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Human Farming: The Illusion Of Freedom

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posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by therealguyfawkes

I am in agreement with your disagreeing with havoc's take on things, and in agreement with WhitAlice in that the real education is reserved for those who display particular powers of UNDERSTANDING while being publicly indoctrinated in school.

I have never been particularly intelligent, but when I was in high school before hyperactive disorder was invented, I got myself into too many infractions and ended up in what was basically "special education". I was simply an unruly kid who was acting out because of a very chaotic home life (not going further into that for the sake of brevity) and ended up in a class with a bunch of stoners, who probably had nothing more wrong with them than a more chaotic home life than I did.

Everybody copied my work and the staff didn't care because everyone in that class they considered a lost cause, the stuff was so boring I dropped out of high school, it was boring before I ended up in the "special ed / short bus class" which was part of the reason I bailed out of school too, I got bullied because I was in "special ed" which contributed to my dropping out also.

It was much easier to go out and get a job, working with grownups who knew how to act, than dealing with other kids (Note:Insurance put an end to minors being able to find work, insurance companies, and their aversion to risk are a BIG problem.). Public school is a nightmarish experience for anyone who doesn't feel like hanging out with a bunch of losers, not to say I consider myself a winner by any means, but a lot of people in middle and high school are literally psychotic.

I asked my parents to let me go to a different school, but I was from a poor family. The old adage "You Only Get What You Pay For" seems to ring true now doesn't it ?.

This post covers a lot of issues, but the one which I believe to be the one that does the most widespread damage is the Insurance industry.

How can anyone be free if most things anyone may want or NEED to do conflicts with an insurance contract ?, further back still, where did it become absolutely necessary for absolutely everyone to have insurance for absolutely anything they may want or need to do?.

I'm gonna stop now, bout to rant.....

Hell!!, if you don't UNDERSTAND what it is you are doing, just go get some insurance to pay for the damage you may do when you do whatever it is you don't UNDERSTAND it is you are doing, like driving, walking, whatever.........

Nobody needs to know anything if they can get insurance to protect themselves from, ????????????WHOM??????????????.....


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posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by WhiteAlice

reply to post by therealguyfawkes

And yes, I remember the Zener cards and going home to use a simple deck of cards in the hopes of improving my accuracy. Twelve years old, pounding out the cards and calculating the percentage of hits. Kind of funny in hindsight but to most people, the idea of such a thing being within the public school system would immediately equate to the declarer of such facts as being most likely delusional. So I'm backing you up on that, too. I went digging and sure enough, they were looking for children with exotic abilities in it, too.

Beyond revolting, isn't it? At the time I remember wanting so badly to get every flip of the cards right, to earn the praise and admiration of whatever random guy (federal agent?) the school welcomed in to administer the tests. But in hindsight I'm incredibly glad I (must've) fallen beneath the threshold for attracting notice for that particular skillset.

After learning about MK-Ultra and digging into a slew of other secretive research on individuals with psychic talent, I can only IMAGINE (read: dread) what happened to the children who demonstrated sufficient aptitude to attract government notice.

(...especially since I have had numerous psychic episodes since then... so I'm especially glad God was on my side that day and mercifully flipped off the switch to whatever potential my mind might possess)

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by therealguyfawkes

Same. I just wanted to please and impress them in part because I never felt like I did good enough. Never thought twice about it personally though it certainly upset my mother. After a remote viewing type incident, she became terrified that "they" were going to take me away and I'd disappear. At another point, she was trying to convince me that moving to Europe would be fun. Discussing that stuff was strictly taboo, especially over the phone. I honestly thought she was paranoid schizophrenic at the time but, after looking into the program as much as I have, I don't think she is anymore and instead realize that I was, in fact, naive. I've known the hard to explain for most of my life and had an interesting experience where I was definitely noted but nothing ever happened to me. That was in the 90's so maybe the interest was just gone and, frankly, I'm glad about that. It did give my family one heck of a heart attack at the time though. The whole experience gave me a pretty deep loathing for the p word. Hate that word. Not sure if you've seen it but there is a whole thread on the subject located here.

I've read similarly and found a couple scholarly publications from individuals involved that really are over the top. Whereas we had this kind of differential learning that was sometimes whack, there is plenty of very unpleasant things that seem to have been involved with it. Really, what this told me is that regardless of whether one is in the state program or the specialized one, neither really seems to have the child's own benefit as being the driving force behind it. It's all about the State, one way or the other. The way that I envision a school system as working is giving children the opportunity to really learn, regardless of testing or selection processes, and without the creep factor.

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by WhiteAlice

Fascinating thread, thanks so much for pointing that out.

What many detractors of the G&T program failed to realize--and what segues nicely back into this discussion, as more people should be aware of this evil--is that G&T programs only seek to develop the highest potential children because TPTB deliberately attempt to suppress the educational potential of a majority of schoolchildren.

