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Rise of a New World Order (PART 1) 9/11 Conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 06:01 PM

Could I ask who Erik Salter is, and why his word is gospel to you?

I don't know who he is. It's not his word that's being taken as gospel, it's the evidence he presents. It doesn't matter who's name is on the evidence, the evidence speaks for itself.

I'm quite sure SuspectSky had good intentions for his documentary, after all what has he got to gain from it?

He's got Youtube hits and money to gain from it. That's why there are so many hoaxers nowadays. If you produce a decent hoax, the gullible masses will eat it up, and you make money from all the advertising and hits.

What I can't fathom about his doc, was the radar video's

I've never seen that part before where other planes get close to the highjacked planes. I'll have to do some research on that, but it doesn't look real.

or the way WTC7 went down, plus the claims of explosions going off on each floor, just like a controlled demolition?

Evidence suggests that all three WTC buildings were brought down with explosives. The puffs of smoke coming from each floor on the corner of WTC 7 was from smoke, not explosives. If you look around Youtube, you'll find the video.

Who done it?

The military industrial complex. I firmly believe the Bush family along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, had a hand in orchestrating it.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 06:25 PM


The US government did NOT kill their own people at all, I firmly believe it was members of Israel and the Jewish community funded by the Catholic Church in Rome!!

Yes I said it, the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) funded the Israelis and Jews in this event!

oh look, another person blaming the Jews.... your hatred is showing!

WOW, I have a theory and you cry because I mentioned the Jews. that displays my hatred?

Even if that were the case, I am allowed to dislike who I wish.

And even though this is not the case in this particular scenario if YOU knew anything about the REAL history of the Catholic church and the Jews you would at least see that my point is not about hatred but about theorizing how two religions can have the same goal.

So please keep you ignorant opinions to yourself or at least act like you have some form of intelligence. One can hate and one can still form a logical theory.

As with all 9/11 theories they are just that...much like religion, UNPROVEN and quite often fantasy

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by zeroBelief

I'm not agitating anyone. I am simply pointing out the fact that the same old tired theories are simply manufactured over and over and that is the collision and deception. It's not the government that is being used to fool persons-they are doing a fine job of doing that themselves.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 06:06 AM

reply to post by zeroBelief

I'm not agitating anyone. I am simply pointing out the fact that the same old tired theories are simply manufactured over and over and that is the collision and deception. It's not the government that is being used to fool persons-they are doing a fine job of doing that themselves.

Yeah....not agitating anyone. Uh-huh.

Try saying similarly opposed things to a religion inside someone's church, and we'd just see how quickly people were or were not agitated by your statements.

My thought is this. If you don't agree...walk on. It's really as simple as that. I personally feel that religion is a HUGE sham. But do you see me in religion themed forums? No. I let them be. Live and let live.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 11:23 AM

and a military drill the same day to add to the confusion, bush conveniently out of town to let Cheney run the SHOW... And those saying plane must hit steel, just not in that exact way.
edit on 12-1-2014 by jaytay because: left out sentence

Oh boy,

Ok if you are going to say that tired old diatribe of children chanting nonsense about planes hitting steel, then you really need to get out of the old 9/11 truther nonsense, and start doing some actual research that has debunked this crap.

The children said NO such thing. This is what they said:
Kite, kit, steal, playing, must.

Actual words said:

And again, this is exactly why the "Truth" movement has ZERO credibility. When they lie lie lie like this to your face, how can you trust them on anything else they say?

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by GenRadek

And again, this is exactly why the "Truth" movement has ZERO credibility. When they lie lie lie like this to your face, how can you trust them on anything else they say?

And then you have "debunkers" who focus on possibly the least important aspect of the attacks, ignore the important factors, and then act as though they've single-handedly destroyed the entire "truth movement". This is why many OS supporters have zero credibility.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 02:05 PM
Found this article that debunks 5 different claims that the video in the OP makes:

Top 5 9/11 Truther Myths You Should Be Prepared to Debunk

Myth No. 1: Four novice pilots with no experience could never have successfully guided those planes into three out of four targets.

Myth No. 2: The “official story” concludes that fires set off by the jet fuel and initial explosions of the aircraft entering the World Trade Center towers caused the steel structure to weaken and eventually fail. But “no large, steel-frame, fire-protected building had ever collapsed before due solely to fire,” is how the book “Debunking 9/11 Myths” restates the idea. Theorists conclude it must have been controlled demolition that led to collapse.

