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Canada’s former defense minister says space aliens live among us, but hate our nukes

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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by Battleline

I'm wondering what the big deal is even if this is true. Quote; they come from all over the galaxy and yet they go to Vegas to shop. They sound just about as lame as we are as a species, all priorities in the toilet.

Ikr! That just sounds crrazy! Lame with good technology, tho.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by C21H30O2I

Depends on the species. Some could could enjoy the adrenaline rush of combat in some stereotypes.
Others could be lazy and consider themselves divine, and just drop something at the speed of light. Wouldn't even feel it.

As for resources, space is full of them. It just knowing where, and how to get there.
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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by OccamsRazor04

I have a little off track question for you. On colonization of Mars by us. I'm dumb to this, Why colonize Mars and not the Moon first? Radiation?

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 11:32 PM
One thing I think that's being overlooked and is a huge problem in it's own is, who does he even expect to have the answers? The Man was MoD and He learned nothing while working that job about Aliens,nadda... yet he honestly thinks or entertains that one of the following ideas are true:

A:That He was lied to and kept in the dark

B:Someone in the Government is above him on national defense matters and knows more then He did about a important matter such as Aliens visiting the earth for thousands of years and decided the MoD need not know.

C:A shadow Government rules the world and are in league with the aliens masking their existence while the Puppet Government knows nothing and basically by all evidence of said puppet government looks to be running the entire planet into the ground whilst making the entire human race look equally as bad in the alien's eyes?

D:All of the above

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 11:50 PM
Interesting and good of the guy to put something on record, even if just for debate. This kind of topic allows for not a lot more than rambling
Which I am about to do. But S&F cos I enjoyed the vid.

EDIT: Video comment first. Really love his talk about it! Seems very genuine. AND he's seen the same thing I have (as I'm sure many have, the falling/rising star thing). Despite the completely pointless footage during some of his talk, annoying RT editors! Don't do that!! Some of her questions though haha... "How do I know if I see an alien?" Trust me, you'll know...!

As mentioned above by someone about priorities, I feel the same initially - why is it that aliens are always concerned with nukes but not with us being murderers and rapists. Death by alien extermination if you murder or rape etc would sure put people off pretty quick I'm sure? But nope, it seems we're the baddest of bad if we deal in/aspire to create nuclear weapons.

Seems aliens are pretty crap at addressing the root causes of humankind's problems aren't they!

Funny isn't it. People are mostly just pissed off with Governments, and aliens worrying about nukes basically makes them just pissed off with the Governments like the rest of us (because you, me and Mrs Smith at 42 (possibly alien) generally don't have nukes, or go out wanting to use them on a daily basis etc).

On the flip side, I'm sure if anyone's going to notice outside interests in their secret activities that's going to be government officials, senior officers etc and they're the ones going to notice aliens, and perhaps know a little about their movements. And of course, the depth and breadth of what this kind of statement actually determines is never going to be easy to suss from a video and some articles.

Perhaps just one race of aliens are annoyed about nukes, perhaps all of them, but again we don't really have enough hard facts on those kind of suppositions to make anything of THIS story. The deals between Govs and aliens, the intertwining stories of other officials and all their other claims... this kind of story currently still adds to a big pile labelled "MESS".

And it likely won't be labelled anything else for as long as we can be obfuscated by those in power, above people in power who want to do good (and perhaps help us see the truth, like this chap in the OP), but are out powered by power.

It's just stories like this can make "tez aliens" more in tune with Greenpeace or something to me, not all loving sentient dimension encompassing beings with technology that could help (mind you, we've all seen that UFO shooting down a nuke) and that perhaps have answers about our roots and ways to change us for the better

There's always been this aliens vs nukes thing going on. It keeps people pleasantly distracted from the more joyful aspects of ufology. Keeps everyone a little paranoid...about nukes, still... cos you know, we've got to keep nukes on our mind.. But maybe we are ok now, maybe we have crossed that point where we'll never just go out obliterating other countries with nukes?

Maybe we're through with people trying to take over this world. Look at N Korea, we all just laugh at them. Perhaps in some respects good has triumphed over evil. I mean are you going to go out and do that? Dictate a race and take over the world? Or would you rather stick with new episodes of Walking Dead?

I mean, no co-incidence that last year there was a massive drive to reduce nuclear armament (even by America I think? Didn't they do some limitations??) and other weapons stuff, like Syria's chemical weapons. And it wasn't a UFO wave year. I CAN of course see reasons why aliens would stay mad about nukes, I'm just poking fun

It's just logical to me that if you're an advanced being to perhaps eliminate/fix the root cause of things, and aliens of all aliens should be able to find a root cause surrounding the nuke issue that we don't know about. UNLESS THEY ARE JUST TOURISTS AND THEY DON'T REALLY GIVE A DAMN.

Maybe we get a wave when the aliens are like "Hey, can you please all chill heck out!". When wars and tyranny are rife aliens show up in the sky. Perhaps the hiding aliens all gather up and go for a "calm down humans" drive about town... er, sky. Look at WW2, they're everywhere, flying ALONG with the planes. Clearly "Can you chill out please" material

So we had a flap recently say 06, 07, 08, 09 sorta time when lots of iraq wars and things are happening. Then we have wars end,troop pull outs, chemical weapon siezes and nuclear limitations or something (I can't remember the article). And noticeably, ufology drys up somewhat.

This is of course speculation. But to me it seems like this: Aliens perhaps do live here. And they perhaps get in their UFOs and do stuff when we as a "kind" start dicking about with wars. And if we keep doing that we might once again end up using a nuke. They're angry we have them perhaps but at the same time, they could just disarm them?

Or maybe they really can't. And, because they're effectively tourists, or, for fear of being abducted for calling them that, folks who have let US live on their planet
they are pissed at governments on the same level as we are, and it's when Govs start doing silly stuff that they show up.

No nuclear threat right now, just dormant arsenals, so not a lot going on out there...? To be honest, I'd rather we didn't have to have wars for alien strangeness in the sky. But perhaps, sadly, we do. If anything this helps raise a question of what aliens are doing here.

If anything, it proves they have little interest in our development, beyond the rudimentary fears of untimely incineration we have ourselves (nuclear weapons) - and no desire to really change the things that make us carry nukes in the first place..or... just something more alieny... and advanced. Why have amazing spaceships but be complete dullards that do nothing?
Except when there's a war, they'll start buzzing around like "nyerr shutup will you! I'm trying to live in the center of the Earth."

Do you suppose the governments tax these 4 alien species too?

EDIT2: Oh, the presenter actually addresses a key issue at the end and he answers it well. We have free will and need to invite them in rather than them just make changes on our behalf. Nice

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posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 12:21 AM

reply to post by OccamsRazor04

I have a little off track question for you. On colonization of Mars by us. I'm dumb to this, Why colonize Mars and not the Moon first? Radiation?

No, radiation on Mars is extremely deadly. It's one of the big problems with Mars. I imagine it's more because of size and raw materials. Gravity may also be a factor, as the Moon has very little, and no gravity is very bad for human health.

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 12:26 AM
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Thank You.

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