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First Contact--- [Jan 2014]

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posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 10:11 AM
The answer to the great question,

'Are we alone in the universe?'

Came on February 19th 2019 at 1900 hours GMT. When every TV, radio, computer, tablet and cellphone simultaneously broadcast the following 19 second message.

[Beeeeep] “People of Earth. We are here on a peaceful rescue and evacuation mission. Make no attempts to contact, intercept or hinder people. We simply do not have the time to answer your questions. This will be our first, last and only communication... End Transmission...”[Beeeeep]

What happened afterward is still being debated and ardently disputed throughout the academic communities across the globe. Was it a legitimate message from another intelligent species? Or was it all just an elaborate hoax perpetrated by some group of elite hackers?

The real problem was in those minutes, hours, days and weeks following that message, absolutely nothing happened. No, city sized spaceships, no spectacular light displays in the night sky, no people seen beaming up to a mother ship, no entire families just gone? Other than every government in the world totally freaking out and placing their Army’s on high alert--- absolutely nothing happened!

So this had to be a really big prank, right?

Well, maybe not. You see every person on this planet heard this message all at the same time and in whatever various languages they spoke. English, Chinese, Arabic, Navajo... Whatever a person spoke as their native tongue, that's what they heard. Men claim to have heard a masculine voice yet the ladies claim it was differently female? Even deaf people claim to have understood what was said?

Another odd bit was that for that 19 seconds this message was broadcast on every form of communications device we humans have devised, and for the 19 seconds they, whoever they are, took control of everything, nowhere is there a recording of that message? Why there's not even 19 seconds of missing time in the logs, nothing to indicate that anything ever happened?

If they were a hacker group then they are by far the best hacker group of all time! But if they were real ET's, they left no clues as to who or what they are?

So the debate continues, was it real or chicanery? We may never have a definitive answer?
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“Yeah baby girl...”
“What happened to all the cat's?”


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