Myth No. 3: World Trade Center 7 could not possibly have collapsed due only to collateral damage sustained from the Towers’ collapse. That was controlled demolition, too.

Myth No. 4: Flight 93 was shot down. The relatively little wreckage at the scene, large pieces of wreckage miles away from the crash site, and evidence of a mysterious white jet in the vicinity all confirm that the government disposed of Flight 93 with extreme prejudice.

Myth No. 5: The Pentagon was hit with a cruise missile. The hole left in the side of the building was nowhere near big enough to have been caused by an airliner.

Read the article if you want the FACTS for each of these myths. There was too much information to quote it in a post.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 02:49 PM
One thing about the NWO, would the Russians, Chinese, Indians/Pakistanis, Muslim countries, really agree to the NWO? The Muslims cannot agree among themselves, let alone an outside 'government'.

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 07:47 AM

One thing about the NWO, would the Russians, Chinese, Indians/Pakistanis, Muslim countries, really agree to the NWO? The Muslims cannot agree among themselves, let alone an outside 'government'.

Whereas the Christians all get along just fine.

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by Flatcoat

Which parts exactly are we ignoring?

posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 06:29 AM

Part 2 coming soon!!

posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Krazysh0t

Thats a nice piece it isn't biased in the slightest (or not). They even use Hani Hanjour and make it sound like he was an ace pilot GTFO.

posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 11:46 AM
The hole in the wall of the Pentagon is half the size of the plane that allegedly hit it. (There is also testimony from a female staff member who states she saw no plane).

There is a missile sized exit hole on the other side of the Pentagon.

Check out other plane crash sites, the plane is literally shredded for hundreds of feet, yet the Pentagon lawn is pristine condition.

The 2 towers that were allegedly struck by the same planes as the Pentagon, fall and remain in a molten state for days, and yet the Pentagon remains standing. (No plane fuel on planet earth is gonna reduce steel to a molten state for days).

The building cost was 127 million..yet the insurance payout was 4 billion.

The gold stored under building 7 was transferred to the Chinese who said it was stolen from them.

posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 12:56 PM
Also the plane engine that was placed on the road by the wtc didnt match the planes that allegedly flew into them.

They're such incompetent a-holes that they couldn't even be bothered to do a little homework. *rolls eyes*.

posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 02:49 PM
15 muslim fanatics beat a trillion dollar defence system. Hmmm.

4 planes crashed and not a single fighter jet was scrambled.

posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by spooky24

As always with the same ambiguity the tired old mussing is rehashed again this time with a new wrapper.

so why don't you change???

seems that is all you do on 9-11 threads, trolling and 'WHY'gning...

It amazes me how people at ATS who like to discuss various theories about slight of hand collisions perpetrated by wickedness and attempts to control their minds.

uhm....that is why ATS is here.....

can't see what is right in their face

oh yes we do...and that resolves you to post as you do....

because you, nor anyone else, has ANY supporting evidence of the official claims pushed as truth.

'truthers' here asking/DEMANDING that support NEED NO evidence to do this....we have NO agenda BUT, making YOU prove.

because we can....and YOU can't!

same turd is wrapped in a different wrapper to be polished again and again with the same results.

and you love to spit-shine huh!

why don't YOU explain that line because NO ONE here asking for and DEMANDING the supporting evidence of the claims PUSHED as truth, does not require anything but intent.

but YOU defending pushed claim need EVIDENCE!

so, YOU think that just because this is Gov. saying these things,PUSHING these claims that THEY do NOT need supporting evidence????....sorry bunkie....they need it the MOST!

so.....WHERE is it?

NO actual WTC steel or building practices that failed from THESE FIRES PRESENT to 'represent', it did, NO scientific analysis or investigation for explosives or accelerants, yet 2008 claimed NONE there anyway by watching 26 SECONDS of utube vids...

2005 NIST found....
"No conclusive evidence was found to indicate that pre-collapse fires were sever enough to have a significant effect on the microstructure that would have resulted in weakening of the steel structure." NIST NCSTAR 1-3C, p. 235

no evidence the type of joining methods, materials, or welding procedures used was improper NIST 1-3 p.99

recovered bolts were stronger than typical. NIST 1-2 p.133

"no core column examined showed temp. above 250C" NIST 1-3 6.6.2

NCSTAR1-3 7.7.2 "because no steel was recovered from WTC7,it is not possable to make any statements about it's quality"

"NIST did not test for the residue from explosives or accelerants" wtc. nist. gov/pubs/factsheets/faqs_8_2006. htm

NO scientific analysis or investigation for explosives or accelerants from the 2005 NIST scientific investigation, yet 2008 claimed NONE there anyway by watching 26 SECONDS of utube vids...

