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Have You Had a Mythical Beast Encounter?

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posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 01:55 PM

reply to post by crazyewok

Yeah, like I didn't think of that already (Christian here). It cuts down the activity but does not completely stop it, neither does use of holy water, blessed oils, house blessing by a Catholic priest, a Dianic priestess and an Indian Shaman. It isn't my house that is haunted ( well, yes the house is haunted too but not by the shadow people) but it is me who they follow. I've been prayed over and blessed by every sort of holy person imaginable.... the activity slows but always returns. I don't fear them anymore and haven't for years- they cannot enter me but only try to frighten me and others. They are a nuisance sometimes but have no power but parlor tricks unless you give it to them.

Have you thought about having an exorcism done? I know several demonologists I can refer you to. Sounds like that's what needs to be done, if the cleansing, blessings, and other rituals haven't worked.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 02:04 PM

reply to post by sled735

Man I hope I wasn't abducted!
. I've wondered at times though.
. No really - it was an impactful experience. I remember telling my grandmother years later. She said it was probably the boogieman (grandmothers are great aren't they).

Don't he afraid to go camping - just go where other people are (a well populated campsite). My experience was in a more remote location in the Bob Marshal wilderness (Northwest). Whatever this thing is people are experiencing as Bigfoot it hasn't hurt anyone yet so clearly is just as curious about us as we are it.

Doesn't seem to matter how well-populated the camp site is. My cousin went camping at a large popular campsite (probably 10 or 12 years ago) in the foothills of the Smokies, and everyone there heard something large walking through the woods. Then it let out a loud squelching scream, like I described with my encounter.

She said the area cleared out pretty fast!

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 02:07 PM

reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Ha! Thanks!

You've said that before on some of my other threads, but never came back to post.
I'm holding you to it this time!
I want to hear your story!

yeah...its been a rough year for work-life balance.

+1 more 
posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 02:10 PM
As ridiculous as it sounds, I swear I saw a unicorn when I was a kid. I was riding in the back of my dad's truck one summer afternoon, and I noticed a glimmer in the middle of a field. I looked over and saw this shiny white deer-looking animal just standing there looking into the woods. I thought, "Wow! A white deer!". Then I saw that it had a single horn in the middle of its head. I turned to tell my dad, but when I looked back, it was gone.

Coolest thing that ever happened to me.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by Elphineas

Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! I'm jealous!! I've always loved unicorns, collected them, and been drawn to them for some reason.

Why can't I have seen a real one?! Not fair! Not fair at all!

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 03:10 PM

Hey Sled ! Cool thread ! ( poet ! )

This stuff is way cool. I have not heard of this Aussie Beastie being mentioned - not to say it hasn't ...

Let me introduce you to the Bunyip ... ( drop bears have nothing on this sucker !! )

Sweet dreams ...

Did you have an encounter with one of those?

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by sled735

When my cousin was around 10 years old she said she opened her eyes one night to see an evil Leprechaun standing beside her bed, staring at her with a big ear-to-ear evil grin!

I don't remember what she said she did once she saw it, but how terribly frightening that must have been for her!!

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by sled735

I don't think so, but then again I have heard some strange noises in the darkness - which I have found no explanation for.

I was once stopped on a lonely stretch of dead flat road - so vast and flat - you can see the curvature of the Earth.
I was catching a few zzz's on a sixteen hr. drive; when a was awoken by the sound of something making a sound that I can't describe. It was a kind of 'whooshing - crunching' noise that was getting closer to the rear of my car.

I tried to get a look at it but it was too dark so I took off. I did a U turn up the road to see If I could see it in my headlights
but there was nothing.

There are also a lot of " Big Cat " stories from a few different places - well apart - here in Australia as well.
Many people on the land have reported seeing a large cat like creature resembling a big Panther.

Some say US servicemen brought them here during WW2 and simply left them when they returned home.
Maybe they continued breeding and are still around. They have to date, eluded capture, so who knows !?

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by sled735

I love the stories so far. Hoping more will post so trying to bump it up.

I hear ya on the camping thing - noises in the woods freak me out too sometimes. I don't do the remote stuff anymore but figure if there are other people I can hide behind them if worse comes to worse
. That "silence" can really mess with you.

