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.Im New.

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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 09:52 AM
I don't understand the points thing, and the award lol. I don't understand why I got 20 points taken from me for posting a short msg ( stupid
) . Although I don't know where I posted a short message. Could someone explain what the points are for. LOL

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 09:58 AM
They're not really important....more of a way to keep personal score.

Here's a good example.

Gazrok, or perhaps even FredT should be looking at their points spend too much time here.

Whereas folks like me should be saying well, I'm not spending too much, nor am I spending too little time here.


posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 01:23 PM
Welcome to ATs,

Heres a link that may help you understand a few things here on ATS,

Feel free to u2u me if you need help around here, will be happy to help you around


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