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The JFK Assassination---The Roles of Masons and Royalists---50 years is long enough

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Interesting connections to the Bushs and Hinckleys.

Was Hinckly Jr's Brother or Father a Mason ?

Or anybody else connected to the Reagan shooting ?

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:57 PM
reply to MagnumOpus

From Wikipedia,
List of Freemasons (E-Z)
List of Freemasons (E-Z)

No Ronny listed there look if you don't believe me.
Or here 10,000 Famous Freemasons

How about a list of all US Presidents that are Freemasons / Masons

George Washington; EA Nov 4, 1752, FC Mar. 3, 1753, MM Aug. 4, 1753, in Fredericksburg Lodge (later No. 4)

James Monroe; EA in Williamsburg Lodge #6 at Williamsburg, VA., Nov. 9, 1775, but there is no record of his taking any further degrees.

Andrew Jackson; MM 1800?, his lodge is un-known but he is said to have attended at Clover Bottom Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.

James K. Polk; EA, FC, MM, in Columbia Lodge #31, Columbia, Tenn., 1820,

James A. Buchanan; EA Dec. 11, 1816, Lancaster Lodge #43, Lancaster, PA, FC & MM 1817,

Andrew Johnson; EA, FC, MM, in Greeneville Lodge No. 119 now #3 at Greeneville, Tenn. in 1851,

James A. Garfield; EA & FC Magnolia Lodge #20, Columbus, Ohio, MM Columbus Lodge #3O, 1864

William McKinley; is sometimes said to have received EA, FC, MM, in Hiram Lodge #10 in Winchester, West Virginia, in 1865, but William Moseley Brown is authority for the statement that this event took place in Hiram Lodge #21 at Winchester, Virginia in that year.

Theodore Roosevelt; EA, FC, MM, in Matinecock Lodge #806, Oyster Bay, NY in 1901

William H. Taft; EA Feb. 18, 1909, MM "Mason at Sight" in Kilwinning Lodge #356, Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1901?,

Warren G. Harding; EA Lodge #7O, Marion, Ohio, Jun 28, 1901, received no other degree until after becoming U.S. President, FC & MM in Marion Lodge #70 in 1920 (MM Aug. 27, 1920),

Franklin D. Roosevelt; EA Oct 11, 1911, FC, MM, in Holland Lodge #8, New York City, in 1911,

Harry S. Truman; EA Feb. 9, 1909, Belton Lodge #450, Grandview, Missouri, MM 1909. In 1911,

Lyndon B. Johnson; EA Oct. 30, 1937, in Johnson City Lodge #561, Johnson City, TX. (not a Mason in my opinion but almost so I added him anyway)

Gerald R. Ford;EA Sep. 30, 1949, Malta Lodge #465, Grand Rapids, Michigan, courtesy FC & MM Columbia Lodge #3, Washington, D.C., Apr. 20 & May 18, 1951


Well no Ronald Reagan listed.

How about you,, can you find your certified proof that Ronald Reagan and Arlen Specter are Freemasons / Masons as well.

You did say that there is certified proof did you not?

Oh yes you did right here.


Nope---have not change the story or opinion, as the record shows Ronnie is a Certified Mason. imho

So how about it.

Name the Lodge and date Arlen Specter was made a Freemason / Mason

Name the Lodge and date Ronald Reagan was made a Freemason / Mason

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 01:20 AM
Well this has been very amusing. I've never seen a thread starter so comprehensively humiliated before. MagnumOpus can you please go away and do some basic research?

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 04:54 AM

Well this has been very amusing. I've never seen a thread starter so comprehensively humiliated before. MagnumOpus can you please go away and do some basic research?

The sad part is that some of the data he interjects is quite interesting and possibly holds some truth, and then he steps all over it by accusations which make no sense and misinformation which has been proven wrong. Learning when to back off because you can't testify from personal experience or provide adequate data about things you thought were true is important in judging a persons or topics credibility. I wish I knew everything I think I know.