For the ghost following you post - this is truly a mystery and I don't think your alone on this. I have a creepy old house. People who visit have reported hearing and seeing "other people" again (recently). One friends daughter kept telling her mom "there is someone here" (eerily similar to what I experienced back in September with another person). Another who came to do some organizing - was looking for some documents, said he heard someone moving about just 10 feet away from him but would look or yell out and nothing was there. It wasn't a mouse or any such thing (mostly empty space) and he was adamant he sensed it was me or another who had come into the building. I don't let it affect me anymore. If I sense it I immediately tune this phenomenon out. It's annoying to me since I can't place it. I hope one day it will be explained.

All of the stories are good - panthers and red haired angels - a possible moth-man, etc.. I wonder though if the fallen angel would know they are an angel. And why does this moth man bird creature instill fear in people?

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by Dianec

If I saw something like this, it would scare the crap out of me too! LOL

Geeze! That scream it has sounds very similar to what we heard in the woods, only longer and louder!

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 08:47 PM
I honestly don't know for sure these "dogs" that almost attacked me were just mean dogs or the black demon dogs that so many people have mentioned on threads and various TV documentaries, but I'll share my story. It was a terrifying and surreal experience, and at the time I just knew I was probably going to die a terribly painful death.

It was sometime around 1980 or so, when I was in my late teens. We owned six acres of land that was surrounded on three sides by mountainous hillsides. Several people lived up above the woods, and one family in particular always had barking dogs kept in lots, or poorly fashioned kennels, as you may know them. You never saw them out loose, so I couldn't swear that these were or were not their dogs.

Anyway, one day I was walking around near the woods, in a big clearing we had above our garden, and I think it was in the summer. It was a beautiful day, and my dog and a neighbor's dog had been walking with me. My dog was a german shepherd, and my neighbor's dog was a shepherd-collie cross, two pretty good sized dogs. They had wandered off a ways from me when I heard rustling leaves up in the woods.

The leaves always stayed on the ground up in the woods, and were several inches deep any time of the year. These leaves were rustling loudly as something was running down the hill towards me. As these two "dogs" approached the clearing, I could see them running at me like some kind of nightmare.

They were both huge, solid black dogs, about thigh-high to me, snarling and growling in such a way as to make anybody pee their pants. They weren't barking, they didn't open their mouths wide enough for that. All I could see of their heads as they approached me were huge white teeth bared incredibly wide. Their teeth looked many inches long, and all I saw was huge, bobbing black shapes with a big patch of solid white coming at me at lightning speed. If you've ever seen video of greyhounds racing, that's what they looked like coming at me.

I was in the middle of a large, level clearing, no trees, no weapons, no shelter of any kind. All I could do was stand there and wait for the inevitable. I was imagining how it would hurt when they began tearing flesh and muscles loose; I was that afraid. I was thinking, Oh God this is going to hurt so bad; I'm going to injured very badly or die; there's nothing I can do.

I stared at the dogs, slowly backing up as they got closer. Suddenly my dog and the neighbor's dog broadsided these two, rolling with them a few times when they hit. They never really fought, the black dogs just got up and went back up the hill as fast as they had come down. That didn't make much sense to me either. Mine and the neighbor's dog both got A LOT of kisses and hugs!!!

Surely if these had been your average dog, they would have fought mine instead of just getting up and going back the way they came without so much as a bark or growl. It was like somebody had flipped a switch. I had never seen those dogs before, or since. I tell you though, I never walked up there again without at least a hoe, a knife, or something to defend myself with.

They weren't kidding, there was no hesitation, it was like two trained attack dogs that were sent in for the kill, and then POOF changed their mind without a fight.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by Scribe611

WOW!!! OMG! What a terrible experience! I bet your knees shook for awhile after that!

Thanks for telling us your story, Scribe. Geeze!!!!

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by sled735

Now that guy seemed legit and there have been so many accounts of this moth or "bat" man. The fact they vomited is interesting - it makes its prey sick so I imagine its screech is supposed to paralyze the prey in fear. As the top of the food chain it would definitely make one sick to their stomach. Seems like a prehistoric creature (survived the Jurassic period - is that possible?). Terrifying thought to see one of these.

