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2012 doom porn and current weather.

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posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 12:23 PM
No pics, no vids, just my view. This is long boring story but nature works that way.

On 2012, people expect end of the world or something new.....nothing happen...or there is ? No, I'm not with these peoples. On 2012, something wonderful happen, or so I thought. Its nothing like the end of the world or new enlightening etc etc, its just - "weather returned to normal".

I happen to born and live near the equator, we dont have seasons, there are only 2 - rainy or no rain.
We do have seasons, its - fruits seasons, what I notice is this - the fruits season return to the 1980s like. In 1980s fruits ripened on our school holidays at the end of the year, we go back to our villages and enjoy the fruits during the holidays. Later years, it shifted until 2012, "it returned" to just when I was a small kid. I'm dumb founded on 2012, after all these years it come back - the nostalgia of fruits on holidays, why it come back ? So I take it as a 30 years cycle, give or take.

This year, the fruit season start mismatched again. What the difference is - its too quick. In my days, it took years for the fruits season to move away from my end of year holiday but now, merely 2 years to move away, its too fast. Is it me or current weather is nor that predictable anymore ?

Lets remember, I live in the equator, nothing change much here, rain or no rain, 12hr light, 12 hr dark and I still notice these things. Its akin to watching the clock seconds hand moving and noticed its a bit slow.

I'm starting to get afraid of whats coming next - something big is coming, I dont know what, but its coming slowly and it will affect us globally, and that we still have time to prepare.

The end is near - what is it - I dont know, but its coming. Classic doom, but signs showing to me, akin watching the clock seconds hand moving, its there.

The conspiracy,
Does the TPTB knew something about the weather/nature/planet size event before hand and hide it from us ?
Have a look at current unsung mega project - China dam, Ukraine nuclear dome, DNA mapping (why twice ?), seed vault, [insert MEGA construction/"global effort" here], please add.

Its seems TPTB know something something coming on grand scale, its not sudden but slowly but its coming, they have time to prepare and they ARE preparing.
Why do you need DNA mapping, AGAIN ? Single time is not enough ?
Are TPTB looking for something tainted in the DNA ? to preserve ? to archive ? to study ? once is not enough data ?
Why do you need seed vault when you can just disperse the seed worldwide, plant it everywhere ?
Why do you need to stop and hold water/river that been running for thousands if not millions of years ?
Why do you build ghost cities, China ? Prepare various "public regulations/law" USA ?
911 a "test" to see how public response to a catastrophic event ?
Why do you talk about colonizing Mars when actually you have 13T debt at home ?
Why you make debt like theres no tommorow USA ?
Why you help to build a nuclear dome instead helping Greece, Germany ?
Why on earth after 30 years you start poking/shielding Chernobyl (they are building a dome now) ?
Why are you concerned with nuclear waste NOW, Russia - Sayda Bay
Why current weather behave this way ?

Something big and global is coming or am I wrong ? If I'm wrong, its OK, but if I'm right, should not we know about this "impending doom ?". Is this global warming or something else ?

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by NullVoid

Its seems TPTB know something something coming on grand scale, its not sudden but slowly but its coming, they have time to prepare and they ARE preparing.

Nah. It's all good. Civilization will carry on just like it is perpetually. Nothing catastrophic will ever happen. The seed vault, dna vault, 10,000 year clock, DUMB's, and other such costly projects are just for fun. /sarcasm.

Who knows what they're preparing for, but they sure have invested a massive amount of time and resources we could have used to make this world a better place. To the tune of trillions I'd say.
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posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by NullVoid

I can answer the question about the seed vaults. Seed vaults, banks or repositories have been a practice for a very long time. Sometimes a particular species of a crop gets wiped out because of farmer preference, drought or disease. Because of these vaults, the seeds for that specific species are kept on hand to replace it if need be. Seed stores are an age old practice, worldwide. The Pueblo kept stores of seeds so well that some of that seed can still be germinated today. Imagine growing a plant from a 6000 year old seed. Kind of neat. So it's not a new practice as it works to preserve heritage and currently used crops. The difference between today and yesteryear is that the current ones are infinitely more technologically advanced and some have security systems that could surpass most banks. If there's been a change, it's not the practice of storing seeds but how they are being stored.

There's a story about how Russian scientists had to protect the St. Petersburg seed vault from starving Russians during WWII because that seed was going to be used to basically regrow all the crops that had been destroyed when the war ended. They starved to death protecting it. In cases of emergency, people will eat seed out of desperation as opposed to thinking ahead about how that seed could be used to eliminate hunger in the near future. It's a brutal logic really--people starving now so that more can eat later. That should explain why there is security at these sites.

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by NullVoid

Whether or not something big or not is coming our way, I do not know. But, Humanistic developments have accelerating over the years alongside technology and continuous new discoveries.

Personally, I don’t think the powers that be are anticipating anything soon up until around 2030 when there is a 2.7% chance that the meteorite "Apophis" may hit earth.

Aside from that, the initial goal of the powers that be is simply the control of every person on the planet through the means of tracking and surveillance. i.e. “The mark of the beast”

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 09:31 AM
Thanks for the replies,

I'm going with the doom direction, it is because, these mega projects dont really make sense as "advancement", it fits more with "preparations". All these mega project seems to cater for extinction level event, worldwide. What or when is it, I dont know, but something is sure, "preparations" is being done by TPTB and we are in the dark about it. About taking control of people, I dont think thats the point here. It does not fit with these project.

Covering up a meltdown does not go along with taking control over people.

About that Aphophis, its plausible. If "that" happen, all these mega project justified. Other than that ?
Any other silent mega project that I dont know about ? because for now, all seems directed to "preparation for catastrophic event" (use fishbone diagram).

Call me doom lover, I dont care, I just want to know and I question everything.
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