And OP, you must understand why Masons on this thread just want you to stick to the facts and not leap into slander for the sake of tying everything and everything's brother into a neat ball of twine, label it "Mason", and point to it like it was there before you created it. Doing that isn't fair, and the degree of fairness a person lives by is another way to access credibility and accuracy.
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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:14 AM
reply to post by Aleister

The video with a photo of the Queen at 13:30 on the time, who is the leader for the Maons world-wide

With warnings about the Maons

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Sex parties? where do I join up?

So I have a masons mind for asking you to back up your claims....riiiggghhhttt.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:20 AM
reply to post by Aleister

If there is any interest in truth by the Masons, then it is recognized that Reagan was given a Certificate by many Masons that granted Reagan the title of Mason and the Reference is so cited. imho

It doesn't get any better than that. If you have an issue---then go jump on those Masons that conferred the title to Reagan, because that appears to be an official history that happened. imho

Such doesn't matter about any lodge numbers or any other nonsense, as Reagan had a Mason relationship via that well established information. Reagan pulled the Masons Bones out of the fire on the Jim Garrison case, so the relationship runs deep with Reagan and the Masons and into what appears to be Criminal Intentions. imho

So, live with it and stop trying to change that reality.
edit on 9-1-2014 by MagnumOpus because: Official Masons conferred the title of Mason on Reagan !! imho

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by boymonkey74

There appeared to have been a big one tied to Jack the Ripper, where women of the sex trade had their organs cut out with surgical precision. Such duty for the Queen. imho

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

You do know my Queen was not alive when Jack the ripper was about don't you?,.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:35 AM
The Black Masons speaker take on the White Masons with Louis Ferrikhan!! It appears he noticed Segregation. imho

Holy Smoke Bat Man----They killed the High Priest that knew all!

Louis knows about the Lion's Paw and the Master's grip. Such a bunch of Mason nonsense, that Louis makes fun of Masons.

But the story of Hiram is about the area that maintained the truth from religion, and was commissioned to design the temple. A Temple that faced East, sat on the Gihon Spring and was about the City of Ur and the lands of the Creator gods, and the Annunaki.

It appears Louis has the Mason in a box and well defined------the Masons seek to cover up the highest knowledge for religion and the roots for where Abraham was from-------and Abraham being the son of the Annunaki gods! imho

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edit on 9-1-2014 by MagnumOpus because: Masons seek to kill the truth on religions and god imho

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 05:52 AM

reply to post by MagnumOpus

You do know my Queen was not alive when Jack the ripper was about don't you?,.

Yeah, we all know your queen is Semiramus---the Whore of Babylon. imho

The world knows the secrets Masons keep and who they worship, and how they don't want the world to know their interests in darkness! imho

The type of human sacrifice involving the eating of the slaughtered human victims derived its name from the combined names of his uncle, Canaan, and the demon god Baal, the two names being combined to form the word "cannibal." Nimrod was also known in ancient history by the names of Marduk, Bel, and Merodach. Because of his importance in its history, Babylon was known as the Land of Nimrod. Nimrod is also cited in the most ancient Masonic constitutions as the founder of Freemasonry. The Curse Of Canaan: A Demonology Of History by Eustace Mullins

Masons founded on Semiramus

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 06:06 AM
JFK spoke about the Masons------and he was not going to permit it.

So, people get to know the Hiram story involved the Phoenician King Hiram of Tyre truths on religion, which is the Phoenician region of Mt. Carmel and the Essene, who kept the real history for religion. The Cedar logs of the temple came from Phoenicia and this region.

The King Hiram knew all about the Creator Gods, the City of Ur, the home for Abraham, and the Masons bypass that and worship Semiramis. imho Masons try to become god in the same sense as Nimrod or his Mother.