My son is asking me to look for mermaid you tube videos now (and another of these so off I go).

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by Scribe611

Thank goodness you had your dogs with you. That is strange because if they were in attack mode they would have fought. Are you 100% they were dogs and not a couple of wolves? I used to wonder about deer and the like that are eaten alive by predators. I was told they have something kick in that makes them paralyzed so they don't feel it. I don't think we have that chemical though

If they were wolves though they would need to be lone wolves to be that skittish. And I don't think lone wolves pair up but could be wrong.

A 2008 study at Stanford University found that the mutation responsible for black fur occurs only in dogs, so black wolves are the result of gray wolves breeding back with domestic canines. The mutation is a dominant trait, like dark hair in humans, and is passed down to the majority of offspring. It is not entirely clear what benefit black fur has for the animals; they do not seem to be more successful hunters, but do show a marked improvement in immunity to certain infections. Black wolves are far more common in North America than they are in the rest of the world.

If not a dog or a wolf maybe they were something unexplained. I can't think of any animal behaving like that when in attack mode unless spooked. Such a close call - but a good ending.

In looking up mythical creatures with my son we came across some good stuff. One was funny - North Korea and its assertion it has a unicorn lair. Just as MSNBC states - it's all about their need to be strong and special so that didn't convince me. What did was the idea that the unicorn is actually a single horned rhino. Then there was the stuff on mermaids and even a video of some guys capturing one off the cliffs. It's grainy and only a cursory glimpse but convincing. I can't upload you tube videos (they come up black or I would). Too much folklore by sailors to not believe in these.

It's really too bad to see hoaxers ruin it for people that get actual video or for those who genuinely saw what they describe. I wonder how many people are researching these creatures. I'm sure the search is rare - given their habits of hiding and quick escapes.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 12:31 AM
There is a member at the beginning of pg.17 on Sled's paranormal thread that claims to have seen a half man-half fish. I can't link it from my I-pad, or I would.

Crazy world we live in!

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by Mindless1980

Thanks Mindless.

Yeah, this is from a member who is no longer with us, username, Blocula. He had some amazing tales in the thread!

It was a human sized man who appeared to be half fish or shark,with a row of fins running down the middle of his back,kind of like the gill man monster from the movie,creature from the black lagoon,only with a more human looking face.This man/fish did'nt look like a mermaid and it was swimming rather quickly about 70 feet out in front of me from left to righ,horizontally through the oncoming waves, which were around 3 feet high and i doubt any human could do that.Even then,i knew what i was looking at was'nt human and even now i can still see it in my minds eye.It was definitely burnt into my memory,which is photographic anyways...

That would be freaky, for sure!!

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 03:47 PM
Okay, I'll tell another one of mine. (Someone else needs to share. I'm feeling lonely here. LOL)

This happened sometime before we started hearing the screams in the woods across from my childhood home.

Even as a child I loved to walk and explore the forest that surrounded my home. I was probably around seven or eight when this happened, I really don't remember exactly. But, anyway, one day I went for a walk in the woods and came to a log in a very peaceful setting. I sat on the log and listened to the sounds in the woods, and just felt the calm of the place. I had gone to this spot many times by myself and never felt frightened.
(Yeah, people back then actually allowed their kids to wander off by themselves. It was safe. I miss those days!)

This particular time as I sat on the log, I heard some rustling in the bushes. I felt an uneasiness come over me, as if I was being watched.
I could sense the direction it was coming from too. So I stood up and walked slowly to get a better view when I noticed a very large creature that I could see through standing between two trees. I would say it was at least 8 ft. tall, maybe more.

The body of this creature had a wavy pattern flowing through it, like heat waves that come up from a hot road surface. I could see the forest behind it/through it! The wavy pattern is how I was able to make out it's form. (There wasn't anything causing a heat wave anywhere else.)
It just stood there looking at me. I froze for a moment in pure fear! Then I made my legs move, and I walked a safe distance, then I ran!! I was afraid if I ran to start with, it would chase me; like they say animals will do.

I made it safely back home, and I don't remember EVER going back into those woods alone after that!
I missed going to "my spot". It was my place to find peace and talk with nature. That "thing" stole it from me!!

