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Yellow Snow [Jan 2014]

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posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 03:48 AM
In the year 21 post Snowpocalypse, a war has begun.. The Domes composed of the elite have enjoyed the warmth and the advantages of Power.. The less fortunate struggled against the Elements and merely survived.. Until A warlord Named the Abominable Snowman took the Dallas Dome.. Others have flocked to his banner and the Domes have begun fighting back..

New Orleans Dome

"Please.. I have a family.." The General is on his knees with his command staff as the frigid winds blow, "Colonel Jones, We can pay. We are not unreasonable men."

"Pay.. That you will," Colonel Jones grins. "General Aimes, Order the Guard and dome council to surrender."

"That I will not do," General Aimes is defiant..

"Very well on behalf of the Texas Mobile Infantry we find you guilty. The charges will read to you at trial." Colonel Jones was very cold when he spoke, "You and your staff will most likely be sent to a work gang."

"You will never take the Dome," General Aimes responds.

Part of the Dome explodes sending a reverberation out among the cold freezing wind..

"How," The General was in shock?

"We gave you a chance General," Colonel Jones shakes his head. " I will personally send your children to the re-education center. You wife and Mistress will join you at your crimes against humanity trial."

"You monsters. Just because you could not ," General Aimes is knocked backwords by Colonel Jones.

"Yes you Elitist Liberal Conservative scum will all hang.. All The Military Officers are going to get it worse. You abandoned your post and your duty to the American People," Colonel Jones growls. "We have a list of people and files. Bankers, Politicians, Scientist, and Rich. You will all hang by god."


Dallas Dome

"..found guilty of high treason against the United States and her people," The Chief Arbiter ruled. "You may now speak your peace citizen Chase."

"You have no right to try us. You are not an officially recognized court of the United States Government," Chase responds. "You and the people here are trash. It is not my fault you could not afford to live in a dome. Or your mammy was poor white trash."

"Citizen Chase.. Being that you are the last member of the Dome Government to stand trial I will take a moment to answer your statement. You once held a gavel." the Chief Arbiter continues, "For 21 years the good people who you did not consider worthy to live in dome. The trash as you speak lived in abject poverty. Then when the feeling hit you. Your people sent out raiding parties for young girls to satisfy your hungers. We drugged you with truth serum and you confessed. I have a clean conscious your honor in sentencing you to organ harvesting. You have the right to appeal to the Snowman."

"I do not recognize this courts authority," Citizen Chase received a blow from the butte of a Mobile Infantry's rifle.

The chief Arbiter is handed a note, "It appears your appeal has been heard. By your own confession the sentence from the jury stands. The Warlord will be arriving to observe you organs being removed. " Taking a moment the Arbiter closes his own eyes, "Due to the cost of anesthesia. The Government will not use any during the execution of your sentence."


DC Dome

"Madam President," The Aide speaks with joy in her voice. "How were the clubs in Miami?"

With a guilty smile on her face, "Great. I work so hard, I earned my eighth vacation. Now," The President yawned. "I gotta get some sleep. Mav train Lag. "

"We have an issue Madam President," The Czar of Cabinet members speaks. "It appears that the last set of orders given to deal with the terrorist have failed. We have lost New Orleans."

"Do they not understand I have been a reasonable person. You said failed," The President looked at her Czar.

Quickly smiling, "One of your generals misunderstood and sent a wet works team out." The Czar looked at the Sec Def, "One of Jeff's men tried to send reinforcements and I had to have him relieved."

"Damn Texans," The President yawned. "Hows our image on this?"

The information Czar shook her head, "We shut down the net feed. However this Abominable Snowman managed to get the information out. So far we have manage to get it relegated to third rate sources. It seems the Tri-Donna was caught having sex with her sister. The husband made a tape of it and That made the Front of most news."

"The Hollywood Dome," The President smiled. "Release a press release that it is the Administrations opinion that what happens in the privacy of the bedroom of two consenting adult is their business. We are having the Department of Freedom look into any illegalities of the taping." After a second, "As for this so called snowman. Most of these revolutionary types have a weakness for their preferred sexual partners. find out this snowman's taste and lets rig a honeypot. At the very least the bait can be used for drone lock."


Texas Mexico Boarder

The stripped naked Cartel men were now shivering as their body temperature dropped.

"I gave each of you a chance to speak. I gave my word I would not kill you," The man with five stars on his uniform stared at the middle cartel man. As the snow lands on the very cold cartel men. "However mother earth apparently does not appreciate you trafficking in young girls."

"My.. My Cousin Raul.. Raul will," The man is too cold to finish his statement. One of the younger Cartel men falls over face first into the snow.

"Go revive him for questioning," The man with the stars speaks slowly.

"Aye Warlord," One of the men grab the fallen Cartel Soldier and drag him away.

The Abominable Snowman walks back over to the middle Cartel man, "If we hurry you might be able to have children. I just want the information you have. I need you so I can send a message to Raul."

Another Cartel man passes out in the snow leaving three.

"You," The freezing cartel man tries to speak. "You pun..Pun.." The man falls over into the snow.

"We got it on tape boss," one of the men with the Warlord smile.

"Post it to the net." The Warlord looks at the other two, "Keep recording till they freeze to death. Then we will add it with the footage of the the dead girls in the old trucks."

"Boss, is this wise." The man filming is curious, "A two front war boss?"

"That a good question. Next time wait till we are in a secure location to ask kid," The Abominable Snowman smiles. "I intend to take the Main Mexican domes near us for security. When they attack I will take them in the name of the United States under our administration."

