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My First Thread

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 03:43 PM
Hi this is just an introduction if anybody cares,

Previously I was getting really heated about a specific discussion about a topic. You might call this a "metaphysical" topic, that's why I put it in this forum. I just wanted to give my background in case people where trying to figure out what I was saying. I've been on this website for a loooonnnng time, not sure how long, but to my life it feels like it's been a while. I've seen people tear each other apart sometimes about specific topics, getting really mean and really personal. I've seen people using religion to back up their arguments, often more than science, which is one of the reasons this sight bugs me sometimes.
New facts are what matters, the stuff written in the bible is all questionable and ancient. I value that stuff the stories some people publish on this website more than the stuff I read in the bible. Alright, I probably just lost most of my credibility with any super religious people, which was the point, so now I can open up in a safe, non-religiously judgmental atmosphere.

The only thing I know for a fact is that this world is not a perfect place. It's full of a lot on pain, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. If something DIFFERENT came around this world, that was stronger than me, I would probably think wow that thing is awesome! What if there existed a different planet where mental and intellectual capabilities triumphed over blood lines and family money. Haven't the ruling families gotten enough time on top of their big fluffy thrones?

Yes everyone stop freaking out.
There exists a new species among us.
Big whoop.
They don't hunt turkeys.
They hunt "energy"
Now you know how the turkeys feel.

You possess this "energy" inside of you.
They want it.

It's really scary I know. Terrible. Just awful.

But you were made for this purpose.

I know religious people are probably running for the hills now.

We can either fight them, or try to learn from them, learn how to defend, and make amends, for our families and our
clans will come in handy at such a time.

They are here, they warned us. Now it's upon us. Call them demons, vampires, undead gods, WHATEVER you want to, but the less you are afraid the easier it will be.

Uhhhh this is sounding really intense I feel. Trying to remain calm here,

Fight or flight, or stick around and check it out, trying not to get in anyone's way. The third option is where I'm at.

Instead of using the terms "human" and "demon" I prefer the numbers, 6 and 9.
Human's are like 6's and these other creatures are like 9's.
I wouldn't even be telling you this, but I truly love this site, and am a very loyal follower, although now I fear that it too has been sold out to the ones in power.
I'm telling you that the new beings are here to help us!
They might even go away after we get our # together. Maybe they'll stick around. If one wants to engage with you, they might suck your energy out, and you'll get really tired. But they are only "clearing your channels" doing a little house cleaning, unblocking.
They are not going to harm you, but your brain might be wired to believe that they are.
If you happen upon one, stay strong, but don't be fearful, maybe ask them their name? Show them kindness and see how they react in return.

thanks for reading

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 03:51 PM
Actually not bad for a first thread. I know quite a few nines. I may even be a nine myself but do not like to steal anyone's energy. We have a choice to follow the path we desire but must stay on the path, not wandering far to either side. The sides of the path is where the nines have the most power and followers.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 03:56 PM
The dark shadow guys or the wingy burny worm guys?

If you would like to join our band of misfits we fight them for fun.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 03:59 PM
What is this name of this new religion?

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 04:01 PM

What is this religion called?

winging it. Probably like most other religions

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 04:15 PM
I guess this will fall into the category of people who don't relate to what you are saying or ones that can. I can relate to what your saying, I just don't want to try to validate any of it. As far as the things being "new" to us, that may be the part through opinion, I choose to disagree on. As far an intent, its always been on the malevolent seeming side to me.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by rareredhead

Well, IN THEORY you could be right....but I say IN THEORY because, you see, without proof I could, for example, claim that the entire universe is nothing but a giant popcorn and that we just don't have the tech to prove it...yet...

So, in essence, unless you come up with some FACTS to support what you are saying here, it's all bogus.
...IMO, of course...

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 06:43 PM
Beings? Like human or spiritual body's? What energy do they want from us? Hell, I have so much ussless Energy; ideas/facts no longer seem to apply to everyday living. How I see it anyway.

Haven't met any new people, or tend to hang out with anyway. Now being re-wired is somehow a good term to use. Of course its more related to long held believes, ideas, facts that are now being questioned or have. Here I felt it was some New form of Energy coming around to drive a person nuts!

Most of the old nut's have falling from the tree
yet some do still hang on! How one tends to call it, it is there and has not gone away. It has actually worked though, somehow it must know a person can only take so much info. Funny if you think about it, it allows you to have a time out. Sometimes since it masks itself as being a low Energy while on the high end also.

Now I have to consider a old nut still hanging on for dear life on my tree. Everything now has to be questioned, pondered and allowed to work with ones Being. Nagging would be a word to use sometimes, it's always there! Odd it also give a question with a question, but I like it!

I have no names, just voices in my head who actually Never Lie! Would this be the 9's that you placed a name on?

