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Air Indian Bombings

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 02:07 AM
I wonder if anyone remembers the "Air Indian Bombings" that occured in Canada back in 1985, if so, we should know that a second attempt was also tried, but failed. This terrorists attack killed 382 people, and if the second attempt would have been a succsess, we could have doubled that number. This was the single bigest act of terrorism against Canada.

What gets me is that I was born 2 years 3 earlier, and never in my life have I come across hatred becuase I was Sikh; The news agencies did not bombard the headlines, Sikhs were not targeted by hate groups -- not that I know of, and we were virtually left to mingle with our fellow Canadians like nothing happened. The public was not bombarded with warnings of future terrorists attacks, and ever since, not one has occured. The entire trial was very discreet and the public would get bits and pieces of information every so often.

What I wonder is why the Goverment did not make a big deal about this like the current administration has of 9/11, and called on a national sign of patriosm to fight the "Evil in Punjab" and liberate the Sikhs -- not granted equality under the constitution ? Why was not a major military action taken against the Sikh extremists?

Just a thought.


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