[NCSTAR1A 4.3.4] Basing the decision of "No explosives or accelerants were used" on videos that were recorded at the time of collapse.

...btw...'accelerants' make no noise....

tell me bout the AMAZING steel eating characteristics of an office fire!!!!

posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 02:54 AM
reply to post by vivid1975

4 planes crashed and not a single fighter jet was scrambled.

actually, 2 were sent after the plane going toward the are transcripts from earlier released NORAD transmissions....

Huntress – North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) call sign
Giant Killer - Fleet Air Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes (FACSFAC VACAPES) call sign
NEADS - North East Air Defense Sector of NORAD
Boston – Boston ARTCC (FAA)
New York – New York ARTCC (FAA)
Washington – Washington ARTCC (FAA)
TRACON – Refers to a specific airport approach ATC (FAA)
MCC OP - DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC OP.wav
ID OP - DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID OP.wav
ID2 OP - DRM1 DAT2 Channel 7 ID2 OP.wav
AST OP - DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST OP.wav
SD2 OP - DRM1 DAT2 Channel 19 SD2 OP.wav

Timeline (NEADS time, UTC)

MCC (Major Nasypany) orders Langley to battle stations. Debate going on with New York ARTCC who wanted to keep the Otis fighters in W-105 area (over water) and MCC wanted them over Manhattan. Langley brought up in case the fighters were needed to back-up the Otis fighters. MCC OP

In background, QUIT 2-5 and 2-6 “on battle stations”. MCC OP

Boston Military (Scoggins) calls ID2 to inform them of a report that AAL11 is still airborne and headed towards Washington. Further that it is hijacked and is a 3rd aircraft. Scoggins advises that it is a report from Washington Center. ID2 OP

MCC alerted of 3rd hijacking headed towards Washington. MCC OP

MCC gives the order to scramble Langley and head them towards the Washington area. MCC OP

Reports a 3rd (American Airlines) aircraft headed towards Washington. SD2 OP

Reports Langley fighters are being scrambled to the Washington area. SD2 OP

ID2 called Washington Center to get more details. The male answering the phone said he had only been there for around 10 minutes and had no information regarding AAL11 headed towards Washington. ID2 OP

“You’ll have to maintain com with FAA and victor (unintelligible)…”
“Your mission will be to bring him up north, for now just head him toward (spoken over)…international…tell them to coordinate with Center that NORAD wants them to cam… (spoken over)”
“Baltimore-Washington International…” SD2 OP

Scoggins, Boston Military calls ID2. “We did hear from Washington, there is an aircraft, they believe it is American 11 and he is southwest, only just don’t have a point…” ID2 OP

MCC states Langley fighter call signs as QUIT 2-5 and QUIT 2-6. MCC OP

“…cap over Washington…”
“…we’ll be ready to go…” SD2 OP

ID calls Washington Center to see if they have information regarding AAL11 which is thought to still be in the air and headed towards Washington from the New York area. Washington says “we don’t have anything on that one.” When asked if they were aware of the report he was headed for Washington he replied, “We just got word from Boston or somewhere, but we don’t have anything on him yet and … uh … there’s a lot of different things going on right now.” ID OP

ID yells out, “Boston is now missing another aircraft!” ID OP

ID2 calls Washington requesting lat/long for AAL11 “headed towards ya’ll”. The phone is handed off to another male who asks, “where you getting this information from on American 11?” She responds, “Boston Military”, and that they were getting it through Washington. Washington Center responds that AAL11 is the plane that crashed into the World Trade Center and Boston is not getting their information from Washington Center.
Washington Center advised they would have their military guy call the Boston military guy. The man on the phone tells someone in the background to call Boston Military and then hangs up. ID2 OP

A female voice in the background says, “Washington had better get on the loop!” ID OP

Same female in background says, “…they better start looking for this guy…” ID OP
In general ID begins complaining to Boston on the phone about the lack of information coming out of Washington Center and being non-responsive, requesting that Boston call Washington. ID OP

Male voice in background says, “Langley is scrambled.” The male seems to indicate the Langley fighters are headed to a point over Washington, DC, but conversation is broken. ID OP

“QUIT call sign airborne…” MCC OP
Verified by 84 RADES radar data that Langley fighters are in the air at this point.

