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Clones or dream of clones, are they real and why?

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posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 09:10 PM
I have been wanting to post this experience for truly it was not just a dream, it was like an experience that night. Further, I once had this semi waking experience where I was told I would be returning to my real body soon. I leave out out an event after that just to get to the dream/memory.

Dream of oct. 24th.

First I must say, it left me tired, or should I say, I woke up exhausted like I lived it. As my wife told me, perhaps it wasn't a dream.

As memories of these event go, it was in pieces, meaning, so many parts are lost due to the confusion and unreality, or in this case an enduring feeling of reality of the events. I am putting in my interpretations here, for I have a feeling of what was supposed to have transpired and the intent of the events.

Think of something similar to a sci fi movies, such as the matrix to get the feel of it. One event moved into another with details between lost. It was as though my memory was wiped out, yet I woke up now and then like in a recovery room after an operation. Each chapter of what I remember was to modify my memory or personality, to either wake me up to another reality or to change me into another level of what I am or should become. To waken or to change, I am unsure.

I remember being shown quite a number of myself, all young men of dark hair and a little different than I am now as I am older and gray of hair, but still all copies of myself, yet all the copies were themselves, not me. I can only describe these copies as clones and I was in one of those copies, yet I retained my essence, my soul occupied this body. All of us, copies of each other were in dark clothing while others there were dressed more casually.

This part was confusing as a lot happened here on a subtle level. All the while this went on, I was aware of a couple of strong young men with me which I will call handlers, they were not abusive, but would not allow me to deviate from the staged program I was in, I had to continue, these strong men were dressed in lighter clothing and more relaxed, almost as if I was not supposed to even notice their presance.

The setting was a very large and clean, long room or hallway. At least 50' high ceiling and wide enough to be a multi train subway station. There were quite a few supporting actors here, all staged to modify me in some way. You may ask how I knew this which is logical. Somehow, I kept separate from this and understood the process which of course cancelled out their efforts. Even understanding that this was staged, I objected and remember getting pissed off and yelling now and then. I even tried to push away one of the handlers but found him to be nonplussed by my efforts and just blocked me from deviating from the plan.

I witnessed myself as being dead and accompanied by a nurse in full uniform, white dress and hat, acting very concerned at the dead body. The dead part of me was in fact a fake mannikin lying there in the street, draped in a cover within the great hall, but was staged to look like I died in a street. This was a good staged setting, but the non-changing, non dream like upper terrace, walls and ceiling never changed, the the staged part where my body lay. I was to accept my death at this point for a reason. That reason was to accept the next level of conditioning.

This modification of my mind, the twisting of realities went on for some time and then I was left alone standing in the middle of this large structure, just left to see what I would do. I know there were many other scenes I went through, but details I do not remember.

I looked up, somehow knowing I was being watched. I had something in my hands, something that was like an electronic device, the size of a tablet. I knew the conditioning was over and I was supposed to react in someway. My normal personality came through, that of a maverick. I raised my arms up towards the ceiling, holding the device with both hands and yelled as loud as I could. I don't remember my words, but my intent was, "you failed, I am me", it won't work with me.

Immediately pandemonium started all around me. The actors re-appeared in confusion for this was not supposed to happen, I was supposed to be re-programmed. I looked over to my left and saw the fake corpse swing down from the ceiling and the nurse run to it's side to stage my death again which was funny to see.

I turned away and found myself and others in what seemed an ice skating rink, circling around in some confusion, when the two strong men came to me, to take control of me. I reached out and gave one a shove to make him move, but his strength was such, it was like pushing on a wall. They must have directed me down the large room/hall for I found myself alone again and was confronted by yet another couple of actors. I knew them for actors, thus they had no effect.

This is the last I remember, the woman and the little girl attempting to modify my psyche. I looked down at the little girl whom was talking nonsense to me, yet the words were meant to illicit strong emotions. I knew that I had thrown everything in confusion for this scene was out of place, it was not intended for myself, it was intended for another. I knew all of this and found some humor in the knowing.

My next memory was me on the bed, a sore throat from deep breathing, and an overall tiredness. I got out of bed, reeling and feeling I had physically lived the experience, something more than a dream.

I remembered that morning of another day, of some disembodied voice in the night telling me I would return to my real body soon. I do not feel this was my real body, it was made to be occupied and controlled. I also wonder if these bodies can even work without a soul being placed within, sorry, but the door was opened, the mind now wanders through to other levels and possibilities.

It does not matter if this was dream or reality, there are disturbing possibilities here. What the mind can create soon becomes the new reality. I have been out of body many times and there are others there and it disturbed me to imagine someone else controlling our souls in this manner, using them for purposes not of our choosing perhaps.

Stay happy, enjoy and food for thought.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 07:39 AM
Are you under stress?

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 08:19 AM
It has long been MY suspicion the are cooking up some supersoldiers to hit us.No other force has the ability to subdue the American people and hold the country ,on the planet.And if they want the land intact they can't use WMDs.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 09:45 PM
yes of course they are real, even if its not in the genetics

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