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Folk Music Thread

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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 05:23 AM
Some very cool indie folk music here.

This one i's instrumental and like nothing many will of heard before...

At the Haildom - A Star Rising

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 07:47 AM
I'll bite. Love finding new music. Really like Elliott Brood

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 06:03 PM
Something to blow your mind away...

Incredible String Band - The Juggler's Song


Incredible String Band - The Cold Days of February

As I beside some winter's fire
Sat writing words strange and steady
Amongst my own internal choir
Came voices to my mind unready
Of those who died on either side
While their friends cry over their bones unburied
Go sighing through the north east winds
These cold days of February

Some clerk with papers and his pen
Some banker with his poison pity
Some captain careless of his men
And these fan of flames that maim the cities
And bigots in the name of Christ
By thorny paths obscured and muddy
Can fear to roam through years of cold
Bewailing how their hands are bloody

Whether they were from here or there
Their race and place I would not be heeding
The men who caused such bitterness
And if hearts they have let their hearts be bleeding
Who neither for age nor the young child
Would turn the shot of the arms they carried
Go bear the guilt a weary ways
For the cold days of February


And with this, I say Goodnight...

Incredible String Band - Nightfall

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 06:13 PM

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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 06:14 PM
Go Folk Music Thread!

Great idea, OP!

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 11:20 PM
Maddy Prior - The Fabled Hare.

This song is awesomely Celtic in origin.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 11:39 PM

posted on Dec, 21 2013 @ 01:58 PM
Incredible String Band - Ducks On A Pond


Incredible String Band - The Circle Is Unbroken


Pentangle - Wedding Dress


The Famous Jug Band - A Leaf Must Fall

posted on Dec, 21 2013 @ 09:03 PM
Hedningarna - Drafur Och Gildur

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 04:24 PM

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 06:38 AM
here's a newish one from a band that have been around the u.k for a long time.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by WatchRider

I heard this for the first time yesterday and I liked it.

My husband said that he learned the words as "I'm gonna die on the battlefield, I'm gonna die in the war, I'm gonna die on the battlefield fighting for my Lord" But we couldn't find any online renditions with that wording.

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