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Happening now and I never even realised

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posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by pavmas

Ha! Most R&D groups are just set up to find new and wonderful ways to cut corners and expenses. It's the most basic and easiest thing to do, and the most profitable.

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by pavmas

well if the companies in britain want to do this and goverment goes along with this i suggest you all did like your 13 colonies on the americas did and have a revolution tear it down and start from scratch

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 05:57 PM

I spoke to someone yesterday that I have not seen since 1996. I met him at the Barbican in London, he was an Inventor and I was an inventor and we were both displaying products, i then met him a few months later at the Southampton Science fair and we went out for a few beers.

So he worked in electronics and when I met him yesterday he told me something that I could never imagine and still cant believe it but it does seem true as I did a couple of searches and thing are happening as he told me, anyway here is the conversation roughly how it went.

Hi hows things not saw you for ages what are you doing ( Im going to call him X so you know when he was talking)

X : doing ok keeping busy.
Me: where are you working then.

X: I work in R& D developing the latest smart meters.

Me: Ive heard about them you run out of milk and your fridge orders you another pint from Tesco's.

X: ha ha' thats what they want you to think, i suppose if Tescos want to do that then they can but the power compaines have not invested £3.5 billion to make tescos money.

Me: So what is the point of them.

X: people are moaning about their eletric bills just now but they would give anything to get back to what they are paying now two years from now.

Me How.

X: I was involved in a meeting and the Chairman said its 316 miles from Birmingham to Scotland and people are moaning that it costs £60 to fill the tank full of gas. Ok so let them walk, I guarantee that after walking the first 16 miles and 300 miles in front of them they would gladly pay £60 they would gladly pay £600 rather than walk that 300 miles and would have a smile on their face as they paid you for it.

And that's where we come in, we produce power and at peak times we need more staff and have to produce more power to meet demand, what we want to do is make more profit and reduce staff and balance the usage out over 24 hours.

We are going to start charging per hour for electricity it will cost you 10 times as much to use power at 5 pm as it will at 5 am.

We will start by rationing power and have power cuts at peak times saying the demand is to much, we will have the press blame it on the unemployed (thats right) the unemployed will get the blame, we will say we cant meet the demand and people at home all day could do their washing at 12 noon or pre cook meals at 1pm, in fact why dont unemployed eat at 9 pm at night as thats what time most europeans eat,
We will blame the high prices are because unemployed people are causing the demand, people will blame the jobless saying if they can afford to run their electricity at peak times they are getting to much benefit etc.

We plan to make the cheapest hours in the daytime between 10am and 2 pm this way working people will moan that they sit at home watching daytime tv on the cheap when we get home we have to pay peak prices.

THEY WILL BLAME PEOPLE AT HOME ALL DAY FOR THE CRISIS and we will not have to do anything, they might even blame the disabled saying that charging motability scooters etc at inappropriate hours are to blame.

We have to create the image that the power companies have had no choice that it was the workshy and feckless who created this situation, it will be accepted without much protest as the thought is already been planted with articles in media on the unemployed sitting at home all day watching wide screen tv and Sky.

Once this has been excepted we can begin with the second stage and this is where you come in gentlemen ( speaking to electronic experts in the room)

Me Fck sake robbing Baskets.
X: wait a minute, it gets worse a lot worse.

(next page)

Immature language and ideology, nobody in the UK calls Petrol "gas".

This is the ramblings of a fantasist.

Not wasting my time reading any more of this drivel.

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 06:03 PM
If this is true.......and I wouldn`t put it past them.
We need to make sure these meters don`t get installed.

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by lambros56

here is the usa in my state we are charged a certain rate,but, if you go over a certain amount the charge per kilowatts after that is charged at a higher rate...I'd need to look at my bill to be more specific, makes you wonder where this will go ,down the road

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by pavmas

This simply is not going to happen. Ed Miliband has already promised to break up the big banks if elected in 2015. If your story is true and Big Energy pulls this off, all Miliband needs to do is say he'll break up big energy and Labour's a shoe in. There's no way in hell the tories are going to let that happen, so sorry dude but i call bs.

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 07:22 PM
which only adds more evidence of...

