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Private Conversations: Aboard An Alien Star Voyaging Vessel [Dec2013]

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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 04:05 PM
==*Private Conversations*==
Aboard An Alien Star Voyaging Vessel

This is a truncated version to a novella I wish to publish..

To all the avid readers-writers whom tread this thread -
and Merry Merry Holidays all !

Be Well

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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 04:18 PM
Story below...all appologies

Mods - if you could please remove the two empty sections,
forever gratefull would be I, many thanks.

(was having trouble publishing, new to this)
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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 04:22 PM
All appologies...

Full story below

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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 04:23 PM
“Every night is a different flight to a different galaxy
Do a sold-out show, then I hit the road in my starship limousine”

The song invaded my eardrums like an explosion catching you off guard!

“Get so damned tired and uninspired doin'all these one night stands
It's a giant leap for Rock'n'Roll...but it's too much for just one man”

Luckily for me it was a forgotten old rock song that was playing and not
heaven forbid - the vile mixture of lyrics interlaced with vulgar words and demeaning
linguistics the younger generation had picked up on, or the dreaded “tin-wang” sounding
country music that has become so freakin'popular as of late that everyone and their mamma
happened to be listening to.
Gawd, I swore I was gonna throttle the poor s.o.b. that played that winey assed
'achey~breaky heart'song again!

This was good ol'rock song by a band called..
..what the hell was the bands name again?
I remembered the songs title – that was easy -

“Spaceship Superstar”

No, as deafening loud as it was – 'rock &roll'in my books was “a-okay”
and primarily meant to be played loud.

And what the hell was that 'blue brick'doing..?

I could see this brick bouncing off the walls of my minds eye like it was some
primitive video of the now defunct ever popular cult classic Atari game named 'Pong'.

That brick somehow reminded me of Pink Floyd's album cover, 'Dark Side of The Moon.'

When it comes to rock and roll, there's a saying that goes -
“If it's too effin loud, then your too effin old!”
And even though I'm getting on in years, I still enjoyed loud rock and roll;
the problem here was – this music had an almost hollow resounding feel to it that you
could almost feel in your teeth!

And to confound me even more was this apparition of a 'blue brick'floating around.

It seemed to be on a trampoline in which I could almost reach out my hand and catch it but even though I could see the blue brick bouncing up and down, albeit in slow motion, I just couldn't touch it..
It was ssimply hypnotizing!

It reminded me of that silly joke I had heard as a youngster about a blue brick.

“I'm a Spaceship Superstar... gotta solar-powered laser beam guitar
I'm at the top of all the charts on Mars...I'm a Spaceship Superstar!

One day a young man was out in search of a job, he came across a house being built and proceeded to see if he could get hired on and help with the completion of the house.
Seeing there was only 'brick layers'working on this particular day, he decided to ask the boss man if he was hiring.
The boss man said that he was always in need of a good laborer but that he only took on helpers that are teachable so if the young man could answer some simple questions, it would determine whether the young man was suitable for this field of employment.

Hastily, the young man agreed;

“Do you know what this big cement block is for” asked the bricklayer?
After thinking a moment, the young man said - 'It's big so it must be for the foundation to hold up the house.”

“Your right” said the bricklayer, “Do you know what this little brick is for?”
Again the young man answered, “It's for the exterior of the house, to keep it safe from the elements.”

Very good the bricklayer said as he then produced a brick from behind his apron.
“What about this blue brick - it's special - what can it do?
I'll tell ya what it can do -
Why I can throw this blue brick in the air and it will stay there.. ...for ever!” said the bricklayer.

“I'll bet you your first weeks wage against what I say is true!?!” said the old bricklayer.

The young man thought for a moment – he new this was a test and he new the law of physics said 'what ever goes up, must come down', so looking the bricklayer in the eye, he said “I'll take that bet.”

The old bricklayer took a good firm hold of the brick, planted his feet firmly, smiled, and under his breath whispered “use the force Luke” and then with all his might, threw that blue brick as high as he could up in the air..

All that week the young man worked harder than he had ever worked before and come Friday he did not get paid because although he paid attention to the skies, he never saw that damned blue brick come back down!

“On Mercury, they're crazy about my stellar rock 'n'roll
And I always sell out in advance at the Martian Astro~bowl.”