Everyone knows the Masons by their actions that proceed them. imho

Plus, Hiram told the rest of the world about the real secret password: Ur En Ki Only the Masons have been denied the word! imho

Enoch knew, Abraham knew, The Phonecians at Mt. Carmel knew, and King Hiram knew, and the Masons went with Nimrod and their being god methods.

edit on 9-1-2014 by MagnumOpus because: Masons want to be god! Pike's biggest secret, and also what Manley P Hall tells the world.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 06:27 AM
Now the Black movement knows all about the Masons, and with them comes the entire world knowing the truth of the Masons.

The Masons helped kill and cover up JFK and all the world shall know!! imho

The Masons Hiram Abiff story is about the murder of religious truth, which they also murdered. imho

The gates of the New Jerusalem have opened to him, for he is now said to be perfect!

He has become an eternal Temple in which the 'Great Architect of the Universe' abides.

The Mason becomes god

Masons are Nimrod and Semiramis! imho The two faced Mason Eagle symbol for the 33 is for predatory Hunters of man.

We know all your symbolisms better than Manley P. Hall and with that comes out the Masons seek tyranny over man. imho
edit on 9-1-2014 by MagnumOpus because: The Masons Nimrod and Semiramus icon. Masons as the predatory hunters of man. imho

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 06:44 AM
Rest assured that the Masons have no secrets from the world and the world knows exactly that Masons took a wrong turn at Baghdad and wound up in Hell. imho

We also know all about Ab and Abif, and the story of the Poor Widow's son games for the Masons little distress signals.

There are billions of us, and only a few of you! imho

We know all about the Lions Grip and the Lion as the Symbol for Babyon and Nimrod, and all the rest! The Cat is out of the bag!!

We know all about Lions and Eagles wings, and how that applies to the 33 Double Eagle theme symbol

Most translations of this passage take the "'ab-" in "'abi" as the construct state of 'abba, here translated as master. Older translations preferred to translate "'ab-" as father. The common translation of the -i suffix is "my", giving the problematic reading that Hiram was sending his own father, also called Hiram. This is found in the Vulgate, the Douay–Rheims Bible and in Wycliffe's Bible.[15] The other reading is as the old Hebrew genitive, and some variant of "of my father" is found in the Septuagint,[16] the Bishop's Bible and the Geneva Bible.[15] In his 1723 "Constitutions", James Anderson announced that many problems with this text would be solved by reading "'abi" as the second part of a proper name, which he rendered as "Hiram Abif",[17] agreeing with the translations of Martin Luther[18] and Miles Coverdale's reading of 2 Chronicles 4:16.[19]

Masons and Ab and Orphoned Sons

The world also knows the Masons don't know the religious truths and seek to become the whore of Babylon, the tyrants over a nation. imho

We also know Nimrod's big tower was about an Eagle's view, so nobody could slip up on Baghdad, and he was a tyrant that played god. Everyone knows the Masons are one in the same with Nimrod and Semiramis. imho

Nimrod's tower was the All Seeing Eye.

The world and the internet is now the All Seeing, everyone is included in the knowledge, and it shows Masons are predators of men. imho

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

From Kennedy's very good speech presented above: "an error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it"

That JFK finger is pointed at you.

The vid, of course, is pure propaganda. JFK was talking about communism and the way it withheld secrets at the time - what do you think Glasnost was all about. Instead of being honest, the person who made the video put in images of masons and other fraternal organizations. He could just have well put in pictures of football and cricket stars, and backed those with ominous music. Apples and oranges. But I did enjoy hearing the speech again, and I hope you heed JFK's words and correct your mistakes in this thread. Thanks.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 06:52 AM
Unfortunately, I don't belong to a secret society.

I belong to a world wide group of billions that values openness and truth.

And Masons don't value any of those. imho

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 07:12 AM
Guys (and any ladies who'd have the patience to scroll through this 18-page collection of......stuff),

DNFTT. It's clear that Magnum will evade, dissemble and repeat. I don't think ignorance denial is anywhere on the horizon and wallpaper posts of debunked material are far more likely


posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

MagnumOpus, In My Humble Opinion, you are wrong. Completely and totally wrong. Pathetically and sadly inept. Your ideas are all based on the fact that you believe everyone who may have done something wrong is a mason (IYHO).

