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This is Internat'l Privacy Day (US,Can) Data Privacy Protection Day in EU--Have you any trust left?

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posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 06:17 PM

Data Privacy Day is an international holiday that occurs every January 28. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote data privacy education. It is currently 'celebrated' in the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries. In Europe this holiday is referred to as Data Protection Day.

See Wiki here

While the US prez is about to address the nation in a few hours on this **International Privacy Day**, I am struck by a sense of curiosity as to whether he will address this vitally important issue in view of the serious breach of our privacy that we now know about. The timing is ironic and if he fails to address it, what message will he be sending about that?

The Ontario Privacy Commissioner has a scheduled conference about it and she discusses the problem of encryption and our collective lack of information on what TPTB are doing in the video below.

I am not trying to convince anyone how to feel or to view things, but to me my loss of privacy has definitely reduced my trust in anything the government says or does.

Your input is welcome.
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posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 06:38 PM
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I did not trust my government when I was a BOY, and I certainly do not now. Back then, it was because of that Milk Theiving Arch Cow (Margret "May her soul rot in the bowel of hell for ten thousand eternities" Thatcher) and the utter bloody mess she made of the public services, like education, healthcare, and so on. I looked at all of the crap I was bought up in, and the history behind it all, and found that the only way that things could have been allowed to go the way they had, was a total animosity toward the people from the government. I will always seek to give as I have been given, and so the only possible result of being part of a victimised sector of society (the poor) was distrust of government, its motivations, and its actions.

This privacy issue has been boiling up for a long time, and the concerns that people like me had for YEARS before we ever heard of Echelon, or PRISM, have been well and truely vindicated by time. Now, privacy is a dodo and nothing more. It is dead. What we do, what we say, where we go, what we like, what we hate, everything is available to our governments, and from that system there is no hiding. Between credit cards, mobile phones and tablets, and security cameras everywhere you look, the network of intelligence gathering can access us at any time, for any reason. Such a powerful tool in the hands of an incorruptible group or individual would be a God send, but under the control of politicians and military intelligence figures, people who have agendas beyond security, people who have power and covet it beyond all other concerns, people, the like of which have damned us all for fools before now, and will do again...

Who can trust that? Who can have lived a life and have faith in a system like that? The intelligence that the networks absorb, is used improperly, recorded spuriously, peoples privacy is invaded without cause, and without legitimate justification (as recent studies and reports clearly demonstrate), and so this is not a time to celebrate privacy as a necessary part of freedom, but to mourn its passing, and circle what scant wagons remain to us, around the scattered, scarred and broken remnants of our liberty.

posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 06:46 PM
The train has left the station. If the data is there, it will be compromised, it will be stolen and if you are deemed a threat by the state, it will be looked at with or without probable cause.

The supreme law of the United States has failed to protect it citizens from this type of behavior and in truth, I'm not sure what can be done because in a digital age, information can not be completely protected by the average person to ensure it will not be intercepted and sifted through.

Add to that the multi billion dollar companies that are complicit in the crimes, Google, Microsoft, Verizon........... If you choose to use the internet, send email, own a smartphone then you can never be sure that your personal data is not being compromised.

Evolution of law isn't what's needed. Evolution of what we envision our society to represent and what we wish it to become is what is needed. We need people on all levels to start understanding the world will only be a better place through free will, free action and liberty and that authoritarianism will ultimately send us to only one possible place in the end, the stone age.
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posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 09:33 PM
Good joke .. too bad someone failed to send the memo to all the alphabet agencies and corporations .. their all still happily violating everyones privacy .. big brother never sleeps and never takes a day off. In todays world always remember boys and girls - TRUST NO ONE
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