Lying here, I smiled to myself remembering that I was a young lad when I had first heard that joke.
I don't remember who told me it but it felt like it had some weird message to it.
Forgetting about the silly joke, I again heard the sound of music..

“The fans, they swarm like meteorites to our concerts on the moon
You should have seen us knock 'em dead on Venus doin'all our favorite tunes

Loud music never really bothered me but my problem with this particular music was
that it was way past the wee hours and it was during a week night to be playing excessively loud
music – even if it was a catchy tune.

I'm a Spaceship Superstar...gotta solar-powered laser beam guitar
I'm at the top of all the charts on Mars...I'm a Spaceship Superstar!!!”

As the song ended and I forgot about the blue brick, I became comfortable again and drifted back into the readily awaited dreamland...

- imagine if it were true -

That absolutely everything you heard was true..
..everything you heard or read was not science fiction
and the fuzzy grainy pictures and barely visible videos were in fact legitimate.

Imagine what your were taught in school regarding the question of whether there
being 'life out there'was not just a statement, but was in fact a certainty.
That the strange lights you occasionally saw zip across the night sky blurring between stars
were not just a lucid figment of your over active imagination - or mere speculation, but were indeed now a known reality.

Knowing without a doubt that the sheer possibility of a n intelligent life~form from another galaxy is absolute and they have been visiting us and sending probes for quite some time now, that after years of our species inquiring and spending untold amounts of time and resources - to finally know the answer to that elusive question.

Imagine learning that the entities now invading our air space are here with good will intentions.

What a breath of relief it would be for the people of our planet to learn that they do not differ much in appearance to our own species, that they are for the majority like us - flesh and blood, intelligent benevolent beings.
Finally learning that instead of coming to our planet to enslave us or rape the planet of resources, or worse, that they are a carnivorous race bent on securing our population as a future food source..
...that instead of the negative we have been fed about them through main stream media and Government politics, that they have came here to teach us a more stabilized and harmonious way to a class one civilization, to better our education systems so that we may learn the technology of science and medicine thereby enabling us to sufficiently cure our sick, frail and elderly, that they show us better ways of agriculture so that we may feed our brothers and sisters on our home planet and to live as one nation in live life in peace, happiness and harmony.

Think for a minute, if you will - what a truly beautiful world we could live in!

Just imagine if they landed..
..and what we've all thought and wondered through out our history - to even before our fathers and their fathers, and so on, that when our ancestors would look to the skies and wonder – wonder what we also wonder today.

That age old question that we've all wondered - “..are we alone..?”

That we finally see with our own two God given eyes that they these entities are not really much different the we are.
We may think they look as strange to us as we undoubtedly look to them!

We may even laugh at the sounds of their voices hearing with our own ears that of their
language being so different to ours.

We may just grin and giggle with anticipation -

Anticipation of understanding their first message to us,
our first verbal exchange, our first contact.

Imagine learning that the 'visitors'message is a message of hope and peace!

Imagine hearing the deciphered message for the first time -

“We are Earthlings.. ..we come in peace!”

“..what...wha...What?” I half screamed.

“It’s Sean, and he’s calling for you.” my wife sleepily exclaimed.
“Can’t you go?” I begged - “I’m asleep.”
“No!”came the dragon voice of the delicate beautiful woman whom was ‘sleep-interrupted’
next to me;
“I’m asleep too!”was her final answer.

Forfeiting my warm bed, I hurriedly made my way to my first born's room where he was readily waiting with his out stretched arms for one of his parent’s to rescue him from the nightmare that so readily invaded his, and now his parent’s slumber.
While wiping his tears with his 'jammys'sleeve, I gently deposited him between my wife and myself in the queen sized water bed generally reserved for my spouse and I.
Listening to his tears subside to muffled sniffles while being coddled by his mother, and hearing her soft voice whisper~singing the old nursery rhyme, 'twinkle-twinkle little star', I readily drift back to the much awaited slumber~land.

That would be just one of the many sleep disturbed nights around the world experienced by many parents - except, this happened to my toddler son whom would awaken every night like clock work. There were also the nights when our two year old son didn’t go back to sleep right away, staying awake in fear - crying long into the wee hours of the morning, depriving one of us of much needed shut eye.

