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I hate Chritmas

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:30 AM
Yes that is right! I hate everything about it, the songs, the lights the crowded stores, and you can't get away from it unless you never go out and stave from the end of October until at least the 2nd week of January.

I have a good reason to hate Christmas. My Christmas as a child were pretty non existent. My drug addict mother never did anything because she was too high and spent all he money on drugs and my grandparents who resented being forced to take me in and never let me forget it always said "We do for you year round, why should we have to do anything for you for Christmas." But the kicker is 2 days before my first real Christmas as an adult. Tragedy struck. I would rather not talk about it. Just know it resulted in me having PTSD, something I have never mentioned here before. But every year on Christmas I am forced to relive it. Whether it's music in the store or Christmas lights. I avoid it the best i can but it's hard, and it never seems to get better.

I know there has to be other people here on ATS the hate Christmas as much as I do.

So come join me and celebrate our dislike of this very miserable day.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by calstorm

That's too bad. I imagine it must suck since X-mas is a real "in your face" kind of holiday and pretty much impossible to avoid. While I can't say I hate it, it certainly isn't the same as when I was young. I do enjoy the lights though and the food. The rest is just commercialism and consumerism now though. The thing I think I do hate about it is all the chaos and people going here and there. Everyone drives like crap and they're usually pushy and everyone's in the way.

They say that Suicide rates are actually the highest during the holidays too. I sure hope that you're not in that bad of shape though. I say if nothing else take advantage of the perks like Christmas Parties (Free Booze and Food) and stuff like that.

Also, it may sound corny but it is true that Giving does make you feel good. So while you may hate the holidays you might enjoy it more by helping others out instead. Like the homeless or children, that kind of thing. Making others happy will in turn make you happy too!!
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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:46 AM
Don't spend your time hating. Life's too short.

Besides there are so many truly awful things in this world that would make more sense for your rant. Don't you at least enjoy your family and the positive energy?

Anyway, merry Christmas and I hope you feel better.

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by calstorm

I don't like it much either. It's too bloody commercial and the merchants try to guilt everyone into becoming a good little zombie consumer of useless garbage. The cops are out constantly harassing you when you drive, looking for that one drunk that is fortunately becoming a thing of the past, but they keep lowering the blood alcohol to make for any excuse to use you as their cash cow and meet their quotas. At the same time the asswipes in government are telling you how great stuff is because of the season, during which they collect all those extra taxes while their bosses the bankers, skim your pockets for even more in interest on credit card debt and not paying you interest while they use your own money to fund their credit card lines and LC's. It doesn't help that their mascot is Satanclaws LOL.

The idea of Christmas in it's purest form is a good thing, but what it has become thanks to politicians, bankers and corporations is obscene.

Cheers - Dave

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 02:05 AM
The only thing I like about it is I get to watch "It's a Wonderful Life"...

Sad but true.

One of my favorite Christmas quotes:

On Christmas morning in 1997 I was awake and praying knowing that I would soon be heading downstairs to share Christmas with my daughter and her family.

As I continued praying about it the L-rd gave me a vision. Standing before me in an open vision I saw a Christmas Tree beautifully decorated with presents tucked all around the bottom. Across from the tree I saw Messiah hanging upon a cross weeping. He looked at me and cried: "The foxes have spoiled the whole tree." I responded: "L-rd, what do you mean?"

He then took me into the spirit and let me see things through His eyes and feel what He felt. He moaned: "Christmas is not about Me and what I gave on the cross. It is about greed and gifts and teaching My children the ways of the world. It is about what each one can get and moaning over what they don't get. It fosters greed and rebellion in the hearts of My precious children, while the poor and the needy go without. This is not My way; it is not My holiday. It is mans!

The merchants have totally perverted the joy of My birth and have turned the focus on satisfying the craving of man's lust. My children are not taught to forget themselves and seek the interest of the poor and needy. It is a holiday that is a complete perversion of my ways."

I realized that Christmas, although many Churches put on pageants and plays about Christ and His birth, truly is a pagan holiday. No matter how we try to dress it up, it really isn't about our beloved Messiah. It is about us!

Where Is Christ In Christmas?

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by calstorm

I wasn't going to ever speak of this but you brought it up so here it is. I don't hate Christmas, basically try not to think of it at all because all it reminds me of the the fact that some years ago I lost the most precious part of my life on Christmas.

