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Controversy Over 5th-Grader's 1st Place Speech About Religion

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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 05:08 PM
Once you realize this piece comes out of Florida it's not too surprising...

CBS Tampa Bay

A 5th grade student won first place after he gave a speech about the history of people using religion to justify murder, but was stripped of his title the same day by a school official.

Initially the student was told

"'She [the assistant principal] started talking to me about how she thought my speech wasn’t appropriate for 4th and 5th graders and she thought that probably I would have to rewrite my speech, take the religion out or not compete,' Golob-Drake explained to WFLA."

Then it became something different after sensing the media firestorm.

"...the controversy wasn’t about the religious aspect. 'The concern was over the topic of mass murders,' Arja [School District Spokeswoman] said. 'Because these are 4th and 5th graders.'"

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 05:12 PM
You may want to look here.
Granted, I don't care for the OP even a little, but it is being discussed.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by ATSmediaPRO

I didn't read that he had won, then was later stripped because of the religious part. Hmm different matter. He should have been allowed to keep it.

Perhaps I shouldn't have breezed over the OP, petition to make them give it him back anyone?

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by charles1952

HA! I thought I was posting in that one

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 05:16 PM
Existing thread here:

Please add further comments to the ongoing discussion.
Thank you

-thread closed-

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