TPTB are hiding free energy (aka solar power) thus creating cloud seeding on a global scale

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by snowspirit

I'm in Canada bc, and we got to opt out.... at an extra $35 a month. I know a few people besides myself who opted out and they all had various reasons for it but I figure its an ok price to hedge against potential radiation, invasion of privacy, loss of power company jobs, higher peak usage bills, and my stupid fridge ordering more milk when I never asked it to


posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 09:14 PM
I have read every post in this thread.

Before saying what I think about the OP's post, I just have to say:

I am really discouraged at the number of posters who came in here just to claim "BS" and basically p!$s on the OP without even checking the facts that have been presented in the posts here and in the links presented.

If there really is this large a percentage of such people in the real world, who think they already know it all and just troll people without even taking the time to consider what people say...ah, hell, forget it. Trolls are trolls. All I'm doing is giving them food. May they find and enjoy the boxes of GMO's in the coming FEMA camps. It's just too bad that their ignorance might be what takes the rest of us down with them.

ANYWAY: I have seen this coming, too, especially with the focus on oil and gas these last few decades. I can totally see this coming to the US - and indeed the world - if the PTB get their wish and start a war in the Middle East, and the 'petrodollar' fails. Heck, it might not even take a war for that to happen.

FREE THE FREE ENERGY darnit raise Tesla from the dead WE NEED HIM NOW!!!

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 10:08 PM
Whether it is true or not does not really matter. It is just the power companies trying to find another way to control our lives.

As far as I know, when you owe a debt, you often have to negotiate with the company or the people they have sold their debt to so that you pay so much a month fixed amount. If it is an electricity or gas company, then you get a meter to put money into as you go along. Sometimes they take you to court and the court decides how much you have to pay per month according to your declared income. A lot of what has been said is just not the way it works, as far as I can remember anyway.

Is it possible or likely that the energy company can stop a particular item from receiving power? From what I know, it is not possible unless there is some kind of communication going out of that device and down the electricity cable and as far as I am aware, currently that does not happen. So I think that is pie in the sky at the moment. You either allow electricity into the home or you dont. Yes, the smart meter could cut it off completely on command from the power company, but not allow only certain appliances.

Is anything in the previous 2 paras not true for the UK?

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 10:43 PM
Ok did a bit of research, but first Yes Im from the UK and I used the word Gas instead of petrol because we have a lot of americans on here, If you see the trouble we had explaining Tesco's which the yanks never knew it was the biggest supermarket in the UK, when all us brits know all about Walmart, I thought it would save confusion.

A number on here have called me a liar for just telling a discussion I had with someone who designs and builds smart meters, well a number have come on here to back up what I said and they are having their heating controlled by smart meter wireless tech.

But on to what I found and it is more mind boggling than I first thought.

Britain for over a year now have been saying that we have not got the capacity to keep on supplying power and it will run out, a new power plant cost £15 Billion, the energy companies will not invest so Britain wants China to pay for them and they can charge us the consumer.

Then I read on the Gov web sit that it is costing £12.1 billion to replace meters with smart meters, that is some jump from £3.5 billion so I dont know what this extra expense is for.
£12,1 billion to replace meters that worked fine and nearly the price of a power plant.

Then I looked at sites where people in the UK have posted no access to British gas to instal smart meters,
In the UK you have the choice or so they say, British Gas are installing smart meters in every customers home whether the reject them or not, I don't know how they will do this but you really should read the uk smart meter forums.

the government is saying that they want smart meters to save consumers money yet stuck a global warming tax on bills, energy companies say they want them to cut peoples bills despite putting bills up by an average of 11%

Things dont make sense and its evident that they want maximum profit for little of no investment in power plants but they are having max investment for ways of charging you different tarriffs and more at peak times.

Its staring us in the face we are all going to be paying a lot lot more for power and the supply won't be guaranteed.

But British Gas have installed half a million meters and have just employed 600 staff to install the remainder.

Pople are saying that they are leaving British Gas before they instal the smart meter, but you have a choice in the Uk, but this company has said we dont care we are installing them.
So Im going to start checking these web sites to see who is the first that is forced to have one using the police as back up.

This is happening now so we wont have long to wait till we find out what is really going on.

Forget about my first post that way you don't have to believe me, and you can check the facts yourself by searching Smart Meters UK and checking the British Gas site,

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 10:48 PM
What we need is for someone to replace their smart meter with an old/new ordinary one and when the company takes them to court, get a court ruling that we are allowed to choose what type of meter we have.

