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Frist Dream I've Remember In Months... And It Fealt Like I Was At the First Encounter Of E.T's

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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 01:58 PM
Hi There ATS'ers,
I'm pretty new here, so bare with me if this isn't the right place or doesn't contain the usual content. I needed to see if anyone else out there has had any sort of dream like this, because it was just too weird and detailed.

To give a little background, as a youngster (13-15yrs old) I dabbled quite a bit in lucid dreaming. I was eventually able to get into a lucid state, but since I didn't have anyone else to confide in who knew anything about it, I got scared off by the initial onset of the dream state and decided to not dabble again. Since then (roughly 12 years now), I really hadn't paid too much attention to my dreams as they usually were just some sort of continuation of my daily consciousness / thoughts. Due to not keeping up on me dreams, now I usually barely remember them at all.

Last night was just like every other Sunday. I hung out at my house, watched some football, had a night-cap (no, I wasn't drunk, either) and called it a night. As I stated, sually I have very little recollection of my dreams, and if I do, it fades quickly as I start my day. Well last night was a huge exception to that regularity.

I can't quite remember exactly how my dream began, but my recollection started with me driving at night in a car with some friends of mine as passengers that I haven't seen in person in quite sometime. Everything felt completely normal, like this was a commonplace for me to be hanging around with my now estranged friends. We arrived at our destination, and separated. Only one of my friends stayed with me throughout the rest of the dream. This is where it took a turn toward the very...strange. Please keep in mind that no matter how odd anything sounds, everything felt completely normal to me in the dream.

We stepped out of the car, and my friend asked if we were "still going to head over there". I nodded in agreement, as we sat down on what can only be described as a miniature version of a mech/car of sorts. Think something similar to those power wheels that you used to ride on as a child, only super hi-tech looking. This device was almost like a train, only it had a driver's car (the engine car?) and a single passenger car riding along side of it. There were no tracks visible, but this thing clearly wasn't steerable. I was in the "drivers" seat and initiated it into moving. We started off on a very short trip, eventually ending up out back behind my grandparent's house. (Totally weird, but still felt normal)

In real life, my grandparents live behind one of the largest anthracite coal strip mines in PA. A small treeline runs directly behind the back yard of the property, which provides as a visual barrier to "hide" the eyesore of the huge mine and it's massive cranes, hauling trucks, and train activity. Well in this dream world, we got out of the mini-mech type thing and were standing in the alley in front of the backyard.

Suddenly my friend and I were startled by a whooshing sound. As we looked up, I could see an Apache-style helicopter hovering almost silently. Another copter swarmed in aggressively, then hovered facing directly at the 1st chopper. The only reason we could hear them was because they were VERY low to the ground. I am somewhat of an aviation geek, and know the basics of military aircraft and their potential payloads. With this in mind, I thought it was really strange to see a box-like mechanism fixed to each of its wings. The box was made up of metal, and the front of it was made out of some sort of thick semi-transparent plastic. It was separated into two rows of 3 separate smaller boxes.

The first chopper's "box-lights" began to light up, only in white, flickering strange combinations. The 2nd chopper seemed to mimic this behavior. It was almost as if we were smack-tab in the middle of some sort of pre-mission staging area, and witnessing the two pilots testing these lighting systems' functionality. I looked at my friend and with a smile on his face he said "I hope we're not too late".

It was at this point that my eyes began to pan down on where the tree-line I mentioned earlier should have been. What I actually saw, simply took my breath away. Normally there would have been some trees and foliage to block the stripe mine, but this couldn't be further from what I saw. It looked as if some sort of massive explosion or fire had occurred, and on top of this devastation lied a giant city-like installation. There were tens, if not hundreds, of small semi-circular and rectangular shaped buildings scattered about. Mixed throughout I could also make out what looked like several antenna arrays, some shaped like small radio towers, others of the fence/mesh type. This place was B-U-S-Y, BUSY!

I gawked in amazement as my eyes and mind tried to make sense of what I was looking at. Far in the distant corner of this area teeming with light, smoke, and activity stood a MASSIVE tower. The best thing I could use to describe it would be the Tower of Saron from the Lord of The Rings. The main difference was that where you would expect to see the horizontally arranged "Eye of Saron", there was this vertical BRIGHT pulsating white light. It appeared to be projected out of a small semi-circle at the tip of the tower.

I could see little objects zipping around this installation, almost like you would expect to see drone-type robots doing. I could make out bits and pieces of what seemed to be some sort of railway system interconnecting the hills, buildings, and towers of the installation. It looked like a future city. In the foreground of this area, was another massive structure. This structure had two giant posts, only each side of these posts were slightly curved inward. Connecting the two posts was a gigantic metal ring. It was positioned flat, like a ring would lay if you took it off your finger and laid it on the table. It made contact with posts a little over 1/3 of the way up them from the ground.

It was at this moment that everything began to almost "sync up". The light from the tower, the "city"-like installation, and the base of the 2nd massive structure all pulsed together in unison. Throughout the rest of the installation I could see other colors of lights beginning to flash at random as well. Inside the 2nd massive structure's physical ring, I began to see traces of other rings forming. There had to be at least 5 rings, spinning and swiveling on every access imaginable. Everything around us began to shake, and the two helicopters immediately darted toward the installation.

It was at this point that I woke up. I really didn't know what to think of all of this, and wanted to know if anyone else on here has ever had a similar experience? I'm writing this post over 8 hours after I awoke this morning, and the fact that I was STILL able to describe it to you all in the level of detail I just did, just plain weirds me out.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by parad0x122

I can't help you much except to say that your account seems to have elements of the movies Close Encounters... and Independence Day.

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 09:38 AM
I've seen Independence Day, but not Close Encounters. Worth watching? The helicopters reminded me of the ones from Independence Day now that you say it!


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