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Failure of the Civil Defense Warning System on 9/11

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 04:55 PM
My question is very simple: Why did FEMA not engage the civil defense system (FEMA's own air raid sirens, FCC's EAS broadcast alerts, etc.) on the morning of September 11.

It just seems like this was such a remarkable failing of a system that was originally devised to protect the citizens of this country, yet this amazing oversight is simply never talked about. FEMA didn't respond to its duties as, as it clearly should have on the most critical day of attack in our nation's history, and left the United States people completely vulnerable to further casualties.

There is plenty of discussion of the actions (and misactions) of NORAD and the President. But, I admittedly can't help but wonder about lack of discussion of the civil defense system that should have come into immediate play on this D Day to protect the millions of people that were NOT in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon but still clearly open to unknown terrorist attacks. At no point, duing the mass chaos and destruction that ensued in New York City and Washington DC, was there seemlingly any immediate concern for the fate of the rest of the nation or the potential for further imminent disaster and what actions to take to suppress it and protect people (the only exception being to ground all air traffic). But what if the terrorists, being as intelligent as they obviously were, had planned secondary attacks on railways, electrical companies, and even the telephone networks leaving us all in the dark? (Compared to the rigors of flying a fully fueled jetliner at top speeds into a distant skyscraper, those types of attacks would be child's play.)

It seems that while an entire country is obviously unprepared for a terrorist threat and incapable of defending itself from a war on its own soil, people are sitting idly by watching the FOX news and gawking at CNN online as if there is nothing to worry about. Citizens were never urged by authorities to take cover in Arlington, VA while an airliner was shuttling toward the Capital. Air raid sirens were never sounded in New York City where two successive collisions took place in Manhattan before millions of people.

So, perhaps it begs the question what it the purpose of FEMA's civil defense warning system and guidelines if it is unprepared for real world use and leaves the entire country's population in jeopardy?


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