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When Aliens Attack!!

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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by sled735

WoW! Those are wild! Especially the ring story- how bizarre, but it's magical too. Perhaps the ring holds some special power for you and your guardians wanted to make sure you got it back.. Very strange experience though!
Really cool read, thanks for sharing!

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 01:18 AM

reply to post by JadeStar

That's the only thing you can do.

I will not reciprocate your ugly and unwarranted personal attack, since you are a new member and probably haven't learnt to behave properly on ATS yet.

It was neither ugly nor personal. It was an observation of your limited knowledge and imagination regarding this issue.

Look. When this subject is discussed typically people who are only familiar with Earth biology take the same path you did and assume the worse, while astronomers and astrobiologists familiar with the plethora of worlds and resources out there tend to fall on my side of the discussion.

There simply is NO sane, logical reason for any advanced alien species to expend resources wiping out another civilization for whatever reason Hollywood would have you believe.

We pose no threat to their survival now nor would we in any imagined future.

We have no resources they would want which they could not find in a million other places probably closer and uninhabited.

Not to mention, there is a great likelihood advanced aliens would be post-biological which is something we're only beginning to understand.

The needs and drives of a post biological species would be far different than a biological one. The number one thing they would be looking for is energy.

Our solar system in comparisons to other parts of the galaxy is relatively energy poor.

Our Sun is an average star.

The real energy would be around bigger O, B, and A class stars, or perhaps near neutron stars and black holes.

If you are a Borg queen you couldn't care less about biological species in reality because if you are post biological the places they like to hang out are going to be TOTALLY different than the places which will help your civilization thrive and grow.

It's all about energy and resources. We have little of either that would be worth invading, taking us over, enslaving us or killing us over.

That is backed up by hard astronomical facts by the way. All you have on your side is an anthropomorphization of advanced aliens which are most likely a few million to a few billion years ahead of us.

The number one argument against hostile aliens BTW is the fact that we are here having this discussion at all as such species would have had plenty of opportunity to wipe us out thousands of years ago, or our evolutionary ancestors a million years ago.

The chances they'd just show up just now as we're beginning to learn about the universe is about 4 times less than you hitting the lottery.

This lamentably ignorant and stupid statement assumes that human beings are disembodied brains without bodies, sex drives, tastes, competitive instincts or any kind of evolutionary history. It also suggests a very limited acquaintance with real, flesh-and-blood humanity.

Ignorant and stupid? Now -that- is an ugly thing.

I could have called you the same but chose not to. And with that I'm done with you and your limited, anthropomorphic ideas of Type I, Type II or Type III civilizations.

Don't bother replying as I'll be ignoring you from this point on as you seem to have a real nasty side.
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posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by JadeStar

When this subject is discussed typically people who are only familiar with Earth biology take the same path you did.

I admit I am unfamiliar with non-terrestrial biology. Could you provide me with a list of extraterrestrial species so far discovered?

astronomers and astrobiologists familiar with the plethora of worlds and resources out theretend to fall on my side of the discussion.

Does that include cosmologists like Stephen Hawking?

(Hawking) said that while extraterrestrial life almost certainly exists, it could be dangerous for humans to interact with them.

And it seems Prof. Hawking is not the only scientist who thinks aliens might not be altogether friendly...

Paul Davies, an astrophysicist at Arizona State University and chair of Seti's post-detection taskforce, argues that alien brains, with their different architecture, would interpret information very differently from ours. What we think of as beautiful or friendly might come across as violent to them, or vice versa. "Lots of people think that because they would be so wise and knowledgeable, they would be peaceful," adds Stewart. "I don't think you can assume that. I don't think you can put human views on to them; that's a dangerous way of thinking. Aliens are alien. If they exist at all, we cannot assume they're like us." Source

Which — subject to the caveat that all intelligent beings must have interests — is precisely what I have been arguing.

There simply is NO sane, logical reason for any advanced alien species to expend resources wiping out another civilization for whatever reason Hollywood would have you believe.

Your faith in the benevolence of hypothetical aliens is truly touching. Not to mention your faith in the wonders of their hypothetical science.

The authors of this paper, all of whom are scientists specialising in the field of ET discovery and contact, disagree with you. They advance a number of possible ways in which intelligent aliens may be dangerous to us, ranging from unintentional harm to deliberately wiping us out because we pose an environmental threat to our planet, the solar system and our Galactic neighbourhood. They advise great caution in the management of any potential alien contacts that may occur.

Ignorant and stupid? Now -that- is an ugly (comment to make).

It is indeed. But it applies to your statement, not to you. On ATS we 'attack the post, not the poster', as Springer likes to put it. Ignorance and stupidity are what happen when dogma replaces reason and perception.

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 10:14 AM
I understand the feelings over the way they code everything as fear. There are no negative ETs in my book, for I don't use it to mean lower downs, or low levels, but only Higher Ups, true ETs, and they're Good, waking us up.

Anything in this holographic, movie screen, picture book, testing ground universe, that is not from outside the Duality, is in tests themselves, and though we do have ETs from the universe levels, not just true Higher Ups from Beyond this artificial reality place, more people want to pass tests and move up than are deliberately choosing to lower their standing and frequency in the universe, there are far more loving beings than negatives. And they're connected to the Highest powers, outside and beyond. They're empowered far more than negativity is.

The problem is, however, that being said. Earth is a jewel in space, there is no reason such a beautiful planet is run like a near hellzone by satanic royal families who have lowered her frequency so much. We are fallen here, and in a kind of bad neighborhood....

But during one of my contacts, it was more being shown something. I was aware of some negative monitoring and crafts overhead, and then my Family instantly showed me them, above, and all was safe. Just like when I took long distance trips through the coastal mountains in winter and was clenching the wheel in fear, just traumatized from the trip, trying to pass semi's to free up the lineup behind me, in the passing lane. I would suddenly be locked into the UFO over head, and assured everything was fine. And at one point, on one of the trips, the Angel-ET male, projected in and was imposed within and layered over me, and he was driving the car for about 5 minutes or longer, showing me where to look into each corner, so that it was smooth and pleasant trip from then on. That is true Family watching over, and was shown things like onions/layers. First we have the black op surveillance, and they can't harm for Family is watching over, then the Co-op program with ETs and Black Ops, who are also, lower downs, and they're not all bad. Truly, think of humans, some are really good people. Even some black ops are really good heroic men and women. There are bad apples however. And then the true Higher Ups, those watching over us in our tests.

We all have cosmic Family and Family from Beyond the duality, heavenly realm, watching over.
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