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by mortisflash

check uk sites it is happening and another thingm people on here have said that their bills have rocketed since the smart meter was installed, but all uk installers BG etc are saying that the average American is saving 8%.
Well I believe the posters here.
Millabrand the tories, these people are all the same they went to the same schools and have the same policy.

I wpould be grateful if any American contact their energy company about excess charges if they put it on here so we can see what they say,

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by citizenx1

I'm retired, I spent most of my working life as an electrical engineer on heavy power sytems, manufacturing, and process plants. One particular process plant, fed and metered on 11KV with a 12MVA main transformer providing 415V 3 phase, gave me a real headache at the design stage because of the requirements specified by the electricity supplier. This concerned a term known to engineers as "Power Factor". Inductive loads, in this case 62 electric motors varying between 0.37KW and 150KW, create "reactive KVA". To compensate for this we add capacitors in varying stages into the system. In this instance I needed a type of PF Controller with more switches than were available on anything yet inventef, or so I thought. Pulling a few strings, I located and acquired a pre-production Power Factor Controller on test from a French company, complete with instructions in French. To cut a long story short, this little beauty did the job, it had a computer in it that read the voltage and current waveforms of each motor as it started and as it ran off and on load, switching in or out capacitor banks as required, and remembered these characteristics, adjusting my initial settings for motr optimum performance, achieving a PF so near unity it amazed myself and the Chief Engineer of the Supply Board, such that he offered me 60K a year, a company house, company car, and relocation costs for myself and family. Very flattering, but the trick was in the gizmo, and anyway I prefer my native Scotland, and to be self employed without a demanding boss breathing down my neck.
That was in 1986, so if you believe that the OP is lying, fabricating, dreaming, etc, you should ask yourself if you really believe that in 2014 it is impossible to have advanced further and that every electrical load that is switched on cannot be recognised to within a high accuracy by profiling from its electrical characterstics by the subtle changes in the AC sinusidal waveform and the current drawn at the instant of switch on or off then you need to think again.
As for the electricty supplier being able to switch and control individual appliances, that can only happen if there were some sort of signalling receiver in the appliance, and seems unlikely, but in the fullness of time and under the mask of energy saving, not at all impossible.
Lastly, I feel I should point out that in the UK all the Electricity Providers are regulated, by a government body, but they do of course pay taxes to the UK Government, who will happily accept more tax money should consumer's charges rise. Don't think for one second that any Politician, especially one not yet elected, will want a decrease in taxes, what they want is votes and elected to build their empires and become very wealthy, all paid for by you!

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 12:18 AM
They put in smart meter in about two year ago no warning just pull it and replace it.
Here what we pay in Canada on average

here a break down

Meter say I use 4350 kWh in December

1,000 kWh @ 8.3000 cent ........................... $ 83.00
3,350 kWh @ 9.7000 cent........................... $ 324.95
Delivery charge ........................................ $ 290.95
Regulatory charge ...................................... $ 26.85
Debt Retirement charge ............................... $ 30.45
HST (tax) .............................................. $ 98.31
Total owe ................................................$ 854.51

So $ 854.51/4350 = 19.6439 cent per kWh

So do you think your electricity is high
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posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by pavmas

So it's just British Gas then? Or am I getting confused? If it's just British Gas I don't see how effective it would be. Most people I know aren't with them anyway cos they're rubbish.

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by pavmas

Good story. Why don't you interview him on camera, where even then if he said what he did he would just be lying. You are drunk, both of you, go back home.

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 03:01 AM
reply to post by pavmas

Well , let's see here...How soon we forget when it's something we don't want to remember, as we will have to check with the 13 families and The Rothschild's, that run the world, before we do anything...oh, but wait...they did it, put it in place...still with The Rothschild's 500 Trillion dollars we can fix anything...Oh, again, the 13 families don't want anything fixed.

Well, crap!

Time to talk about other nonsense our lives & how dang dumb we are, as we seem to be made to forget...wonder how they do that. Oh well, time I finish writing this I'll have forgotten what it was I was to remember...was it how dang dumb I was or why I can't be more dumber? I forget already.

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by Trillium

Wow, do you run a shop or something similar? That´s the amount we need the whole year (4,500kW/h) for the house.
Or is this bill for 12 months? We pay 23/26 €cent per kW/h, although I have a photovoltaic system and get 43 €cent for every kW/h I generate

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by Trillium

That bill must be for the year and its still well high! I'm guessing you aren't single....

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