So as far as birthday parties for Jesus I'd just as soon forget about it. Also the commercialism and greed do nothing for me either.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 02:58 AM
I hate it too. I've no particularly tragic reasons to feel the way I do. I just hate it. It really is my least favourite time of year.

What I hate most is that there is no escape. Even when I lived in Thailand (an overwhelmingly Buddhist country) it was in your face with jingle bells, Santa outfits and a mass consumer frenzy. I'm hoping to buy a farm in the middle of Spain next year and I shall refuse to leave it from November to December 31st. Although, I may try to start a new, equally obnoxious festival and shove that in every santa hat wearing, carol singing idiot's face. Maybe throwing goat's excrement at cars for winter solstice.

Any ideas for a new festive event?

We must replace this #!

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by calstorm

I joyously bump your rant, and consider it a breath of fresh air in an ocean of corporate festive farts. Thanks cal.

My story's involved, but simple in the moral-- disowned by my bio- illogical family over twenty years ago, I consider it the best present of my adult life. It jarred me into reevaluating my priorities and adjusting my outlook-- it's better not to have one.

I'll take a pass on the old family traditions of eating, drinking and making merry; maybe a little too much. For presents, everybody doesn't get a dose of my attitude. Besides I'm too pragmatic to destroy my already shot budget on toys that Corporate America says my loved ones lust after.

What I wanted wasn't and never will be on the menu. It was peace on Earth, and good will toward men. Not on this one...

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by Metallicus

Considering that Christmas to me represents the loss of the family I had at the time and the fact that it triggers symtoms of PTSD not really.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by Bassago

I understand completely, I spent years trying to avoid it myself, this year has just been harder than most to avoid.Thank you so much for posting. It helps to know I am not alone and that someone else gets it.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by lazernation

I couldn't agree more. You need something else, something the that can't be taken over by corporations.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by calstorm

I love Christmas. Of course, the food, the lights, and all the trappings are nice, and I was able to enjoy the festive nature of Christmas, even when my family were broke and had nothing going on. But the thing I like about Christmas now, is not the same as when I was a kid. Christmas is one of the few times of year where I can walk down a street and hear songs of worship sung to Jesus, without being lambasted by the PC police over it.

I value that more, the older I get.

Its a gargantuan bummer that you have been through a life which resulted in your dislike of Christmas, and I am sorry about that. I tell you what, rather than wishing you a Merry Christmas, I am just going to wish that your future is an improvement on your past. Best of luck getting through it dude.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:39 AM
I've never understood a hate for Christmas. Perhaps in orthodox families or devout Catholic ones I can see where Christmas isn't quite the same as most of us consider it. So, in situations like those, I can see it to some degree..but still?

Christmas is so warped, twisted and screwed out of shape to what it's ever meant to be in the past? What's to hate? Or to put another way...what can't be found for just about anyone for a piece to like?

You have monuments to consumerism celebrated more consistently than any 12 days song. It's closer to the 90 days of Christmas these days.

You have purely Agnostic families, and one I know here, celebrating the family aspect and giving no consideration or thought toward the Holiday for any religious notation. Seems odd, but not in their home and I respect everyone's approach where it doesn't infringe on someone elses.

Like someone else said... Life's too short for hate outside the most exceptional of circumstances, eh? Besides....hate on Christmas looks funny.

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:51 AM
Maybe you're just Clause-trophobic.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by ColeYounger


That's epic! Top marks!

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by calstorm

There is no rule that states that everyone HAS to enjoy any holiday.

I'll respect your wishes and just wish you a happy new year.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 08:09 AM

Christmas is one of the few times of year where I can walk down a street and hear songs of worship sung to Jesus...

Where the heck do you live?

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Well we do have carol singers, and I also live within a fifth of a mile of three Protestant and one Catholic Church.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by calstorm

I'm not a fan of it either. All the folks spending money they don't have on crap for people who could care less about it. Besides, everybody walks around treating each other like they should all the time. But, for you folks who do like it, have a safe and happy one.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 08:22 AM
It all went down hill after my older brother woke me up one Christmas Eve to show me mum and dad putting the presents under the tree and eating Santas mince pie.

I still enjoy it though, but once the magic of Father Christmas has been destroyed it's never the same.

I'm actually watching ' its a wonderful life', to get me in the mood. I've actually never seen it before.

I can understand people not liking it. Lot of pressure to buy stuff and enjoy yourself, which isn't easy for everyone.

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