Or are you just as nut's as I am?


posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 03:41 AM
Hahaha you guys are awesome, thanks for replying! This has been moved to the "grey area" how typical. This is not a "new religion" it's just the truth as far as I have experienced in my life. How else can you describe these black eyed kids in Walmart? How else could you explain that the world is changing, shifting, into a new level of consciousness and awareness?
Everyone is afraid, everyone thinks that these other creatures are malevolent and trying to hurt us. I know I know.
People are scared all over the place but that doesn't change the fact that new experiences are taking place among our common human populace, and these experiences need to be examined!
This is no religion! This is anti-religion!
Religion creates barriers, where you might dismiss something as "evil" and I don't believe in dismissing something until it's fully explained. That's just me, I'm a woman of science.
People on this site liked ancient aliens and stuff like that, so this is like the ancient astronaut theory I suppose. Except it's not ancient, it's current. It's happening. Other wordly beings are coming to Earth, who knows why, but they are here and are attempting to interact with humans. The sooner we get over our hurtles the better I say, the sooner we are able to communicate with them and understand what they want, the closer we are to over coming our fear.
The 9's are powerful, and have the power to completely clear out the energy of a human being. My only proof to you is that I have personally experienced this.

One night all of my energy was cleared, and I awoke in the morning feeling bright and light like a sparkling feather.
We might be scared of these beings, what some call "demons" but our fear will only block our progress.
Sure if you want to be the same for your entire life, good luck holding onto all of those negative lifestyle choices that society forces us to make.

Power is the ability to alter reality, the ability to make whatever you want happen. Yet human's still possess free will and it's not easy to manipulate that for extended periods of time. Be happy we all have free will, and we have the capability to fight against change. I know many people will choose to fight, however, I am on the other end of the spectrum, and I am willing to allow and tolerate the changes, however dramatic they may be. Not asking anyone to join me, just saying it makes things a whole lot easier.

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 03:56 AM


Yes everyone stop freaking out.
There exists a new species among us.
Big whoop.
They don't hunt turkeys.
They hunt "energy"
Now you know how the turkeys feel.

You possess this "energy" inside of you.
They want it.

It's really scary I know. Terrible. Just awful.

But you were made for this purpose.

I also want it. Not like I want it, more like I want mine to mingle with others. But I really need to do that.

The Luciferians are the ones taking it away from us. Who is coming to help us?

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 02:34 PM
Who are the Luciferians? Never heard of them. Sounds pretty religious to me. There needs to be a new way of thinking and communicating that doesn't involve religious stereotypes. This whole world was created by the minds and realities of what you might call "fallen angels" or maybe Luciferians, whoever they are. But yes there is another NEW species around now trying to influence us to think on a higher level to control our own reality instead of continuing to let them run it for us.
The new people aren't the Luciferians, they are here to help us humans discover our inner power that we possess to take back our Earth and learn how to once again live in harmony with it.
IDK really about all the black eyed kids I never go to Walmart so I can't prove anything for sure, this is just some speculation, looking for other critical thinkers who might see where I'm going with this.

The reason human's have the fight or flight response in the first place is because we are "prey" we really have no chance against these things, unless we move past the prey mindset, into a more powerful mindset. One that neither fights or flies but that stands their ground firm like a tree and allows others to come in and out of a shared mental communication with them.
We are no longer going to be the prey of so many evil and hungry demons living on this Earth, this is our time to fight back, and not be afraid for fear is all they need to win.

Also I'm down to join your band of misfits, I'm even a misfit on this site of misfits, I don't preach fear and doom, I preach only hope and love.

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 03:20 PM

, I preach only hope and love.

Ditto, and cookies.
It seems more people are waking to this conclusion.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by rareredhead

wahahahha, that's precious

/wipes tear from eye
..ever seen the movie "Dune"?

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 01:38 PM
I used to have a code for numbers,..... Maybe it was just a crazy concoction that existed in my head. 9 meant man, and 6 meant woman cause its sorta like a 9 but different. I don't know this was awhile ago. I was reading through here and saw someone say the meaning of life is 42 . This girl I used to like lived at a house 42 address , that I liked six years before high school then she moved. Well 5 looks like an S almost , I remember seeing that on a sign and it started screwing up my encryptions. 7 is lucky and 8 can mean "ate" like 4 can mean" for" . There are lots of studies going back awhile like 4 sides of a square and 5 sides of a pentagon and 6 sides of a hexagon. I think, ancient cultures might have used them differently and placed importance on them differently. I think Wicca 5 was important, but not sure.

These things that you consider 9 s , they.... Walk amongst us. Do they look like normal people? Are they the kind of people that " eat energy" that are just really annoying and socially abnormal. Like the guy , or girl who you try to look out for and help but just winds up using your good nature in the end.