"The two front war principle," The younger man was confused.

"I wont be attacked by the United States. No where in the constitution's applications does it state that a State Government cant be a dictatorship. As long As I grant Federal Rights. We are good. " The Warlord grins as he see's the confused look on the Warlords face. "Trust me. The Mexican Domes will be Under our control and the sitting President will have just won a short victorious war."

"So the US Government is going to fight for us nondomers," The young soldier was confused.

"Its ok. I will explain my plans to you," The Warlord draws his sidearm and executes the young man. "Agent Samual P. Longheart. You were such a good actor. It seems the Cartel men shot you as you were investigating me. Your fellow agents executed the Cartel members." The snowman smiled, "The Cats paw is a lovely strategy." The cold wind blows snow on the bound Cartel men, "Edit the tape."

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 01:58 AM
The reestablishment of law and order, while considered harsh by weaklings of the time was A certain necessity. Texas through an unexpected source became a power. Remember, For with out the existence of the power base others would have forced their agendas on those with out power. It was during the 21 year post snowpocalypse that our most cherished initiatives came into existence.

Texas- New Mexico Border

The deformed wild men were walked in chains. Several snarled at the troopers which drew no response.

"Sarge. The whole lot is a community of cannibals," The Private speaks though his embedded com.

"Private Fornel," the Sarge took a deep breath. "Inbred to boot. We separated the females for study. Non of the original founders of the little tribe was present."

"Pregnant eleven and Twelve year olds," Fornel was a little shocked.

"This is what happens when power is not tied to responsibility. They probably were good people before the Snowpocalypse," The sarge watched as the barely clothed females with deformed faces walked by. "I swear to god this *snip* stops with us. "

"Do we have the resources for this," Fornel inquires?

"Private its above my paygrade. I know this," The sarge thinks of a convenient lie. "Odds are they will be put on preserve to be studied. Fastest way."

" A Preserve," Fornel was confused.

"A Place were no hunting or other crap. Allows the wild animals to live and breed." The Sargent saw a disfigured little girl in chains being marched in the snow, "Do not try to help either. If it is the same little girl she tried to bit the Lt.'s finger off."


Shay City, Texas
Capital Republic of Texas

"Thank you," the reporter went doe eyed as the Warlord caught her. Immediately she was shivering as he cute little hat fell off her head.

Shaking his head, "Mam. In this neck of the woods those clothes wont work."

Following the warlord into a building, her camera crew caught the containment doors. As the reporter entered the room, "This is like the old spaceships docking bays. Very little to no heat loss. This is quite a feat for backwoods rednecks."

Several of the people in the office all put there hands on their side arms.

"Mrs. Redwood. Those badges you wear prevent you from being shot. Do not push it with the good people of Texas," The Warlord responds.

Her and Camera crew get nervous, "Everyone has a gun."

"The badges you and your camera crew wear indicate you are unarmed. Texas law requires you to wear them. " The Warlord smiles through his clear faceplate, "It is why you each had to pay fee to go unarmed."

"My bosses were not to happy about that. A hundred thousand creds apiece for temporary licenses good only for a year or till we leave the state borders." Mrs. Redwood sounded a little upset, "Thats outrageous."

"Its is all legal mam. We sent the notifications out via mail to the US AG's office. We posted notices on the old Capitol building," The Warlord grins. "We reserved the right to charge a fee to unarmed. "

"What about the fee's and requirements for gun ownership," Mrs. Redwood asked pointedly. "We have it from a source that no background checks were ran through any databases."

"We ran the background checks. So far as I know no one alive in Texas has committed a felony or a misdemeanor," The Warlord looked at the reporter.

"Your telling me Texas has no criminals," Mrs. Redwood was astonished.

"No police officers, judges, or constables either," Warlord smiles evilly. "We have no jails either. "

"Thats impossible we are taught that you," Mrs. Redwood freezes. "How do you run your bandit kingdom? This is total anarchy."

"We are not a bandit kingdom. That must be a misconception. We are the Republic of Texas, of the United States of America." Warlord looks at Redwood, " The Texas Government was temporary. I now represent the people of Texas under our new state Constitution." Looking right at the Camera, " We have held our first Session and have recalled our representatives appointed by the previous Texas Government."

Mrs. Redwood shivers again still not recovering from the cold.

"Mrs. Redwood. You and your camera crew are going to need to strip. We cant continue the interview if your not dressed for the weather," The Warlord looked at the reporter.

"Oh.. Ok. I have made deals like this before." Mrs. Redwood responds, "Can we conduct this part of business in a more private location?"

The camera man looked in a different direction. Several males and females start snickering.

Mrs. Redwoods face goes red as she is already half naked. "You."

"Mam, down here women are lady's. We have entertainment facilities yes. But.. Your getting into warmer gear," Warlord looks at one of her camera men.

"Oh you bat for that team. Well he is single, " She smiles.

Members of the mobile infantry surround the assistant Camera man.

"Oh he is about to get f'd. But not that way," The Warlord smiles.


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posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

All you have to do is to continue it as replies to yourself. You can edit out the reply portion with "Continued".

I must say it started out kind of odd, but got better as I read it. What's the 'ol fishermans strategy...tease 'em, then hook 'em.


posted on Feb, 1 2014 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by TDawgRex

I do apologize for not finishing the story...

I found out a contest was taking place for an e-magazine and entered it

Oddly enough I went with a conspiracy story

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