You don't like masons. We get that. You don't know how to communicate or source statements. We also get that.

Believe me when I say this, nobody is enjoying your rant. If you were to start fresh, use only verified facts when popping off at the mouth, even the masons would have to sit back and watch you tell all our deepest secrets. Because you would have brought facts.

And always remember, nobody likes an arrogant idiot who think he knows it all but really knows nothing.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 07:30 AM
The Masons and their slavery issues show up again:

It was not only small town newspapers which looked with approval on the Fraternity's activities. The New Age reported that "many members of the National Press Club are Masons, not a few of them very prominent Masons."

Also it was noted that a number of Christian Science officials have been Masons, and the Christian Science Monitor "devotes considerable space to Masonic activities throughout the world." Indeed, during the 1930s, the Monitor ran a regular colunm regarding Freemasonry's routine activities.

Prominent Masons in the media included: Charles P. Taft, founder and publisher of the Cincinatti Times Star; Roy W. Howard, chairman of Scripps-Howard newspapers, United Press, and Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA); Ogden Reid, editor of the New York Herald Tribune; Richard H. Amberg, publisher of the St. Louis Globe Democrat; and James G. Stahlman, president of the Nashville Banner. In 1987, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial castigating Senator Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.) for questioning Masonry's segregation on policies in connection with membership in the Fraternity by a prospestive judicial candidate Judge David Sentelle. The editorial stated:

"The problem is that Sen. Leahy's smoking gun is loaded with blanks. One phone call could have told Sen. Leahy that the Masons don't discriminate againist blacks. The Masonic Services Association in Washington, D.C., says membership is open 'without regard to race, color or religion'. Blacks founded their own lodges a century ago, but now many belong to predominately white lodges, as Judge Sentelle said.

"The group also provides a membership list. This includes George Washington, both Roosevelts, Harry Truman, a total of 15 of 40 presidents. Eight of nine justices who signed Brown v Board of Education were Masons, including Earl Warren and William Douglas. About 75 congressmen also belong, including liberal Sens. Robert Byrd (W. Va. Mountain Lodge No. 156), Mark Hatfield Oregon Pacific Lodge No. 50) and Arlen Specter (Pa. E. Coppe Mitchell Lodge No. 605).

The author wrote a letter to the Journal the next day to say the editorial was "wide of the mark." The letter continued by making the followving points:

"The fact is a basic Masonic 'landmark' (which cannot be repealed) stipulates that only men who are neither crippled, slaves, nor born in slavery are eligible for membership in the Masonic Fraternity. The latter criterion has excluded Negroes from regular Masonry, and prompted them to form their own 'clandestine' branch, known as Prince Hall Masonry, to which Justice Thurgood Marshall belongs."

The ietter also noted that the Senator's challenge must be an historic first "or at least the first such legislative challenge to Masonic philosophy since the early l9th century" when committees of the legislatures of New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts found Masonry to be a distinct threat to both government and religion.

Masons and no former slaves allowed

Everyone notices that Masons have a blindness in their All Seeing Eye. imho

Arlen Specter (Pa. E. Coppe Mitchell Lodge No. 605)

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 07:37 AM
Such extraordinary blindness on Reagan and his judge is no accident: imho

In the spring of 1987, Judge David B. Sentelle was nominated to fill the vacancy on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The nomination was held up in the Senate because Judge Sentelle was a member of the Masonic Fraternity. Fortunately Judge Sentelle is a man of integrity and honor and stood up for his Masonic principles. Several Senators also had the courage to speak out forcefully in support of their Masonic membership. Judge Sentelle has shared with the Fraternity the story of his nomination and we would like to thank him for doing so. Hro. Sentelle belongs to Excelsior Lodge261, Charlotte, N.C.


On Mason Judges

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