Since that encounter, I've often wondered if this is how Big Foot is so good at avoiding being captured? I've read where others say they think it has the power to become invisible. I think they're right! It looked like a Big Foot to me!

Good lord!! Re-living that experience sends chills down my spine! It could have turned out so much worse!!

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 04:05 PM
I've always had an interest in things that were of the weird variety, but things really took off for me after I had a sasquatch encounter. I have actually detailed my encounter on a bigfoot-related forum a couple of times in the past, where I post often, describing not only the physical aspect of what I saw, but also how I interpreted the animal's behavior. It was not a spectacular sighting in terms of what occurred, considering I just saw the animal walking, although it was spectacular in that I had a sighting in the first place.

Some time before my sighting occurred I had began researching bigfoot, mainly online. I live in Texas by the way, and have occassionally driven the couple of hours required to put me in the heart of Texas bigfoot country, hoping to get lucky. Well I had been planning a trip, but I didn't want to go alone. I have brothers and cousins and whatnot, none of who believe in sasquatch, so I very well could not get them to go with me to look for any traces of activity; therefore I just proposed a "camping" trip. This happened in the Sam Houston National Forest by the way, close to Lake Conroe. It was actually near an area I had handpicked from various topographical and other types of maps that I found, along with analysis of previous sighting reports from other people. I used some of my hypotheses and beliefs about the animal to help me decide where to go. Anyway, we could only drive so far, and then had to walk to where we were going to camp.

We lugged our stuff, and as we reached the spot where I wanted to set up camp, I sat my stuff down and began doing a cursory sweep of the area, although I was not really "looking" for bigfoot at the time. I was just sort of checking the area out, as I had never been there before, and this was not an established campsite or anything, where we were. I walked a little ways, and there was like a spot where some thicket and trees ended and opened out to a field. I couldn't see into the heart of the field until I came around those visual obstructions, and I wasn't even really looking there purposefully. But as I came around I saw a very tall, I would say around 7.5-8 feet, give or take, animal, covered from head to toe in short hair, although it was somewhat longer and shaggy in certain places, and appeared to be missing on some of the face from what I could tell.

It is important to note that I wasn't viewing the animal's back directly. He, and it was a he, was walking away from me, but at an angle. So I could see half of his face, along with the left side of his body and back. I was struck immediately by the size, and instantaneously knew that what I was looking at was not a human, or a bear, or anything else that would be considred an average answer to what I was seeing. And the sheer mass/size, along with the height, just served to bolster that conclusion I suppose. There was something primitive in my knowledge about what I was seeing, and I was feeling mixed emotions. Sure, I was frightened, but I was also anxious. Now I don't know if this was just me, or if others have ever felt such anxiety during an encounter.

I've read many reports, but most people just describe fear and leave it at that. Anwyay, at the point when I saw him, the animal was quickly approaching the treeline on the other side of the field. So I only got to watch him for a matter of seconds, maybe 10 at the most, but I still can't be certain to that as to this day, before he disappeared into the treeline. Now I am not great a judgine distances, although I should have gotten an exact measurement, but I definitely know it was less than 100 yards. It was pretty close. I remember thinking it was probably about 30 yards away, but I also tend to misjudge distances by underestimating them, so logically speaking it was probably about 50 yards. It was close enough for me to see some decent details, although not very minute details. But, that was also due to the short time the encounter lasted. Had this been something I was expecting, and if I could have gathered my wits instantly, I would have attempted to purposefully pick out some of the minute details and pay extra close attention to them.

But as it happened, I was unconsciously drawn to a couple of different things. For instance, I mentioned how I was struck by the size and mass, but I was also struck by the size of the leg muslces, the chest, and the overall definition of the muscles in general. It is just not something I am used to seeing, therefore the entire experience was amazing and surreal almost, looking back on it.

But truthfully, everything I saw and could describe doesn't matter to most people, because when it comes to telling about a sasquatch encounter, the majority have dismissed your account before you've even began. Apparently it is no matter that some of the witnesses who have filed reports, and who've been interviewed as well, were professional observers. There is a report in the BFRO database regarding a military sniper team who were conducting an operation out in the middle of nowhere in a forest located on a large military installation in the US. They were in a hide, and it was at night, and they had a bigfoot walk right by them. They got a very good look at it, and described what was seen. They are not the only military personnel to have seen a sasquatch while on a base either.