The nightmares traumatized our son to the point where, we as concerned parents - decided to take our child to a reputable pediatrician.

Sitting in the blandly painted off white clinical office, I listened intently as the good Doctor described that our son was experiencing what he termed as ‘night terror’s.’
The doctor had no explanation for our son’s nightmares as he came from a regular well adjusted loving relationship with no marital problems between his parents.
His remedy to the situation was not therapy but instead to offer a prescription of sleeping pills.

With my gaze half fixated on the little gold stamp residing in the lower left corner of the certificate framed and neatly hung on the wall over and behind the desk of where the Doctor was seated, his solution of prescribed sleeping sedatives for my three year old son, quickly snapped my attention back to the Doctors gaze which was fixed upon my wife's eyes.
Hurriedly I spoke up knowing that I was interrupting what ever it was that my spouse was about to voice.

Collecting my wife's hand while standing up, I blurted out -
“Well Doc, we gotta go home and chat this one out. That's a big step putting our kid on medication.”

The Doctor agreeing that he understood our concerns as parents, after opening the door to his private office, reached out his hand while bidding us farewell.
I pretended not to notice his customary gesture as my wife shook the Doctors outstretched hand.
Being of what I believe to be a concerned parent, I quickly vetoed that situation before my wife and I made it from the Heath Clinic's elevator to the parking lot where we had parked our vehicle.
Sitting in the family car, we agreed that we as a family would ‘tuff’ it out until the night terrors ended! ‘All for one and one for all’ was the motto for this clan!

The nightly intrusions lasted from when was my son was two and half until he was almost four. Approximately eleven to fifteen months these nightly intrusions carried on until they seem to one night just disappear.

Of course there was no magical disappearance of said night terrors.
The night terrors seemed to just fall off and life got to be, dare I say – regular.

If truth be told, it was just that we had lived with intermittent sleep deprivation for so long that when the peaceful nights did happen, we were so lost in blissful uninterrupted sleep that we just lost track of the nightly common place intrusion.

Today my son is now twenty seven with his own family consisting of a wife and three children.
He has been gifted with two boys with the youngest of his children being a girl.

Watching children and grandchildren grow, one truly understands the statement of “time flies”.
Time does indeed fly my friends, indeed it does!

Now here I am today, years down the road from those peculiar night terrors revisiting this memories as I recall questioning my son about what it was that he was experiencing that terrified him so.

His admission to me was that “frogmen” would come through the ceiling and take him away.
Try as I might to deduce a better description from him, he was never really receptive to the conversations so as a parent, seeing that his nightmares has subsided – I let the advent quietly surrender to the sands of time.

He did however once remind me of a forgotten episode where one particular night when he awoke in our bed with us, the closet door was open and two frogmen were standing there observing us.

My significant other, my rib whom I call 'swimbo'(she who must be obeyed) concluded that our son’s night terrors stemmed from a serious case of 'Aliens'.
We were stumped to that epiphany as we could come to no solid conclusion as to how our toddler would have known about Aliens and where he got the idea to depict them as ‘frogmen’?

Well as life would have it, my wife and I had another child, a daughter - which seemed to help dissipate the night terrors!

And then the tribe relocated to a completely different city.

Actually, we moved about a four hour drive from the 'big city'to just outside of a relatively reclusive small country town in a summer tourist destination.
We knowingly traded in a small obnoxious three bedroom apartment of city living for a substantially large five bedroom farm house with one hundred and seventy five acres of farmland.
One hundred and twenty five workable acreage of tilled fields and fifty acres of fully grown bush-lot.

A farmer worked the land while I rented the farmhouse with full use of the property, with the guarantee that my family and I wouldn’t harm or interfere with the farmers corn crop’s.

The difference between the constant honking of horns, automobile traffic coupled by the rude and unfavorable smells emanating from large city over population in which we had lived compared to the quiet tranquility and pleasant country aroma's we were now immersed in was of no comparison!

It was a nice place for my children to grow and experience and to this very day,
they both have fond memories of their youth being spent there.

Relocating to that farmhouse was a decision well chosen!

The infractions of my sons toddler years nightmares didn’t seem to bother him growing up as after these episodes long diminished, I became heavily interested and immersed in the paranormal activity and UFO folklore.

