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Now we can all watch Earth in HD

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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 12:38 AM
Howdy all - long time lurker here.

Aren't you sick of the lame, out-dated, censored imagery of Google Earth and affiliated satellite imagery services? I know I am. For many years have I dreamed of having access to real-time video streams of Earth - especially with any location I desire. For far too long TPTB have bottlenecked our access to satellite imagery technology; and as a consequence our understanding of current events and open access to our world has been significantly stifled.

Skybox Imagery Inc has launched multiple (soon to be 24) mini-satellites around Earth orbit that work in concert to give live and archived HD video from anywhere in the planet.

Now we can all watch Earth in HD

Satellites today are capable of taking imagery better than a metre in resolution, but they weigh thousands of kilograms. SkySat-1 is 20 times smaller than traditional satellites.
The circuitry that drives it is about the size of a phone book and consumes less power than a 100w light bulb.
‘Their small size means we can afford to launch lots of satellites, and provide you lots of timely, sub-meter imagery and video, along with powerful derived analytics,’ the group said on their website.

Skybox Imaging Inc.

I know - double-edged sword right? I think so, considering their website even has the slogan "Big data - From space".

This service is accessible to anyone who wants to shell out the money for it; which is why I think us at ATS who can afford to should chip in to get ALL of ATS access to this technology. We should jump on this opportunity before they stonewall us on it.

I think it is a golden opportunity to watch the watchers. A tool for reporters, researchers, and muck-rakers to look at the parts of the world that we have been blinded to for so long. We can target certain coordinates, get detailed, true photos/video, and any changes that happen there-after!

It's just an idea, so chime in!

How could we, the truth-seeking ATS community use this technology as a means to better understand our world?

How could we use it as a tool for good?..

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 01:18 AM

complete ..


total surveillance.... ALL in HD ..

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 02:04 AM
Double edged sword, yes. However it's also the obvious, natural successor from low(ish)-res satellite images. I remember as a kid wondering how long it would be until we could see cars from space, now it would seem that time is right round the corner.

I guess we'll be able to watch every F1 race, football game, the Tour de France from the comfort of our own satellite soon.

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by RichAwake

weather permitting ...

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 05:03 AM
This isn't bad for a commercial based satellite. Unfortunately we wont see anything better until the 50 centimeter resolution cap for commercial birds is removed or lowered. Which will never happen.

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