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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 05:12 PM
I found this site, which has a funny side but also a serious side to why Britain has doubts about the EU, joining it etc.

Here are some examples. There is more on the site.

America - Let's quit the EU and link up with America (1998)
Cheese - British cheese faces extinction (1999)
Condoms - Condom dimensions to be harmonised (2000)
Eggs - EU orders eggs to be stamped with home address (2003)
Euro-plugs - Britain must change its three-pin plugs to the continental two-pin version (1994)
Food waste - Euro ban on food waste means swans cannot be fed (1994)
Kilts - EU calls kilts "womenswear" (2003)
Oil - EU plan to grab our oil (2003)
Regions - The United Kingdom to be replaced by Euro-regions (1999)
Toilets - British lav to be replaced with Euro-loo (1999)
Wildlife - EU money wasted on plants and animals (2001)

Tell me what you think


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