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The human cattle

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posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 05:07 PM
Humankind, humans what does it mean, where does the name come from. I searched thousands of articles from technical manuscripts to space science and alien life form buried in archaeological hardened ignorance only to find some glimpse of real humanity and signs that we one day would grow up and understand that the world we live in slightly changed .

But none of that would happen and also finding the real meaning behind the human name binding also had nix to nil satisfaction in result. so I have to be satisfied with:

Humans (variously Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens) are primates of the family Hominidae, and the only extant species of the genus Homo.[2][3] Humans are distinguished from other primates by their bipedal locomotion.

We are herd animal primates. We follow each other in what we do and want to achieve and always are excited when something big happens or what we can see coming from the stars like Comet Ison. When some archeologist finds the remnants of an old civilization twenty thousand years back, and we think that we will be here for days to come because we’ve been here so long. When we lie to ourselves, that what we have achieved. And it will benefit the world and everything, we stand for or believed in.

When I drove home this day looking around seeing all primates and me follow the herd going home from work and many that don’t have clue of what’s going on in the world that we are silently being poisoned and soon the first signs massive cancer outbreaks will visible because of the Fukushima tragedy. we have played our cards and were heading to total destruction of our future and the future of our children .

If anyone says to me that radioactive material from japan doesn’t widely spread across the world is an ostrich that sticks his head into the sand. If the Sahara sands can spread all over, the world then radioactive material also spreads across the world.

Sahara sands

I want to thank Albert Einstein for being brilliant and stupid at the same time inventing atomic energy. I know eventually someone else would have discovered that, but then it would be much later in time maybe decades who knows.

Many of us would have liked the idea to standoff against Alien invaders that would try to exterminate us so we had a chance to fight back at them. Or some distant comet that would wiped us from the face of the earth, would had been expectable in the balance of nature. Now we have to face a slow and gruesome death upon us. That as I can see now, the way our overpopulated world has to endure to shrink to exceptional proportions within the elite’s new game plan.

I never had this in mind that 2014 would became the omen sign of the world and now I know what Human stands for ( Humans Underestimates Masonic Attacks Nevermore )

I would suggest that everyone here spent their precious Christmas time together with all loved ones because looking ahead it doesn’t look pretty at all..

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