But snipers are probably the most trained observers out of any other profession, considering that by design their task is to gather intelligence, not just shoot people. That's why the Marines call them scout snipers. Anyway, there have been quite a number of police officers who've had and described encounters, and probably even more that have never come forward. Many professional people, who have a lot to lose, would rather keep their sighting to themselves than share it with the world and risk having some sort of backlash on their careers. I would even bet that some witnesses haven't even shared their experience with their family.

So for those who think that all the people who have a bigfoot encounter are misidentifying known animals, or are hoaxing, you are sorely mistaken. There are hundreds of reports from people who one instantly knows are not lying, and there are some cases where there were multiple witnesses, as well as corroborating evidence.

And people complain about the lack of video evidence, not realizing that there is quite a lot of it out there. Real, legitimate evidence. Part of the problem is that there are notorious hoaxers who are constantly putting fake stuff out, and this just hurts the credibility of the topic in general. But aside from those videos that are hoaxes, there is still quite a bit of actual evidence out there. The best evidence comes in the form of sighting reports and footprint casts. In fact, the likelihood of the majority of tracks being fake is almost nil. How is this? Well if they were hoaxes, one would expect that, upon plotting all the national measurements of such tracks, there would not be any correlation in the data to a living animal. But do you know that upon plotting the many hundreds of documented tracks, their measurements coincide with a bell curve line, which is exactly what one expects from a living population of animals, and the few knowledgeable academics who study sasquatch have stated as much.

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posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 04:19 PM
My point is there is a lot of great evidence out there, if one looks for it. And it gets old hearing people say that if bigfoot were real, we would have video evidence of it. We do. But whenever someone releases such video evidence, these same people automatically condemn it as fake. So why did they say what they said in the first place? I had a lot more typed, but it wouldn't fit in one post, and I apparently lost it due to it being cut off or something. At least I guess that's what happened.

So I will finish up by adding something about how I interpreted the animal's actions in my encounter. I believe that as we were walking through the woods on foot, the animal was somewhere in the area, heard us, as we were not trying to be quiet, and got closer to see what we were doing or something like that. Check us out basically...It must have done this relatively quickly, and then decided to leave. Because I happened to go where I did, I caught him before he could get into the treeline. I was walking through relatively easy terrain, while he had to cut through some pretty thick brush before entering out into the field. Why he decided to cut across a wide open field I do not know, but considering that it was the shortest route, and we were around, it thought it would be okay to take that route.

I am actually surprised that he didn't get away without me seeing him, since he probably had less ground to cover, although it was harder to get through the woods than it was for me, as I was just walking around tall trees, and didn't have to contend with any brush or anything. I am guessing that he had just started leaving right as I started walking, making a sort of half circle back to the area behind where he must have been watching from. I encountered this same problem when attempting to describe my encounter before...painting a picture of the landscape. Without being there, I doubt one can truly grasp his movements, and my movements, although I am only speculating regarding his movements.

But truth be told, he may have just been passing through, not watching us at all. It just seems unlikely to me that he wouldn't have noticed us, as I believe bigfoot can only be so elusive by paying attention, and only getting near humans when it is on their terms, where they know they have an escape route if someone tries to approach them or something.

Hopefully this description of my "beast" encounter will suffice for what you wanted to know. I could have left out a lot of the details, but I am very detail-oriented when it comes to certain things...Descriptions are one of those things. And anyone who knows me will know I'm not making it up, simply because I have zero imagination, lol. And that is quite true. I deal more in logic and facts. Well, at least I try to.

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

Thank you for such a detailed encounter. Awesome!! There seems to be more Big Foot sightings than any other.
What do you mean, they travel a bell shaped line? Do this have something to do with the ley lines?

I welcome all encounters of every type of beast, but I'm really curious if anyone has seen any of the monsters they talk about in the shows they aired on the t.v. show in the OP? Some of those, I'd never heard of, and MAN, they are scary looking!

Any one out there that can validate those creatures exist, or are they some made-up story for the show for rating purposes?

Thank you to everyone who has shared so far.

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