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MPs have accused the BBC of "Cronyism" and failing in its duty to protect public money.

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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 03:23 AM
Yes, I awoke to read the BBC website and had to do a double take at the head line..

MPs have accused the BBC of "Cronyism" and failing in its duty to protect public money

In July it emerged the BBC paid £25m to 150 outgoing executives - £2m more than their contracts stipulated. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) called it a "serious breakdown" that "cast doubt" on the BBC's governance.

Whilst like every license payer I detest this abuse of the money I give them I can't help feeling its a bit of "Pot Kettle black".

British MP's like most politicians every where are greedy self serving locusts for the most, our recent expenses scandal where MP's were claiming for things like a moat in a duck pond, presents for their girlfriend on the side and faked invoices for services never rendered show just how crooked and nasty these vermin can be when public money is in their grasp.

So now we have a supposed independent body making sure they rain in the thievery but if you look at the make up of it you see its all pals of the MP's and people who have been knighted etc after calls from the MP's, basically its an old Pals act who recent have apparently FORCED an 11% pay rise down the MP's throats if you believe the rather staged acts of "we didn't ask for it, please don't give it to us" calls from MP's only to change to "oh well they made us take it, would be rude to refuse" speeches after, all of course just staged as their mates had happily granted their pals the extra cash at their request.

It also makes me sick that the MP's up to 2015 still get a golden handshake when they leave office despite actually being in court for fiddling their expenses, even if you ignore the ones with court time you have to remember these people have had an eternity of helping themselves to public cash simply to improve their life style and not because its for work, they have flipped homes to make sure BOTH houses the tax payer has brought them gets the best of decoration and luxuries, they in may cases have rented out their homes to friends and pocketed the rent amongst the myriad of abuses of the public purse.

Basically its a cesspool of corruption but yet the idiots have the gall to label the BBC staff "failing in its duty to protect public money"....

My giddy Aunt, how have they got the brass balls to say that to the BBC after their years of siphoning off the public funds. It simply shows how little touch they have with real life, they exist in their universe only yet destroy the world of the free man and woman with their political choices!

They are complicit in the thefts at the BBC and more criminal than they will ever be, neither party should be opening its mouth.
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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by Mclaneinc

Hence why I don't pay that license fee.

Well done BBC! Such a noble enterprise. You allow a pedophile ring to operate in your midst for forty plus years and squander all the money pampering the golden few.

And to top it all your programme schedule is shoddy, cheap, mass appeal, appeal to the lowest common denominator of human mentality GARBAGE!

That's how I feel about the BBC in its current form. I better not get started on the politicians otherwise I'll have an aneurism.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 05:16 AM
Executives paid millions for what? paper work? simple ideas? what
in heavens name makes them worth that, its the same in just about
every "executive" job ive ever heard of, none of them do anything
that i could see valued at millions....

Yet someone who puts in an honest days labor at a job is "Menial",
when in heavens name did they manage to convince people that
sitting in a cushy office surrounded by assistants is actually
hard work..... oh the irony.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 06:11 AM
What the BBC did with paedophilia back then was common place in most large establishments, the MP Cyril Smith was a known child molester with many accusations against him only for the establishment to deliberately hide them.

All was released long after his death and I suspect there's plenty more still in parliament today and previously.

Just saying I don't think we can just blame them alone although they do seem to have quite a monopoly on them.

As for the programming, yes its barely ok with enjoyable stuff constantly removed for outright rubbish that appeals to a certain type. I don't say that to be elitist, I just mean there's TV aimed at the mindless and it annoys. I buy the license simply because I enjoy advert free TV more than I do this Americanism of our channels with more ads and lest content.

Don't get me started on their Saturday night line up....

Should they have had this bonus system, no, not for them, bankers or MP's, its purely corruption patting the back of the corrupt who spend most of their time doing nothing of use to the bloke in the street. To give some old git more money than a small business will in in years as a freebie simply because they attend the same drinking clubs as you and keep their trap shut about what is going on is insipid.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 06:15 AM
Mmmm... I know severance packages / redundancy payouts are generally tax exempt too, so wonder if this is the case here as well? It all depends on their contracts of course at the time of hiring. That's how they get to say it's all above board and legal. Moral? Ethical? Maybe not, but where the money is concerned, as we know all too well, morality and ethics do not enter into the equation.

It is the same with a lot of publicly funded positions, with the NHS, local government etc all using crazy contracts detailing ridiculous severance agreements, whether voluntary or otherwise in a cozy little money-go-round for the favoured few. I seem to remember a similar case fairly recently, where a husband and wife were made redundant from executive positions at an NHS trust, paid six figure severance packages (one of which was HUGE), then very quickly both were hired into new executive posts at another NHS trust. I have seen local / county council execs "let go" due to performance issues after a couple of years in a 4 or 5 year contract, yet still collect the full contract term salary "because it's in their contract and all legal". The accounts of such practices are endless and sadly ongoing, as the very people tasked with stamping it out are themselves part of the system that benefits from it.

Sadly, when it comes to taxpayer money, there are many snouts in the trough indulging in the feeding frenzy and keeping cronyism alive and well.

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