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The One That Got Away [Jan2014]

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posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 10:49 AM
The One That Got Away

Devin sped around the corner, shooting his gun out the window trying to kill the beast. It was very quick and agile. Jumping from the street, to a wall, a lamp post, then back to the street. The thing had some speed. If he could just get it to stop for one second, it would be dead. But it was in full flight mode now. There was no way he would be able to take it out without getting in a lucky shot.

He chased it for about a mile more before it went into the woods. At that point, he knew it was useless to follow. The beast would blend in well with the snow and Devin didn't want to get cornered. Making his way back to the bar, he settled down on a stool and ordered a drink.

"So, the great yeti hunter has failed, has he?" A deep chuckle comes from the corner of the room. One of the several men who had been there when a yeti was spotted in town had said it. "Thought you were gonna bag this one, isn't that what you said?"

Devin holds his drink up to the light to examine the amber liquid inside. Slowly turning his barstool to face the man, he smiles as he does so. "Well, seen as how I have killed over thirty this month, it only seemed like a logical conclusion that I would get this one as well. How many have you killed so far? Oh wait... you haven't." Devin turns his barstool back and finishes his drink. These local yahoos really got his blood boiling. Begging for help when the yeti come to their town, then criticizing the people who come to help them.

He knew it was just because they felt inferior to the hunters. Not one man in here would be able to face the beasts and live to tell about it. But it still got a little old. Every town, every city it was always the same. As soon as he had finished his drink he sat down at a table, waiting for the others to come back from their hunt.

As he sat there, his thoughts went to the time before the great winter. The world used to be such a different place then. He remembered the lazy summer days and the crisp nights of fall. Swimming in the ocean, playing on the beach. Those days were long gone now. Now there was only cold, miserable winter. It snowed almost every day. And not long after the great winter came...they appeared, the yeti.

No one knew they even existed, really. Sure, there had been sightings throughout the years, but no one ever truly believed they were real. And no one would have dreamed that their numbers matched ours, there were literally billions of these things. After they had attacked several big cities, killing everything in their path, the government set out to exterminate them. They went to war with the beasts. There was great losses on both sides. But the yeti couldn't win against our technology, having to retreat back to whatever place they originally came from.

Everyone thought the war was over but Devin knew it wasn't. They were just fighting more strategically now. Hitting the small towns almost every night, they ran in packs of six to ten. Had the government been paying closer attention, they would realize that these things were just running a more covert operation. That they hadn't truly given up. And now it was up to the people to take care of the problem. The government had more important things to do then to protect its country.

The yeti didn't care who's blood they shed. Man or women, old or young. They just killed whoever, whatever was in their path. Devin had watched as they took his wife and son's life. Not being able to do a damn thing to help. That is when he decided to join the hunters, a group of men and women that went wherever they were needed to fight these things. And even though he had killed hundreds, Devin could never quite satisfy the hole that was in his heart.

Whenever a town spotted the yeti, they would call the hunters. The nearest hunting party would show up and kill the beasts. All that was given in return was free food and lodging, as well as resupplying the men after they were done with ammo and gear. Most of the hunters were doing it for the same reasons Devin was, to seek revenge. Everyone in his group had a sad story to tell, and all of the stories involved the yeti.

Duke and Shelby were the first to return. It looked as though they had taken a beating. Shelby was helping Duke walk, wrapping an arm around his waist for support. And the couple were covered in blood from head to toe. But as soon as they spotted Devin, both of them smiled and walked his way. He knew they had done their job. He ordered two more drinks from the bar and listened intently as they told their tale.

Mike and Lewis arrived next, followed by Mark and Marie. All four of them walking in with somber looks upon their faces. Devin knew that someone had died even before they opened their mouths. It wasn't one of the hunters, though. They were all accounted for. Devin listened to them as they told him how many people had died, thirteen regular citizens. It was a hard fight and their deaths were unavoidable. Devin thought about the way the yeti killed. It was a horrible way to die. Slicing you from head to toe with their long, razor sharp claws or gripping you by your neck with their teeth, screaming and holding their hands up high in the air as the blood dripped down their chins. No one deserved to die that way, no one.

The bar was pretty full now as the towns people wanted to hear about the hunt. Each member of the party stood up on the table and recounted their adventure, taking care not to mention how many people died in the fight. As Mark took his turn on the table, they heard the yeti outside. The sound of their claws scraping on the walls and footsteps on the roof was unmistakable. Springing into action, each of the hunters grabbed a gun and took cover.

It was a horrible scene. Many of the towns folk had ran out into the streets. Screams of death and dying followed as the yeti attacked. There had to be five or six of them out there. And Devin yelled in protest as a man opened the door to leave. He was cut down in one swift movement. Half his body sliding to the floor while the other half fell backward. In the doorway stood the beast. It's claws dripping with fresh blood while he searched the room for his next target.

It only took a few rounds to put that one down, the last shot went straight to the head. But while they were killing it, four more had gained entry into the bar. They were so quick that no one could get a clean shot off. Each of the yeti targeted a different part of the room, and they killed everyone in their path. Devin saw Marc and Lewis go down, although they did manage to kill the beast before they died. Lewis planted a knife deep into its chest as the yeti tore at his throat.

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posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 10:50 AM
Marie and Shelby took out one of them and was working on the second when Shelby got clawed from behind. A look of surprise and regret came over her as she fell in two pieces to the floor. Then Marie made her way to Devin's corner of the room, shooting in every direction as she did so.

Duke and Mike followed Maries lead and joined them in the corner. Each one of them shooting in a different direction. It wasn't long before all the yeti were dead. Standing in the ready position for a few minutes longer, they survey the room. Counting the bodies mentally as they did so. Two hundred or more civilians, three hunters and five yeti.

Mike made his way to the hunters bodies and picked them clean of gear. Duke headed towards the bar and downed whatever was in the bottle sitting there, and Marie and Devin just stood there, speechless. Yes they had killed the yeti, yes they had survived the encounter. But the number of people lost was too great. Devin wondered if the yeti were getting smarter. Had they been tracking the hunters tonight? Had they watched and waited for the bar to be full before they attacked? It troubled him to think about it.

Taking Maries hand he leads her out into the night. Both wary of their surroundings as they walked through the door. Tonight had changed things. Tonight was the beginning of something new. Devin looked in shocked amazement as he surveyed the area. The streets were full of blood and bodies were everywhere. The buildings looked abandoned and the town was empty of life. A lot more than two hundred had died tonight. The whole town had been taken out.

Waiting for the others to join them, Marie and Devin hit the gun and ammo shop to resupply. They pick through the dead bodies along the way and take what they can. Once finished, they meet up with the others and make their way out of town. They would have to be more careful in the future. They would have to cover their tracks and camp outside of the towns from now on. There was no way that he would be responsible for this kind of death again. And he did feel responsible. Thinking about the one that got away, the one he let slip into the woods. He would have to make sure that didn't happen next time. He would have to make sure he completed the kill.

They weren't but a few minutes on the road before they received their next call for help. It was a relief to have something else to think about other than what had happened back there. Devin slams his foot down on the pedal, and the car speeds down the road. None of them noticing the group of yeti that were closely following behind.


posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by blend57

I enjoyed that one. Can't beat a good blood bath
. Good luck in the competition

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by blend57

Doggone it, you got me again!
Now I need to know what happens next!
Your new title should be "Master of Cliffhangers" from this day forth!!!

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by blend57

Definitely a cliff hanger! Good job.

I bet you have more to write!

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