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A Strange OBE While Awake

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posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 05:33 PM
Hi IrishCream,

I've been a mobile phone lurker on this forum for a short while, but your post prompted me to join this forum and make my first post, so you must have a knack at it!

Thank you so much for sharing your story in such an honest way, I found it fascinating and quite moving too - hence me taking the time to join and post.

The internet's a funny place, with lots of BS and exaggerations etc, so not sure how this comes across from a "newbie" - but since a very young child I've been obssessed with all things OBE, astral projection, lucid dreams, NDEs, meditation, "kundalini", entheogens etc etc - and there's no need to be "unsettled" by your experience, you're not going mad, haha

These kind of experiences do happen, multiple identies/perspectives held in conscious awareness simultaneously, bilocation, some sort of time travel/teleportation etc (don't get me wrong, I am not saying, or even denying, these are literally "real" experiences - whatever "real" may be - but that you can have the experiential appearance of these phenomenea, though interpretation of what these experiences are or mean is up for grabs. (that's a rabbit hole too deep and dark to go down here

I have had similar experiences myself - and some related, but entirely undescribable experiences involving multiple "identities" all inter-related and "held" within a singular consciouss awareness - mind boggling and blowing really (I believe there is a strong possibility, based on a lifetime - I'm 36 - of study and experience, that we may possibly be beings outside of time and space, with multiple inter-related aspects of our being being played out across multiple "realities" - but enough random speculations from a random poster on the internet!!

What I thought, perhaps, you may find very interesting and helpful to you, is a book called "The Daemon - a Guide to your Extraordinary Inner Self" by a guy called Anthony Peake:

Now whilst I don't fully agree with (or even generally to be honest) with many of Anthony's conclusions (especially regarding his interpretation/charictarisation of NDEs, and how we live the same life over & over again), I nonetheless find some of his work very interesting and fascinating - and this book is absolutely fantastic! I'm not just randomly suggesting this book, but feel you may, possibly, get a lot out of it in specific relation to your experience - it may genuinely help or soothe you in some way, and help give you an alternate insight into your experience - and maybe why you should appreciate it as it sounds like it was something you may have needed at that point of your life, in context of your relationship with your son.

Anyways, thanks for sharing - it's gems like your post why I trawl through forums like these

posted on Jan, 16 2014 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by MetaMystic

WOW, I'm honored! This is a great community (as I'm sure you know from "lurking") and it's much better as a member than merely as a visitor.

I have done a little research on Mr. Peake, as I'm prone to do before spending any of my very little extra money on anything for myself lol. Much of this was on YouTube because I enjoy visual learning and also because I get a better feel for a message/theory, but I have to admit he's very dull to watch. However, you'll be appy to know that I felt a very strong resonance with 'The Deamon' theory... so I will be buying the book as soon as the funds are available. Thank you very much for bringing this information to my attention.

I have to say that in the days following my experience have come to realize that, no matter the actual purpose which may or may not be this, I have been far more patient with my son and the situation in general than I have been in a very long time. Also (though probably completely unrelated
), things in general have been looking bright for my family and our financial situation. I have my own business cleaning houses and my husband has a decent job, so you would think we should be on the okay side of poor. But my business has slowed and my husband's car doesn't like the hour both ways commute. Add to that my vehicle, which I make outrageous payments on, broke down on Christmas Eve and still needs more work to pass inspection... as well as kid related expenses, and we're stuck in one heck of a financial hardship. BUT, today I got a part-time job that I can work around my crazy scedule, we got approved for a loan that will pay off my car so I'll have the title to sell it. We'll have enough money between selling my vehicle, the loan overage amount and tax return to buy two 'new to us' vehicles. Then we can sell my husband's now car to my 18 yr old, each of us have more practicle vehicles AND the monthly payment on the loan will be less than what I pay now for my current vehicle! It's sad that financial stressors have such a huge affect, but it's just true.

So now, or in the near future really, our financial burden will be lessened due to a lower loan payment and two practicle vehicles. Also, through my son's recovery process, we've all learned many valuable coping & communication skills and our family is closer tan we've ever been. Again it's probably unrelated, but since my OBE everything seems to be falling into place. Add to that my own personal growth because of this experience and of course the subsequent posting of said experience here and the replies I recieved... I feel very peaceful. I reccomend an OBE for everyone haha!

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