ID contacts Boston Military and asks if they have any updates on the hijacked aircraft. They do not know where AAL11 is and have no information on the 3rd missing plane. ID OP

Washington Center Operations Manager calls ID. ID briefs him on what NORAD knows at that point, 3 missing aircraft and that one may be headed towards Washington. ID OP

QUIT 2-5 headed into W-386, “I have no idea why…”* MCC OP

[* Langley TRACON should have handed the fighters off to Washington ARTCC (Washington Center) so that they could proceed to the DC area. Instead, they were handed off to Giant Killer who followed their SOP and sent them to an offshore holding area (W-386) where a tanker (TEAM 2-2) had been dispatched to a few minutes earlier.]

SGT Richmond notified that ID was working to identify 3rd hijacked aircraft (later ID as AAL77). AST OP

Time Langley fighters airborne given as 13:25. SD2 OP

SGT Richmond alerts radar operators #6 and #8 to watch for search targets and alert him if they see anything. AST OP

After the briefing by ID, the WCOM tells ID about AAL77 missing. Female voice in background starts yelling out “American Airlines 77 is lost”. He tells her that Indianapolis lost contact with AAL77 at 35,000 feet and don’t know where he is, “so what we have done at the surrounding centers here is tell everyone to look out for limited codes, primary targets, or whatever the case may be. And that was the last time, that was about fifteen minutes ago since I talked to the Indianapolis Center Operations Manager.” He had no further information except that Indianapolis put its last location “east of York”. ID OP

First identification of AAL77 heard as a hijacked aircraft (error in take-off location, Boston to LAX). AST OP

MCC on the phone with Giant Killer, Fleet Air Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes (FACSFAC VACAPES) in regards to QUIT 2-5 (Langley fighters). Asks Giant Killer to work with Center and send them direct to Baltimore-Washington International and contact Huntress (NORAD) on the radio. Giant Killer responds, “you got QUIT 2-5 moving east in the airspace and now you want me to go to Baltimore?” MCC responds yes and says just to tell Center they need to go to Baltimore.* MCC OP

* [This turn to the north is not executed until 13:38:10 (approximately same time as AAL77 impacts the Pentagon). It is unclear why the delay in executing the turn north even after clarification.]

Boston calls ID2 reporting a VFR aircraft six miles southwest of the White House and moving away. They had overheard the report on a telecom and wanted to make sure that NORAD got the information. ID2 OP

Female in background heard saying, “We have an aircraft six miles west of …” (interrupted). ID OP

MCC reiterates that QUIT 2-5 will be under Center control but to send them to Baltimore and stating that NORAD just needs to be able to talk to them. MCC OP

ID calls Indianapolis Center. No real information given except last position and altitude (35,000 feet, 38 41 N, 082 52 W, 12:56 Z, Heading 270, speed unk). Indianapolis did not give NORAD the position information until 13:39, AFTER the estimated impact time of AAL77 with the Pentagon. ID OP

First indication of search target in Washington area heard. AST OP

Female in background, “…six miles east of the White House…” ID OP

Operator heard in background saying, “9 miles south of Baltimore – Washington International”. AST OP

Operator heard in background saying “…to the White House”. AST OP

“Bravo zero-three-two, right next to the NCA, search only.” AST OP

Female in background, “…six miles east losing altitude…” ID OP

NEADS takes direct control of QUIT 2-5 and 2-6 away from Giant Killer. Advises they are going direct to Washington with after-burners. Giant Killer advises they are handing them off to Center at that time. MCC OP

“…turning into NCA…” AST OP

“…he’s fading…” AST OP

“The guy has faded…” AST OP

ID2 calls Washington and asks for more information on the Boston report. ID2 specifically is asking about the plane 6 miles southwest of the White House. “Well Boston’s airspace does not even come close to that and I don’t know how they got their information but we don’t …” is the response from Washington Center. After going silent for a few moments, he responds, “we don’t know anything about that ... it is probably just a rumor.” He suggested that NORAD call National or Andrews. ID2 OP

Boston Military (Scoggins) calls with a report that a plane just hit the Pentagon. ID2 OP

“They are headed there now…freaking Giant Killer in their wisdom sent them out over the water, when we scrambled them to Washington.” SD2 OP

“Giant killer…we scrambled them out to Washington. Langley, Giant Killer sent them out over the water.” SD2 OP

Report of another aircraft sighted near the Pentagon.* MCC OP

* [Most likely GOFER06, a Minneapolis, MN Air Guard C-130 that had just departed Andrews AFB. Andrews TRACON diverted GOPHER 6 to investigate the plane approaching the DC area. After the impact of AAL77, GOPHER 6 turned back to avoid the smoke column and resumed its flight path. The sight of GOFER06 near the Pentagon alarmed many on the ground, not knowing if it was another attack or not.]

