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My friend wants help with research for her book on mind control

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posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:29 PM
One of my friends is writing a fiction book on mind control and underground bases and the like, and was wondering if anyone on here had any personal experience with it or first-hand knowledge. This is her message she wrote on Facebook and asked me to pass along.

I’m writing a novel about a woman in an underground military base who undergoes amnesiac dissociative disorder as a means of mind control in order to make her a sort of sleeper agent. (kind of like bourne supremacy movies) I really would like to talk to a real person, do an interview with someone who has experienced abductions, mind control etc. I’ve done a lot of reading, watching youtube videos of interviews, and watching hypnosis sessions on clients, but I really need to interview an actual person. If you would like to talk with me, or pass information along you can message me and we can go from there.

I figured we might as well keep the thoughts in the forum for now, I can add a little bit extra based on what I know myself.

"Someone I know" has first-hand experience with some kind of mind control. As a psychology major, I also understand how MK Ultra could work.

I will start out. When "Someone I Know" (SIK) was a kid, he was exposed to trauma involving a shooting that sent him into P.T.S.D. kind of like Dexter. He was also surrounded by autistic people day in and day out, although it is unknown whether or not he has autism because he exhibits mania as well as O.C.D. to the point where it is hard to determine whether or not he has autism or just mimics it.

When SIK was in middle-school, he was placed on S.S.R.I. medicines which increased his mania and also made him very susceptible to subliminal messages in movies and media. The whole time, SIK was in touch with someone from the N.S.A. who seemed a lot like a handler of sorts and there were special teams in place to protect him and his family.

He seems to be able to learn subjects incredibly fast. His thesis paper was of interest to the N.S.A., at least that is what he told me. He isn't sure what the deal is or if he is officially part of any kind of program. I've known him for a while.

I know enough about psychology to know that the idea of sending someone into trauma in order to induce a hyper-aware state makes them entirely susceptible to things, as my other friend says, it has to do with dissociative disorder as well - I have a theory that it may even flip around the conscious and unconscious roles or get rid of the normal "conscious" role entirely, although I think that the dissociation may be a more valid mechanic, as someone who dissociates could have an entirely different personality for each subject matter they wish to pursue, and the like, and lose memory between personalities.


Well, on to another friend of mine, the girl. She believes that she is also part of a mind control program because she also has intelligence agents around her a lot, this time C.I.A. though (both people have documentation that there are, in fact, agents involved in their lives but there is no direct evidence that this is anything more than that, except in the guy's case, where he was told he had a team assigned to him, but no specifics other than that).

This girl thinks that her diabetes may be a result of or possibly a desired effect of mind control - she was thinking that if the CIA were messing with her insulin levels at a young age, that may have caused her to get Type I Diabetes - something that actually contributes to her being able to physically see astral beings. I talked to my psychiatrist about this in passing, and he mentioned that it was not a trait of schizophrenia to see physical hallucinations, but could be a symptom of low blood sugar.

The same person is the one writing the book. And she is looking for people to interview who have had personal experience or have a lot of knowledge on this subject. And I say just go ahead and post in the thread or U2U me if you wish.

I think we both think there might be some overlay on this subject and remote viewing / psychic or psi activity - especially regarding the insulin, S.S.R.I.'s and possibly trauma / autism aspects - in the case of the NSA, they seem to have a pretty good grasp on getting information in an astral manner anyway.

I had to talk to her (the author) to see what she knew in order to get some starting points for thoughts and conversation because she wasn't sharing much with me, and it was hard trying to have a conversation with her if she didn't share what she knew -

But she thinks that there is a NAZI faction involved with the CIA and NASA (which I have already found to be true through legitimate research sources) that is behind the projects like MK Ultra.

I think, meanwhile, that the N.S.A. has a different backing - I think that it is backed by Eastern countries, possibly Tibet and South Korea, and actually has a Buddhist approach to its programs. There are also differences between the N.S.A. and CIA mind control programs in that, while the CIA uses trauma and negative tactics, the N.S.A. seems to favor a protective and more hands-off approach watching from the distance, even offering assistance on occasion, sometimes through a "hidden hand."

The NSA is interested in information-gathering, it seems like whatever subjects they have are honed towards intelligence while the CIA seems to be honed towards infiltration and manipulation - while Obama may have been involved with the CIA prior to being elected President, it is highly unlikely (not likely at all) that he was involved with the NSA faction.