Well, it's a chick who wrote this article. :-) Do you think the meaning of life is 42. When I was younger I was involved with fantasy things, growing up. Women are much more reality based or relationships growing up.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 03:14 PM
Well that was a lot of meaningless number talk.
The meaning of your life yes is 42 because 4 + 2 = 6 and I can already tell you are a 6.
Numbers are always reflecting a reality, trying to show us something that we can't see.
If a specific number keeps reappearing, pause when you see it and think "what am I doing right now?" Something might be trying to tell you something. This stuff is like fantasy, but it's real fantasy, the truth is much much stranger then fiction friend.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 04:16 PM
I like how you ascribe a number to represent your idea of 'them'.
If I were going to attempt to label 'them', I think that numbers are a fine choice. It certainly takes away the creed attached to the more common labels that fly around.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 04:41 PM
It seems everything gets moved from time to time, and this would be a gray area to the ones who can not see passed the walls one has set for themselves. Yet the need for understanding for some is there. Since before time, Man has pondered the same question over and over so many times, one would have thought by now something would have come along.

People want to be saved by something Outside of themselves. That something has to be fixed; yet trying to fix anything only makes it worst, since some do claim that your life was to be enjoyed the way it was given to you at the get go. Or if somehow you get the Holy of the Holyies to bless you, you will be just fine. One can do any tasks so set up by many people to reach Something Hood, that they miss out on what Life has to offer. We just haven't actually Learned anything yet as a whole. If the idea is everything is One.

It might be as simple as you are you. In this world now, some of the ideas of what it means to be a person have changed. Expressing yourself as you are is strange to some and fine with others. Now 20yrs ago, saw someone with blue hair and oh Boy! Now people today have the time to try out new things way out of the norm; most are in big citys though, since people would still say. You know the crazy side of town?

Opp's off track a bit, Sorry!

As I see and feel it now. I can tell something New is now being Played upon Us. I get its time for Man to either wake up or die; seems Cold yet if one looks around some. Just look at how much Life has fallen because of Man. At the rate we are going, there might not be any Life left on Earth, including Us. It's hard to consider this for some because it is Real. Bringing something back from being Extinct; no longer there, gone for good, is not possible!

Although how I accept it all is only just one of Many! Each person would come up with their own ideas anyway so if it works for them its okay for me! Never know if something might come along and jive with you! Plus, somehow I feel our ideas of Relg have gone out the window anyways, or so long been the same thing over and over again. It's gotten old!

I can only speak for myself though. We do need something to come along and bring a change to things! Be it ET, Christ, Planet X or of our Own doing. It shall tear apart Man, one side Ego and the other Self. Ego=Masses while Self=Being. Could be the war Stone Art, Books and Storys told from long ago.

If the ideas from many pasts do actually happen. We have only the earth to shake and the sky to fall left to go! just to toss a smile, heres something to ponder.

If say the 3 days of darkness should happen. How could one light a Blessed Candle without no fire?


posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 01:13 AM
If something lurks in the shadows and fails to admit it's existence known to humanity but for scant creepy glimpses, I'll assume they're here for malevolent purposes. Cleansing be damned...

I'll say this once, and no more.

Trust your instincts mankind, for there is a force that will try to bring you into the shadows.

Fear is not what we want nor need, but an OPEN dialogue amongst bretheren. Be careful what you permit into your life, and TRUST only those that have open, and free discourse about them...

posted on Jan, 12 2014 @ 05:36 PM
Hi Goldcurrent, here's some open discourse, I don't think that we're friends. That's alright. You just live you're own life over there, sorry my thread obviously urked you a little, urkes most people I try to bring this up with so I'm not super shocked.

Yet still you came around so you're asking for it, debate full of open discourse ready, go.

Everyone is so afraid of the "shadows" like the "darkness" in the world. Well let me just say that ON this planet there is a lot of darkness! It's 50% night time! Why are people so scared of the darkness? I thought that was only Canadians.
Anyyway, you know what I think is "evil" and "dark"? The way that we are continuing to threat our planet! And our bodies! Not that most people around here have much of a choice, they are all so wired into believing that anything different is evil, they do only what everyone else is doing, even if it is harming themselves and their planet.

Hypothetically, what if spirits and ghosts did exist? People who die, and their memory and legacy continues to live on because of an impact that they made. If their spirit still exists does that make it an "evil" spirit? Just because it is different than a physical body, it doesn't mean it is a bad body.
There are some things out there, and I wish I could possess the words to explain to you what they are, but the only words that people use all associate any type of "other-worldly" beings with some negative stigma, but they are POWERFUL. And not ALL bad. The bad ones have been around for a while, and the good ones just got here. The bad ones are the ones that taught you to fear darkness, because they themselves are afraid of the darkness.
Afraid that human's might realize that there is more to our existence than a stupid, smelly, ugly, physical body.
There's another body, a "light" body, that isn't the type of #ty "light" that you obviously have a biased favoritism for, but it's another type of light, like pure energy and feeling.
Close you're eyes, experience the darkness, and you might notice this body.

That's all, probably a little too open for ya, but let's see what you have to say about that Goldcurrent.

posted on Jan, 14 2014 @ 08:16 PM
I think you might have taken it the wrong way.

The people in your life affect you in ways you might not know. Some people carry a dark cloud, take away your energy, and will do you more harm then good.

It is better to know just a few then be caught knowing many. When you do start questioning who your friends really are. They either turn away, say you have changed, or are still there. Your real friends will have your back when you are doing something stupid, the rest will be there to see the play!


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