QUIT 2-5 sent to CAP point, 38 25 N, 077 02 W. MCC OP

MCC notified that the Pentagon had been hit. MCC OP

Washington Center calls ID franticly asking about a plane heading into the DC area squawking 7777 (Mode 3), “…I need to know if anyone knows anything about that aircraft.” These are the QUIT interceptors from Langley.* ID OP

* [This is particularly odd since they felt no need to call NEADS when they were tracking a primary target only plane of the same modus operandi as the planes that hit the WTC towers minutes earlier.]

“Okay, Cleveland’s line is still busy, Boston is the only one passing us information, Washington doesn’t know sh*t!” ID2 OP

QUIT 2-5 and 2-6 over the Pentagon. 84 RADES

Boston Military (Scoggins) is the only source of information that NEADS has for the approach of AAL77. He is making it a point to pass on information that he is overhearing in the Boston ARTCC. His initial report (13:20:56) of an aircraft headed towards Washington is second-hand information and mistakes the identification as AAL11. This may have caused momentary confusion but none-the-less established that a 3rd hijacked aircraft was headed towards the DC area. The only significant problem this caused for the MCC is that he scrambled the Langley fighters to Baltimore-Washington International (north of DC) in anticipation of an approach from the north.
At 13:24:02 Boston Military calls back and gives the position of the approaching aircraft as “southwest” of Washington, but has no specific coordinates for it. This is exactly what the 84 RADES radar shows at that time. This confirms that Washington ARTCC was tracking AAL77’s primary return although Scoggins was still under the impression that it was being identified as AAL11. For reasons unknown, the Washington ARTCC was NOT sharing this information with NEADS after multiple phone calls by them to get more information. This includes a call (13:33:58) with the Washington ARTCC Operations Manager who does identify the 3rd missing plane as AAL77, but makes no mention of the primary track headed straight for the Washington, DC area. After AAL77 impacts the Pentagon, the Washington ARTCC is still (13:38:32) denying that they are tracking anything headed towards the Washington area and calls it a “rumor.”
It is well documented in media accounts that the Dulles TRACON was watching the final approach of AAL77. Further, GOPHER 6 (the infamous C-130) was diverted by the Andrews TRACON to intercept and identify the approaching plane. It has been argued that these were the first indications that the Washington ARTCC had of the plane.
However, Boston Military indicates they were watching it very early on when it was southwest of the area and recognized it as a threat. This minor detail, if Washington ARTCC had been forthcoming with NEADS would have resulted in the MCC scrambling Langley to intercept a plane coming from the west, not the north.
The next significant issue is why the Langley fighters were handed off by the Langley TRACON to Giant Killer instead of the Washington ARTCC. Giant Killer followed the SOP for airspace under its control and sent the fighters out over the Atlantic. NEADS was very specific in where to send the fighters which would have required a hand off to the Washington ARTCC, and it is not clear at this point why that did not happen. Once the error has been noted and corrected by NEADS, it is at least three minutes before the planes are turned to the north and then only after NEADS takes direct control from Giant Killer. At 13:49:26 Washington ARTCC calls NEADS wanting to know what the planes are entering their airspace (squawking 7777). So undoubtedly, something has gone very wrong with the handoff by Giant Killer to Washington ARTCC. What many have not understood (including myself until recently) is that the Andrews and Langley TRACON’s are all under the Washington ARTCC control.
In the quest to learn what went wrong, what went right is often overlooked. From the NORAD tapes and 84 RADES radar data, it is clear that what went right was NEADS. They responded professionally and rapidly to a very unique and dangerous situation with minimal resources and information. For some reason, Washington ARTCC did not keep NEADS in the loop on what it knew about the approach of AAL77 and the Langley TRACON mishandled the scramble of the Langley fighters, both of which are civilian components of the FAA. Why this happened is an avenue ripe for further research.

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