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What could drive someone so far?

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 11:03 PM
Before I start this, I mean to disrespect or to insinuate anything about Solomon Tulbure. I give my condolences to him and his family, and may he rest in peace. The recent story about Mr. Tulbure has merely sparked some though, which is what I love so much about ATS.

We've all read differnent pieces from various conspiracy theorists, some of which may be bogus, and some that actually present good, unbiased information. The validity of these authors is actually irrelevent, people will believe what they want to believe. What I find puzzeling is what actually drives the "hoaxers" to come up with such works of fiction to be presented as truth. In some cases it may be to promote their book or to drive hits to their website. There are always others that fall into another category, which is what I'm more interested in.

I'm willing to bet that 3 times out of 7, it's the attention. The need to feel important, to feel superior to your peers. Granted, some of these people may actually be very intelligent individuals, but why waste the brain power on something so un-important. The first person that comes into my mind in this case is "John Titor." I personally believed Mr. Titor to be a hoax, but I was always curious as to what drove him.

I have read different postings of people claiming to be Governemnt insiders, Abductees, you name it. Quite a few have claimed to have been followed by government officals, threatened, or even harmed. Whether or not this is true is again irrelevent. What I really wonder is, what would push someone so far as to fake their own death, or commit suicide to "surround their own death in mystery," as Blyes put it in the News article posted by Skeptic Overlord. What would cause someone to be a Martyr for a tale that is purely fuction?

This I have no answer to this, other than the need to feel important, to feel as if you will be though of as "above the system." I'd like to hear some feedback. I'm interested as to what the ATS community has to say about such actions.

Again, I in no way mean to disrespect Solomon Tulbure. Reading the forums about him just makes me wonder about people. If this is a duplicated thread, I appolgize, I did a search for it!


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