened!” but it did! And why? I was focused solely on the helipad, that’s why!

One more golfing analogy; I know you love it! It was said that Jack Nicklaus, “The Golden Bear” would get into “the zone” during major tournaments and while in “the zone” would only see where he needed his ball to go next. Did he see all the crowds when he was addressing the ball? Did he see all the bunkers, trees, water hazards, etc? No.

The trick isn't some magical, new ager, mystical hogwash but simple mind over matter. Your mind can create your reality and being happy, for the most part; I know life isn't always roses but being happy is a state of mind and a choice! I'm not suggesting that you can use your mind to change the reality that the desk you’re sitting at isn't really a desk but a new sports car but how you interpret the images and sounds that are the inputs to your mind can help you begin to see opportunities where previously you thought there were none; the nay sayer will always find reasons for why an opportunity is not as good as it promises to be. Remember that not every opportunity will eventuate in the desired outcome, but never following an opportunity will ensure you never get anywhere you desired.

So, back to my initial paragraph. I started repeating the words “Happiness, Health, Love and Wealth”, in that order, over and over again in mind in my quiet moments and you know what, I'm starting to smile more, the incessant chest pains from heartburn or indigestion (turns out they were more than likely anxiety attacks) fade away. Why not give this mantra of sorts a go yourself and tell me in the comments section below how it helped you or what your mantra is.

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posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 12:14 AM
I agree with you, and think you are definitely on the right path. I started thinking similarly when I saw certain people consistently being "lucky." The scientific explanation would be that of chance, sheer statistical probability, but some of the things I've seen are just too uncanny, too unlikely, in that these good things happen to the same few people over and over again.
I've seen it in the strangest places too. The most aggravating place I've seen it is at the poker table, lol.

So there definitely is something to "believing" that something is going to happen, and having it happen. I have often wondered if that was part of what Jesus meant when he talked about faith, and how believing, or having the faith, that a prayer was going to be answered, etc, would have an effect on whether or not the thing you wanted to happen actually happened.

But while some may go only as far as to say that believing things will turn out a certain way works only when it has to do with your psychological attitude, I say that this is false. From what I have experienced I believe that there is some outside force involved. I cannot explain it though. The Christian faith explains it with the word "grace." In fact, there is a wonderful chapter in an older book by Peck, called "The Road Less Travelled." One of the greatest books ever written on psychology in my opinion, especially considering that it branches out from strictly proven methods, or strictly physical aspects, and touches on spirituality.

In fact, it was that book that made me redefine what I believed love to actually be, as well as the feeling of falling in love that many people have experienced. It is not what it seems to say the least, and is not an indication of love at all. But that is a topic for another day I suppose.

Anyway, there does actually seem to be some "external force" that is constantly working to improve everyone's life. But the catch is that you have to ASK for or WANT it, or it won't come to you. That doesn't mean one can't or won't be successful or get the things they want, but maybe it would have been easier had they utilized such methods. It is important to realize that I don't have some theory all worked out on this idea. I am just brainstorming more or less. But I definitely agree with your premise, as it really does work. Maybe we don't need to know why it works, or exactly how it works, but that would be cool to know.

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

Firstly, let me just say that I am terribly sorry for not replying sooner and thank you for your response. Your response was vast and I didn't know at what angle to reply with nor exactly how I would but I'll try to do it justice

It does seem to happen for people in the gambling world, probably easier to spot there as it is a short time frame to see such fantastic results. Don't you find that the people who don't want (on the surface at least) but still have an inner knowing that the thing they do want (on the inside), end up getting what they want. Now this seems rather conflicting but let's for example say we want 'x' but the way we go about it is less wanting 'x' and more knowing that we will get 'x' and then...we do get 'x'.

I have recently started listening to the audio books of "Conversations with God" on YouTube. You might ask why? Well I have had the same experience and told a friend of mine at work about it and she said that sounds like Neale Donald Walsch and "Conversations with God". I signed up to his newsletter but apart from that just put it off for a while until just a week or so ago when out of nowhere my mind said, "what about this Neale Donald Walsch character, I bet there's something on YouTube by him" and of course there was and that was my weekend sorted...well for at least 4 hours

What I got out of the audio book was nothing short of amazing and just so you know, my mantra for this post came as a result of listening to Esther Hicks and then only a few weeks after that and the initial post of this thread I got more into the ideas of "Conversations with God".

I, like you am still figuring everything out and can't say "hey everyone, look at me, listen to me, I have all the answers!". Maybe one day, maybe not. The journey and the creating of yourself on the journey and the journey itself seem to be the key things to consider.

Thank you again for your involvement in this thread. I do hope you have more to add and that more people stop by and say hi or something more than hi


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