I mentioned it before but it bears repeating. TPTB only want to create a very small minority of hyperachieving potentates. The rest of the "normal" children are exposed to deliberately inferior educational methods to intentionally construct an intellectually throttled working class that will be ignorant enough to find pleasure in servitude and trivial labor.

This is straight out of Huxley's Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited. Create a pyramid structured social hierarchy--a small percentage of "Alphas" to rule over society, a larger contingent of "Betas" to work beneath them (which is what I believe most public school G&T students were intended to become)... then choke out the minds of those below them to create the Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons (the Useful Idiots, Working Class, and Menials).

Understanding this paradigm allows one to better see the true intention of federally controlled educational programs. Agendas like No Child Left Behind and Common Core aren't designed to give your children the greatest possible opportunity to succeed. They're created to ensure your children remain ignorant enough of real knowledge so they never have the skills, inkling, or potential to question or challenge this broken system TPTB have created.

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 01:21 AM


sorry mike, it's probably my fault, but can you dumb down what you're saying for me? I don't follow you 100%,

Freud famously wrote Civilization and its Discontents (wiki) where he posited that man will always be unhappy because it is the role of Government to repress his baser instincts.

I have a different view. It is a lot harder to raise generations of literate children than it is to be discontent. It is not that society is repressing us per se. but that we are not diligent enough in our study of whatever it is we are to be talented at. In other words, who is it specifically that is oppressing us?

Mike Grouchy

If you pay taxes, you are being robbed at gunpoint.

The govt controls all the laws, and almost all of them are unjust laws. Those who create the laws are placed into office by the corporate powers, and especially the media. Then the corporate owners simply get them to pass the laws for their benefit.

Those agents of the oligarchs called the govt - create debt, then shackle the population under that debt - to repay it. But where does all the benefit for that debt go, who gets that money? The money goes into govt contracts taken by corporations who are selected by the govt agents. In other words, you pay the debt - the money goes to your owners.

How about the monetary system, which steals your savings by artificially lowering interest rates, and steals money from your hand by inflating away its value?

How about the fluoride in drinking water, that poisons you - but you never had any choice about it - and they lie continuously about the health effects of it.

How about the endless wars that are being fought to establish and protect the wealth of the oil and gas barons, and to destroy infrastructure in far away lands so that some insiders can get the contracts to rebuild?

I could go on like this all day.

Seriously? In what way are we being oppressed?


If your reasoning is that tyranny cannot exist if people are aware of it and educated, I beg to differ - once inequality has been established and the power structures are in place, there will always be a group of people who will do violence for the right amount of money to keep the oligarchs in place.
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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by therealguyfawkes

A small portion of hyperachieving potentates who still follow the same yoke. I know that, by the time I graduated high school, I was labeled as having "issues with authority". The only time I ever got into trouble at school was in regards to a senior career packet where I was given the option of "engineer" or "engineer" for my planning project. I didn't want to be an engineer and stood my ground. I was given Saturday school by the assigning guidance counselor that the principal, himself, found to be unjust and he just had me work for an hour in the school office for a week to placate her without really punishing me (I actually enjoy work even if it's just filing). That was the only time where I was "in trouble" for questioning authority and go figure, the "issues with authority" edict came before that senior packet was ever assigned. Curiously enough, however, my off and on boyfriend from high school was labelled "morally ambiguous". He was "shoulder tapped" during senior year, went into the military, then SWAT, and managed to procure funding to go to an ivy league college for graduate studies. Immediately after, he became an exec at Dyncorp of Bosnia human trafficking infamy. He's currently working at yet another private military corp as an executive. My own sibling, who is well noted for her high degree of coldness and was in the program, is a VP of an IBM subsidiary. A good chunk of my friends are actually former G&T. Most of my friends are working pretty typical jobs. A very small portion was put up through the ranks and all of those have a peculiar emotional stunting. That's just a small pool of about 30 or so former G&T of which perhaps 3-4 have done particularly well for themselves. One of those had $20k "accidentally" deposited in his account by a branch of the military and was given the invite to keep it if he would do some work for them. It's kind of whacked.

If they do weed through even that smaller group, it wouldn't surprise me. All of us would've had provided a whole lot of information to them through the hours of observation (program is run by psychologists) and testing. IEPs are created for all G&T as a special education program. So really, it's not impossible that they could filter through to find the "right stuff" for whatever purpose. It is very Huxley and, in fact, I've seen a few scholarly papers writing on the subject of the Gifted that reference both Huxleys a great deal. Go figure. Really, that's the program's purpose though--to find those children that are highly proficient at STEM and can be beneficial to national defense. That's the whole reason why they passed the NDEA of 1958 after Sputnik was launched. It's not about what benefits the child. It's what benefits those leading the country.

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