He himself would tease his younger sister that the lights in the field at night weren’t actually lights from a farmers tractor but were in fact lights from U.F.O.’s coming to abduct them.
“They were just waiting until everyone fell asleep”, he would tell her.

To this very day if the topic arises during conversation, my son is still adamant that it was 'frogmen'he saw as a child and he has absolutely no interest in aliens other than when his old man says something deemed crazily down the rabbit hole, off the backboard or screeching down the proverbial chalkboard (as some would call it).

Now my daughter on the other hand won’t even engage in watching a sci-fi movie with me, “scares her” she says!
But she’ll watch zombie movies, go figure!?!
What’s up with the youth of today?

Well, I would just like to relate that I’ve investigated much paranormal over the years – of course only as an arm chair critic.
I've clandestinely researched about the forbidden Area 51, Crop Circles, the Nazca Lines to Aliens, the Lunar and Mars anomalies and much to my dismay - I’m still waiting to be abducted!
(’ll happen soon ~ I can feel it!)

Here’s what I find fascinating - why would an obviously intelligent superior species travel possibly quantum physics of unknown astrological units to a planet where the inhabitants have always killed everything they don’t like, fear or understand; where they‘ve been killing each other since they themselves have began.

Some would have you believe that these little 'grey' fellas travel explicitly to Earth so they can abduct earthlings all the while proudly strutting around in their little grey 'birthday suits'- only to enjoy a full day's work by anally probing the unsuspected inhabitants of this beautiful golden blue Earth~pearl on which we reside.

Really.. ..seriously?... 'OUR'bums you say? (riiiiiiighttt)
Check that - Captain!

I have never given much belief that superior beings would have the interest in abducting one of our planets alpha life forms.
That thought just seems ludicrous.
They may have a passing interest in the planet itself, but interaction with our species is definitely accompanied by a “..does not play well with others” warning label.

That being said, recently my son confided a story to me that I find inquisitive to say the least..

One day as of late when I was chatting with my son, he told me that during breakfast - his eldest son (my grandson) related a dream that he had the night before in which he had been riding in a
bonafide flying saucer.

The next time my wife and I had our son, his wife and our grandchildren over for one of the frequent family Sunday dinners, when dinner was over and the after meal dish chore had been accomplished, remembering the conversation I had with my son in regards to my grandson and having the diverse curiosity I’ve been blessed with, I went and sat with my grandson.

Not wanting to miss my window of opportunity, I naturally I set about gently questioning my grandson about his recent dream.

He told me in no uncertain terms it wasn’t a dream, that it was in fact real!
That exclamation in itself, required that my curiosity be fed, so I nonchalantly pressed on with my gentle interrogation technique.

My grandson shares a room with his six year old younger brother, and thinking of the situation at hand, I ventured what I believed to be a relatively safe and hopefully interactive question;

“Patrick?” I asked.

Not looking up from his hand held Nintendo game, “Yeah Papa..?” was my eight year old grandson’s immediate response.

Half anticipating his answer to be something along the lines of ; “..I don’t remember” or..just a plain resounding - “No.” I pressed on -

“Did David go with you in the U.F.O.?” was my inquiry.

What he said next astounded me and immediately ended my questions.

He stopped playing his all important, ‘the world’s gonna end if I don’t get to the next level’ video game, looked me unwaveringly in the eye - and in a matter fact voice, exclaimed -

“You know papa, you were there too!!!.”

Later that night , after my son and his family had left – I commented to my wife about my findings
in regards to our eldest grandson.
Her response was to me was “oh , just let it go” as she reached over and planted a kiss square on
my lips.

'You were a good Papa tonight hon..” she commented.
“Thanks for helping me with the dishes.”

I knew where she was going with this.

It had been a long day what with chasing and playing with grand kids, cooking a big Sunday dinner and all the clean up.
Monday was fast approaching and soon the work week would be upon us.
I new this girl well for we had been together for a period of years that many unfortunate couples never let themselves get a chance to see.

Yes, I new this girl well and I've seen her game before, but I wasn't giving up the battle quite that simply.
I was determined to 'play'the game even if for momentarily.

