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Baby Shocked At Meeting Dad's Twin Brother

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posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 05:13 PM
I know this isn't really a joke or prank, but the look on this baby's face was priceless when she met her dad's twin brother. It just goes to show you that even young children pay more attention than we realize at times. She knows something is just a wee bit off...

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 06:12 PM
Wow what a really nice video.

I like the end where the brother realizes that although the baby is surprises she knows '"what up".

Some of us have kept an un broken memory since's something for others to think about for sure.

Sweet and thank you for up lifting me tonight.


posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 06:48 PM
That's adorable.

I like her little fist bump at the end.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 06:55 PM
That was too precious! Loved the facial expressions.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 07:50 PM
The little fist bump is adorable, cute video.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 07:54 PM
I still remember this, my son have that face, here, there, here, there for a minute,
trying to "know" his real father, but somehow, like that vid, he knows which one.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 09:26 PM
It's great that they thought to film it. How precious is that memory for the family. The fist pump ? Priceless.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 11:42 PM
The way her eyes darted back and forth...
Little kids are awesome.

Thanks OP for the share. S&F.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 12:18 AM
STARS abound for EVERYBODY!!!

I am glad you all enjoyed it as much as I did. The "tiny fist bump" did not go unnoticed here either.

To quote one of you... Kids are indeed - Awesome!

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