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How do we stop spam?

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 08:23 AM
I have an idea to stop spam. If anyone knows of software that is available to do this let me know.

We all get spam. What would happen if everyone had an application that automatically replied to every spam with some BS form letter? Obvioulsy the bandwidth used for emailing spam would double and the hosts of email sites like MSN, Yahoo and the like would get really pissed because their servers would be busy all the time and interrupt legitimate email. I think they would either do two things; make email services some sort of pay thing or develop signature standards to make commercial emails pay to spam. The former would suck, but maybe spam would stop if they were more stringent on spam. I know this is a half-baked idea, but it really pisses me off that I get 100's of grow a big penis emails sorted with the refinance my moms former home emails and I wonder what we could force hosts to do about it without making email a profit thing like the US postal service.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 11:07 AM
Theres a program called SpamItBack that lets you basically Spam the Spammers. I personally dont like using tactics like that, but some people might.


posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 11:29 AM
I use MailWasher and bounce it back in hope that this little contribution from me might add to the amount of useless spam congestion and maybe p**s someone off enough to do something about it.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 12:53 PM
If i download anything or someone wants my email, i give them one-
For all other genuine stuff i have a separate email account only my friends and family have.

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 05:19 AM
Problem with bouncing or replying is they have usually forged the from as in where the mail originated so that's a waste of time

I've been using several solutions. The best solution is learn to manage you accounts.

1. Mangage your email accounts. Use your primary email address only for personal correspondance with those you trust and ask them not to put your address on global email lists that others can view. Another words some people like to send letters or jokes to several people at once and they inadvertantly send everybodys address to everyone else. They can aviod this by using Blind Copy features that come with most email programs - learn to use the blind copy features & teach them how.

Have at least 2 or 3 addresses & be prepared to delete the 2nd & 3rd accounts on a regular basis. You may have to change your primary every couple of years.

Do not give out your email address unless you have too. Use your 2nd address just for the purpose of signing up for services, bank accounts, utilities, forums, subscriptions, registrations etc. If you have to sign up for free crap, go to sex sites, gambling sites etc than use your 3rd address for that as that's the one you'll be deleting the most.

Now after that second or third account starts getting too much spam delete that account and only give the new email address to services you still use ie forums you still belong too, banks you still use etc. Remember most of your correspondance with these services are automated, so they don't care if you change your account - it's just up to you to update your account info on their sites. Another words if you signed up at BTS with an address that's getting too much spam, delete your old address & create a new one then don't forget to update your member info to reflect that new address - as simple as that.

You'll find once you start managing your accounts and using several you start learning which companies or people you give your address too are the sources to your spam. You'll also notice tendencies of what types of companies and/or people are the sources of spam.

If you suspect one source in particular you can put something specifically different in the contact info or even isolate them by using several boxes. Another words if you always use your first name try using you first & second initial etc. that way you know who these companies are that are sharing your info. and you can quit doing business with them.

Everytime I sign up for something new I try to change something just a little Street instead of St. or whatever & that way when you do start getting spam or junk mail you know where it originated and you can take appropriate action.

Managing your accounts is by far the best I've found, but there's some other ideas as well below.

2. Contact the selling companies sending you mail tell them your not & will never be interested in their product.

3. If you suspect they're scammers spoofing their return address look at what IP address they are using to send their mail. (if you don't no how ask someone who does)

Then do an IP whois & contact the service provider who owns that IP address & complain. You can do this both by email & telephone. I've had several ISP's shut down some of their spammers, but it takes alot of phone calls & work. Most of the worst ones are out of Countries that you can't talk too with non-existant phone numbers etc.

4. You can use software to filterout users but spammers change names with everymail. If they use the same IP some firewalls or routers will allow you to block that IP address or block of IP's. This only works for a short period usually especially if they're using a dynamic IP & sometimes you end up blocking too much.

5. If you want to be a dick go to the companies that are trying to sell you something and enter the whois contact info for buying their products. You can also create a macro or script that fills their database. Another words they usually have contact info they want you to enter such as name address phone number email etc. You create a script that takes you too that page & enters fake data and you have that script run for hours and if you can have it alter the info as well. What that does is ties their system up -eventually it ties them up trying to purge the bad info. That really pisses them off & don't be suprised if they start sending you viruses like they did me. Also remember your doing basically what the spammer did & your ISP might shut you down for using such tatics.

6. Forward the emails to the govenment agentcies that are handling spam & see if they'll help.

I hope this helps a little.

[Edited on 22-11-2004 by outsider]

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