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USing tax dollars to disarm, terrorize Americans & world.. into utter submission

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posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 07:08 PM
So in the past 20 years and counting, US has been at permanent war with much of the middle east, rainin terror down upon multiple nations in the form of covert low-yield (but rising) thermonuclear warfare upon Iraq & Afghanistan, plus mass drone strikes, also with DU:

Depleted Uranium Contamination: A Crime against Humanity

The world needs a public trial of political leaders for war crimes and genocide.

Depleted Uranium encased bombs that have been used since 1991 by US and NATO forces. These weapons were used in Gulf War 1 against Iraq, then in the Balkans and later, after 9/11 events, in Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa, Libya and now being used in Drone bombings in Pakistan.

‘Depleted Uranium’ has nothing depleted about it: when this potent hard metal hits a solid surface like concrete or a battle tank, the temperature at the point of impact reaches over 40000C and turns the projectile into uranium oxide gas. These gases are picked up by the wind and carried all over the world creating vast areas of secondary contamination. Based on the population within the contamination map over 35% of India’s population received a heavy dosing of DU aerosolized uranium nano particles within months of the start of Afghan and Iraq wars.

Depleted Uranium and Its Use in Modern Warfare

DU was first manufactured in the United States early in the 1940s during the onset of the nuclear weapons program. The United States military first began equipping its forces with depleted uranium in the 1980s. The first things to be armed with DU were tanks, shells and rockets.

DU is 30% as radioactive as natural uranium. This toxicity is made evident in missile conflict. When a projectile composed of DU hits a target, up to 70% of the DU vaporizes through the intense heat into a fine dust, which in turn settles in the surrounding area. The size of these toxic particles is smaller than 5 microns, and a human being can inhale anything under 10 microns. The DU radioactive dust settles in the soil, water and air, which then can be moved great distances by plants, underground water and wind currents. Inhalation may lead to a protracted exposure of the lungs, blood and various other systems and begin to emit a dose of alpha radiation.

DU behaves both toxicologically and chemically like natural uranium metal. An Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute study of rats after the Gulf War found that DU exposure damaged their immune and central nervous systems and may have contributed to some of the cancers they developed.

So, that's 'over there'. What about over here in America? We aren't being irradiated by our government (yet), are we?

Apparently, US government minions have a more melodramatic approach in terrorizing its own. There's been an obvious buildup of casualties from one false flag massacre to the next, starting a decade ago with 9/11 and having been revamped into multiple smaller attacks with the common denominator being the growing need for Disarmament as evidenced by disturbed Americans having been shown time and time again to so easily be able to walk into public spaces and massacre rooms full of toddlers, moviegoers, shoppers, etc.

Then, in addition to having already been stripped of the right to bear arms, theres all the laws being passed meant to terrorize thru the food we eat (GMOs), the websites some of us may choose to visit (porn), the calls we make (NSA), the law to detain indefinitely and even kill American citizens, which was done more than once in the past few years alone anyways.

Surveillance/spying of the public, in particular seems rather harmless at face value but just months ago, declassified court docs demonstrated how NSA violated the US law in thousands of instance: f889d_story.html

And the recent mysterious deaths of multiple whistleblowers (ie, Breitbart, Hastings, Clancy) who's not to wonder: who next?!

America: terrorizing the world.. into submission.

(post by pelinvaihtaja removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 09:34 PM
Excellent message! Mullet Man speaks the truth; if only more people could see it.

I think one of the most disturbing facts out of your whole post is the 62% U.S. approval rating for the use of drones. Let's see what that number looks like when one of their own families is killed by a drone. People can't seem to comprehend a situation until they're the ones being directly affected, unfortunately.

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