As a side note, Obama belongs to some rogue faction that the NSA was actively trying to stop prior to Snowden, after which I am unsure about what happened.

So as far as mind control goes - there seem to actually be two different factions (NSA and CIA) one motivated by the Greys and NAZIS (CIA) and one motivated by Buddhists and the Council of Nine (NSA) (yes I have personal sources on that one myself, I didn't mention earlier that even though my friend is writing the book I know a lot about the subject and conspiracies in general).

My friend thinks that the CIA is aligned with something symbolized by "Vampires" (which makes sense to me, as those could represent energy vampires, which share attributes to the Greys) while the NSA is aligned with Wolves. I am not sure what to think about the Wolf symbology - I am not familiar - does anyone have an idea about that?

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posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:31 PM
Maybe your friend should talk to our cats. They got us totally controlled.

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:38 PM
Of course this would not be a honey trap by the NSA, CIA, FBI etc ad infinitum trying to find out what the other agencies are up to and where they are at. Of course you would not know that but a lot of your friends seem to be surrounded by Feds.

Hmmm, not sure I want to contribute to your thread. It is a bit dicey! Oooh, I threw a six!


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posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

Man, sometimes I swear I should become a fiction writer myself, that explanation of why my friend wants to interview people sounds like it would make a good movie.

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

It's a good point -just throw in some disinfo and red herrings.

Although that would be against this website's creed. I do it on occasion when I know it won't affect anyone except for the people I want to be confused and I'm giving out personal information or personal knowledge.

I also can become notoriously bad at leaving out sources all of a sudden when I want to say something important but not have it be taken seriously enough to cause problems.

Also, this whole site is a honey pot. Just for information is what I mean.

And better to have it out in the open anyway. I've ran into tons of stuff on this site, in the back alleys in the most interesting cases, where there is definitely solid intel being shared about remote viewing and other CIA projects, the thing is, you have to have an eye for what is solid information, what isn't, etc.

Things can be hidden in the open, or behind a veil of deceit, or even in remote locations even on ATS.

Oh - if you are talking about people personally coming forward and being like "Hey, I was involved in MK Ultra" yeah I think that's a bad idea, but you know, up to them - that's what my friend wants but I say just skip that part and add the conversation here at leisure about whatever anyone knows, just like a regular thread -

Unless someone happens to want to talk about their personal experience as part of MK Ultra, then go for it.
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posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by darkbake

And even in books of fiction


posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

Yeah you are right! Fiction books have a lot of stuff packed in them sometimes that I think are based on personal experience or research. My friend, for example, writes fiction books like this a lot that are packed with facts she has either researched or talked to friends about or whatnot. Calling a book "fiction" and adding "characters" to it can make it a safe way to release info.

Well, I mean, the characters don't have to be based on real people at all, but it is useful to have characters in a book. Just sayin'.

Also, I will add this in here. There is a Red Hot Chile Peppers song, Blood Sugar Sex Magic. I always thought that blood and sugar were different words, I never thought they might represent "blood sugar -" a trait of diabetics.

I'm going to sift through the song now to check it out. Okay, since the lyrics do mention "Dimensions to discover" and such and also mention the virginity of the female subject... it is likely it could be pertaining to rituals involving sex slaves.

The blood sugar is also being used as one word, so it could be possibly talking about blood sugar being manipulated in order to cause dissociative spells and memory loss. Sorry my thoughts are getting incoherent, it has been a thing with me lately.

Also - my original point was that lyrics hold stuff in them, especially from popular bands, if you think about it, musicians have access to a lot of information and people that we don't as normal people.

Musicians are like bards, and they are sought after as company by the rich and famous, as well. IT is not too surprising they would write lyrics about their experiences.
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posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 04:56 AM
I was just reading about this movie Coraline.

It is a cartoon based movie about an MK-Ultra victim.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 05:01 AM
reply to post by darkbake

is your female friends on Meds?

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 06:36 AM
Neither NSA nor NASA would have anything to do with this sort of thing. That's all Agency.

But she could read a bit. I recommend "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" by Marks.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 07:36 AM
A good book to use for research would be Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler's "Illuminati Mind Controlled Slaves".

Over 700 paged of Mind control information. And the basic ingredients to make an MPD/ DID mind controlled slave.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

Thanks everyone for some further reading ideas - no, I don't think so, except for Insulin

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