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Georgia UFO Activity - Fireball/Orb Sightings.

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posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 08:10 PM
Recently got shared this very interesting article in which it describes an alleged encounter by a "group of coloured men" and what can only be described as an orb UFO. This incident is from 1894 and apparently happened in East Macon, Georgia.

The witnesses tell of a moment in the encounter in which they rushed the object and "seeming to divine their purpose and with a weird hssing noise", it rose into the sky until out of sight. Couple this with the fact that the witnesses seemed pretty shaken up, I am assuming they thought it was under intelligent control. This may or may not be the case, however this incident does prove that a UFO event happened here regardless.

The main point of this thread? Whilst having a look for other related Giorgia UFO incidents I found these 2:

Quote from 1 of the members on the first thread from 2007:

This is really interesting. If you look at sightings for November 28 on NUFORC, you'll see there are at least 26 reports of green lights either falling or traveling across the sky. The reports come from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennesee and Kentucky, and they all occur between 5 and 7 p.m. For those not familiar with NUFORC, when you make a report, it isn't posted for one or two weeks. This prevents people from piggybacking reports to existing ones. So, something very weird was definitely happening in the south on 11/28/06.

And also this video was posted:

Now to believe all the witnesses from these seperate events spanning at least a hundred years, it would seem as though there's fireball/orb UFOs flying around that neck of the woods. Additionally, if you're skeptical of ALL witness accounts involving UFOs, then you could probably say that the modern day sightings are just being influenced(perhaps even hoaxed) with knowledge of the older sightings, which is a possibility. Personally however, I dismiss this idea.

The 1894 case by the way, the fact the object rose up in front of them made me dismiss the meteorite theory, although the modern day case could be a meteor storm, there's a ton of other reports from this area which describe fireball/orbs with non-meteorite characteristics.

So anybody from this area have any other UFO stories to add to this thread?

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 08:19 PM
Huntsville is an interesting place. Von Braun, Project Paperclip, and Space. And drones. Maybe that comes into play as terrestrial hi-tech, or the surrounding foothills are conducive to little-understood natural phenomena...or maybe it draws the attention of something anomalous.

I've had my own eye-opening up-close and personal BOL experience in the foothills near there:

I was 14 and on a 5-day camp-out with about 20 other Boy Scouts in the foothills of Lookout Mtn in Alabama 20+ years ago. 4 of the 5 days were spent in a relatively safe & easygoing pasture of a scout-friendly citizen. We had some badge classes and spent a lot of our leisure time in fierce competitions of mumblety-peg.

But one night we went to camp in the "mountains," better described as large foothills. After dinner we broke off in pairs and cliques and explored the various trails leading to the top which I estimate to be around 600 ft and situated among many foothills of similar size.

Two scouts had remained at the top longer than the rest of us and it was rather late in the evening when I and a friend were meandering a trail and talking near the top when the two scouts up top called down to us in very excited voices to come up that they had just seen a ufo. We scrambled up to the top and the two scouts indicated an adjacent and taller mount and said they saw a big glowing orange ufo land there.

I was skeptical, but was intrigued by how excited they were, cutting each other off in their zealousness to describe what they saw. We settled in and continued talking all the while steadily looking at the adjacent mount top.

Maybe 20 minutes passed when there appeared a brilliant double-flash that emanated from and illuminated the top of the peak, a second of darkness, and then maybe 100 ft over the tree tops "it" pulsed into life. Perspective wise, I would say it was about high-moon size in appearance.

At full pulse it looked like molten metal or 'plasma' swirling around inside. Then it would dim at about the same speed it lit. It would dim to nothing. We couldn't see anything and then a good bit higher in the sky it would pulse to light again a few seconds later. Not counting the double-flash of the apparent lift-off it lit and dimmed 6 times, each time higher in the sky and after the 6th nothing. We watched for a long time, but that amazing glimpse was over but for the heavy-duty questions it raised in me.

It was a clear night and a clear phenomena of some kind. I was an Air Force brat that never missed a Blue Angels show or an opportunity to witness various test-flights. I knew it wasn't flares and it doesn't fit with any description of ball lightning that I've come across. Conventional craft was out of the question because of characteristics and size.

Even at that age, I knew what we saw couldn't be easily explained. Since the internet came along, I've searched for folk who have seen the same thing and have now found quite a few.

Cool thread, OP. Always refreshing to see someone digging deeper than the well-known and often highly "spun" cases.

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posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 09:22 PM

The reports come from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennesee and Kentucky

The Alabama license plates have "Stars Fell on Alabama" printed on them for a reason.

It refers to a spectacular occurrence of the Leonid meteor shower that had been observed in Alabama in November of 1833, "the night the stars fell." As reported by the Florence Gazette: "[There were] thousands of luminous bodies shooting across the firmament in every direction. There was little wind and not a trace of clouds, and the meteors succeeded each other in quick succession." source

I am sure it was seen in many southern states. I know in TN we see them often.
Great thread btw! S & F
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posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

This thing in the video is very much like the one I had seen in the early 70's near Greenville, SC... It happened during the early morning hours just before school started; except what I had seen was bright yellow and somewhat closer. I was only 10 or 11 years old at the time and still remember it as vivid today as I did then, that was 40 years ago.

Thanks for the video link, I have tried to describe what I witnessed several times to others, this will help me explain it better because it's almost exactly what I had seen. Oh, the one I had seen was traveling South to North along Interstate 85, it appeared to be coming from the Georgia area.

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 12:32 AM
Bollide meteors. They are spectacular but they are not intelligent. They are alien though

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by The GUT

I'm from mid alabama. My great grandmother used to tell me stories of seeing large balls of light traveling through the Forrest behind her house. This was before they had electricity. She said there movements weren't random but were like they were working or going about some business. She was born and lived on the same piece of land her entire life. She was a very intelligent lady and attended the university of montevallo. She wasn't someone that would lie or make up stories.

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