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Human Sustainability VS Destruction of Humanity.

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posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 12:18 AM
Humanity as a species is a unique one.

Since our earliest recording beings, our survival has depended upon our ability to be a life promoting, life preserving, species preserving, and species cultivating race.

In order for humanity to survive, sustainability of our race has been of the utmost importance. In order to survive we only need six things. Clean water, (Preferably organic) food, clean air, shelter, reproductive means, and socialization. As a population grows the needs for these grows.

Humans are without a doubt the most territorial, egotistical, artistic, intelligent, free-thinking, emotional, and innovative beings on this planet (This list could be infinitely longer, but humor me).

Humans wage war to control land, resources, and other humans.
Humans hold themselves in high regard (As they should), many with the need to hold themselves above others, and use tools such as religion, race, ethnicity, differences as a means of control, superiority, etc, etc.
Humans can create and innovate aesthetic works of art that have survived and been appreciated since our humble beginnings.
Human intelligent is unrivaled on this planet, and arguably the universe.
Humans are (For the most part) self-aware and free-thinking.
Humans are the most emotional beings on this planet.
Humans have created tools and technology that has made sustainability of the life of our species grow further, and farther. We now have the technology to prevent, treat, and cure virtually all diseases in some form of another. We have the technology to clean water, Eco-friendly power, mass communication, and Eco-friendly transportation. We also have the means to destroy all of humanity at the flick of a switch, destroy the Earth, and kill off humans with the press of a trigger.

When we look at all of these facts. Where do we as a species begin to take the technology we have created and see it no longer as a form of sustainability, but rather a form of our own destruction?

Sustainability and species preservation comes from the six requirements for our survival. As a species much of the technology we have access too over promotes one faucet of something over another. The means of mass communication can easily become a distraction, while the means of mass transportation can become a logistics nightmare for everyone. The ability to prevent, treat, and cure all diseases comes with a large price tag, which for nearly all of humanity (99.99%) cannot afford. Electricity and power in mass can lead to mass waste.

The real question posed here, is at what level of technology do we begin destroy our sustainability. At our current path, in time we will be inserting technology into our bodies as a form of convenience. Death will be conquered by inserting ourselves into machines. Labor will be replaced by machines, and the road to “Neo-Feuduelism” is well on its way.

I often think that the people of Göbekli Tepe were much happier then we are now. Lives were governed by the need to survive, at that time sustainability was of the utmost importance. Our ancestors didn't have time for the distractions pulling us apart, no mass transportation, no mass communication, no mass healthcare, no trigger, no nuclear warfare, no television, etc, etc.

If people become debt slaves to cure cancer, treat AIDS, and prevent diseases, how does that promote sustainability.
If people are governed unfairly by egotistical humans, how does that promote sustainability.

If power is massed through faulty technology that can bring great harm to the planet, and 70% (Estimate) is used to serve the materialistic wants of humanity, how does that promote sustainability.

If innovation and creation are replaced by convenient technology and technological application, how does that promote sustainability.

If free-thinkers and self-aware beings are challenged by masses who value no such thing, how does that promote sustainability.

If our needs are replaced by material wants, and these wants result in conflict between human beings how does that promote sustainability.

If the needs to feed the masses result in polluting our soil with toxic chemicals, and adding genetically modified foods and chemically rich processed foods that destroy our bodies, how does this replace sustainability.

If our educational system in debts many and lacks the ability to churn out (Intelligent) free-thinkers, self-aware beings, artisans, innovators, and open-minded beings, how does that promote sustainability.

If our mass communication becomes a mass (burden) distraction following us everywhere we go, replacing socialization with emotionless text messages, Facebook posts, likes, tweets, and Instagrams, how as a society can we truly connect with each other. How does that promote sustainability.

If our need for control and power has been used to create weapons of mass destruction that with the flip of a switch can kill off 99.9% of the planet, and leave much of it inhabitable, the ability to point a metal object at someone and with the pull of a trigger end their lives, how does this at all promote sustainability.

As a species, I do not believe we will survive to see 2,100 ACE. I have a hard time seeing us making it to 2040 on our current path. The egos and gluttons that much of our race has developed into has left us diseased, controlled, unintelligent, dependent, and worst of all, at each others throats. Any sane human who takes a moment to reflect on the current situation of our species would wet their pants in fear.

I implore you the reader, to answer these questions or add to this discussion.


Homo Sapians as a a species have existed for at least 300,000 years (Probably longer). We have worked to sustain our species through being a species that is life promoting, life preserving, species preserving, and species cultivating race.

In order for humanity to survive, sustainability of our race has been of the utmost importance. At the bare minimum six things are needed for survival. Clean water, (Preferably organic) food, clean air, shelter, reproductive means, and socialization. As a population grows the needs for these grows.

Has the technology that has been created pushed more towards future sustainability or destruction?
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posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 12:32 AM
Depends what country you're talking about,because as we all know, we are all seperated by the illusion of borders. I would say the U.S. is on the verge of destruction or at least causing it. It's military spending is beyond comprehension and in response, China and Russia are also upping military spending.

It would be nice to say that all people are working toward the perfect world for all scenario, but that wouldn't be true.

Who knows where the point of no return is, we could've passed it.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

The military is a small fraction of the problem.

Although using the fear of destruction and death as a means of governing and ruling people via fear is the largest problem presented through a military. Fear (Behind hatred on a scale) has the potential to kill constructive innovation and keep people on their knees.

Although military spending offers a viable question.

Military spending in the USA as of 2013 is $716 billion
Source< br />
If the United States has a defense budget of $716 Billion, why is the current poverty rate in America above 15%.

How does this military budget promote any form of sustainability for life, when its chief purpose is to end it, and over 40 million Americans are impoverished.

posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 08:38 PM
I feel we should be looking at policies that will last 2000 years not a political term. We should encourage sustainability. Will your house last 2000 years. If not then it should not be allowed?

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