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EMP Pulse weapons and blood in the streets///Could this happen???

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 12:23 PM
I have put alot of thought into how terrorists could use some type of conventional means to let us kill ourselves, without them even having to carry it out with nuclear or bio waepons.

Now, everything today is run by some small type of computer, from cell phones to cars to x-ray machines to the drive thru at McDonalds. This means as a country we are very comfortable in the fact that when we turn on a switch, the light comes on, or the power assist steering and XM radio in my compact is great. We are very dependant on technology.

Imagine driving down the LA freeway at rush hour on a Thursday afterrnoon, everyone driving at 65 mph, right behind one another when a EMP device is detonated on the upper level of the freeway from a step van...

The EMP device's somewhat sophisticated mix of mechanical and electronics make it harder to design but feasible. Estimates are from 6 months to two years. Cost is estimated to around $1000 for a small prototype to up to $10,000 for a large production line device effective over several miles.

This is a viable weapon that could disrupt all electronics for miles....You're back on that freeway and everything stops. No more car, no more steering, before you can attempt to try to restart or veer the women in the Expedtion beside you iscrushing you against the guardrail at 72 MPF, killing you instantly. Would planes not fall from the sky also?

The major electronic effect, the pulse, has so much energy that it is highly dangerous to sensitive electronic equipment. Effected the most are semiconductor based devices - computer chips. While certain physical and electrical designs mitigate dramatically the effects of an EMP pulse, protecting against it is quite expensive for each chip. As a result, few electronic devices in commercial use would survive a large EMP. The effects to electronic devices vary from reduced power in radio transmitters or low sensitivity in receivers, to total catastrophic failure of electronic devices such as vehicle ignition systems, computer controls, or communications equipment.

I believe that an attack of this sort in multiple citites across the US would make the streets run with blood as the terrorists have stated.

. Thus a device could be one foot across and take out very localized equipment, say a control facility or communications system. A device four or five feet across could be used to take out all communications at an airport or from a skyscraper take out the semiconductor devices for several miles in a swath extending out in all unshielded directions.

The parts are not well regulated and there are countries who have been researching this for years. These cannot be purchased from Home Depot or Radio Shack, but they are accessible.

Today EMP devices are technologically feasible weapons to manufacture. Except for the difficulty for the average person to obtain the actual design specifications, the weapons can be constructed with materials available to governments and individuals alike. Through low level black market contacts this type of weapon could already be available to terrorists -- for instance the same dealers who sell terrorists their guns probably would be able to find someone to sell them the explosives and electronic components for the manufacture of an EMP weapon. And of course in some cases explosives are already in the arsenals of most terrorist groups. With nations like Iraq, Iran and possibly Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and North Korea who have terrorist connections, the opportunity for both explosive and electronic compoent sales to terrorists is at an all time high. Full up, ready to deploy weapons may find their way to the clandestine weapons market at any time.

I would like feedback on whether this oculd be a attack option that we have not overlooked....

U.S. Director of Central Intelligence Tenet reported to Congress after 9/11 that while there is no conclusive proof any nation or terrorist group has created an EMP weapon, however there is also an alarming absence of proof that the devices have not been in production.. Reports out of Asia indicate that at least one country, India, has been building such a weapon, "for peaceful purposes" in order to study its effects and perhaps to build safeguards against it.

but maybe we have not looked at it close enough. It is on thing to attempt to build a nuclear weapon, but how do you hunt for a EMP weapon that is bieng built?


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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 10:35 PM
The EMP bombs are more than likely in existance, but we've had little reason to use them, save them for a time when we may need to use them scenario. Luckily, it's an expensive weapon and needs high explosives and complex manufacturing to make the device. TOs are looking for something fast, cheap and effective like a device they could throw into a fountain or trashcan at a crowded mall. Their 911 weapons were simple box cutters and planes, Spain, suitcase sized bombs and packing Toyotas with plastique.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 11:14 PM
Here is a great article about EMP

It Describes Nuclear EMP:

HEMP (High altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
MHDHEMP - Magnetohydrodynamic Electro Magentic Pulse
SREMP - Soucre Region Electro Magnetic Pulse

Here is another link to Non Nuclear EMP Article describing just how cheap and easy it is to build an EMP device with just a little know how. (you can do it with a microwave but only on a small scale (this article does not say that )


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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 02:28 AM
Directed and disposable EMP weapon can be made from:

15 feet of #2 copper wire
3 pounds of C-4
120 volt capacitor
Slightly cone-shaped tube of plastic 2 feet long.

Wrap wire around tube.
Segment the C-4 and place in tube to allow for controlled demo from back (large end of tube) to front in rapid succession ( < 1/1000 second).
Aim weapon at large building full of computers.
Charge capacitor, release into copper wire surrounding tube and detonate C-4 simultaneously.

Say goodbye to any electronic device in the building that's not shielded.

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