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POLITICS: Protesters greeted President George Bush in Santiago De Chile Friday

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 10:13 AM
Protesters greeted President George Bush in Santiago De Chile Friday who arrived to meet with APEC members. Protest organizers claimed 40,000 people took part in the demonstration but police put the numbers closer to 25,000. Reportedly only 20 demonstrators had been arrested.
Demonstrators were particularly vocal in denouncing Bush and his country's war in Iraq, but they were also opposed to globalization and unfettered free trade.

There were no serious injuries reported on this fourth day of protests against the meeting, but television pictures showed demonstrators burning American flags and throwing rocks at the windows of a McDonald's restaurant.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Sadly these types of demonstrations will most likely follow Bush through out the world and only hamper any type of meetings involving world leaders.

The increase of security for this man must also increase the price many times over for the hosting countries to hold. The American government might want to think about sending some one in the Presidents place in the future, some one less detested. But who?

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 05:13 PM

* * * someone less detested. But who?

Almost anyone, except for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, or any of those associated with Bush's administration.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 07:24 PM
Since the entire administration is detested by the rest of the world, maybe Michael Moore's calendar is would allow it. Hmmmmm ...

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 01:42 PM
Bush should travel wherever he likes to attend these types of meetings. What would you have him do, stay at home because of demonstrators? That would send the wrong message to the world, to imply that people exercising their rights to free speech can prevent our president from travelling.

The cost of security is not our concern, either, except for those costs that apply to keeping our president safe. We will provide his security; it is the responsibility of the hosting country to manage their own affairs and make sure their populace does not get out of hand.

I commend Bush for not allowing these protestors to dictate his itinerary. He is probably the most hated man on earth, yet he is no coward. But people worship bin Laden and Zarqawi who are afraid to show their nose in public and who must communicate via videotapes from a cave.

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