Putting on my best French accent and movie star voice, I looked her straight in the eye and asked -

“uhh huh hu hoh.. Mademoiselle feeling - 'how you say'- a little amorous tonight, no..? You may call me Jerree', and if mademoiseele has zay ticket -”

“Qui~qui, maybe you have zay ticket for a ride on mon Jerree'~go~Round'little miss?” I asked.

“Oh please” she purred “You think your so clever.” putting her hand up to her mouth giggling while she rolled her eyes.

“Well I'm not just a pretty face - ” I nonchalantly said skipping the circus act.

“I got a nice ass too!.” I smirkingly replied with a heavy dose of comdeic sarcasimn in my tone.

Chuckling while she playfully slapped my deirrier, we locked up the house, shout out the lights and raced off to what I playfully refer to as the 'push and boom' room...

Was I really having this dream again - or is it just that I had been thinking about those haunting nightmares ever since the recent discussion I had with my nine year old grandson..?
For the last few nights I'd started having those old dreams again.

I hadn't had these oh so vivid dreams since I was a child, not that I could remember anyhow.
And now, here they were surfacing for some non apparent reason I could not yet understand.
It was as if time had flipped and life was but a dream, and the dreams were infactan eery reality..

This place feels so damn familiar I thought noticing I was stretched out on that desolate table again.
Have I really been coming here for as long as I could remember? I asked myself.

As I started to relax, I began to notice the objects of my surroundings and even though I wasn't completely sure of what they were, they gave me a sense of calm.

Slowly as I started to feel comfortable, things started to come back to me.
I wasn't scared any longer.
Oh, I admit – at first, when I was a child I was.

Scared wasn't the word for it.. ..more like terrified!

That was..until..I met this kind little old lady.
Boy – she was old, she looked old enough to be God's grandmother.
The lines on her face resembled an old 'folded once to often' paper road map.

She was so old, I swear if she could fart.. would all be dust!

“Twinkle, twinkle little star” was the nursery rhyme I would recite as a child when I would awake in the deep of night from a particularly troubling nightmare.
Not just any nightmare but a recurring dream that was now threatening my adult sleep pattern.

It was the old girl who taught me that song – well, she didn't really teach me it.
I new it from my mother and older siblings constant singing of it.
With a house full of eight children, it was a 'frequent fliers club'song, meaning we all
had our turn learning and singing that rhyme.

But give credit where credit is due my pops always said, it was the little old lady who taught me how to 'call upon it'when I needed to settle my fears.
She had a classically octave trained angelic voice unlike mine which sounded like just married tin cans being dragged behind a car on someones wedding day.

Now, what was her name again?

Looking up from the table, I could see a small child – maybe around the age of seven or eight.
She wasn't very tall and yet she was just about as tall as the being who was leading her by the hand into another part of the ship.

They weren't taking her home yet, I could tell by the inquisitive fear in her eyes.

As her eyes passed mine we locked view for what seemed a mere split second but it was more than long enough for me to speak to her.
I know that I didn't move my mouth, and nor did she hers - but the weird thing was, we both understood what each other was thinking.

As I looked at her, my mind conveyed to her “ not be afraid, their not going to hurt you.” I said.
“They are here to help us.”

“Help us?” she inquired as her tiny voice seem to strangely echo in my mind.

“Yes sweet pea” I answered, “..their kind of like doctors and you can even ask them things and before you know it, you'll be back in your own home tucked away in your very own bed.”

And you probably won't ever remember this, was something I somehow understood.
How many times had I myself forgotten?

“Ask them things” she parodied in her sweet little voice.
“Their voices sound funny.”

“I like to sing” I confided with her. “..and they like the sound of singing”.
The entities enjoyed when I sang because it showed them when our species sang, that we were happy.
This worked out great for me because to be truthful, my singing just plain sucked the big one!
I couldn't carry a music note in a shopping cart – nope, not a one.
But that didn't bother me, after all wasn't the saying to “Love like it was the first time, work like you didn't need the money and sing like no one was listening”!
Alas, I had found my captive audience.

Somehow I knew that she seemed to like that idea so I dusted off that old faithful nursery rhyme that as a child I would rely on to calm my nerves during these voyages, and started singing -
“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.”

“Up above the world so high - like a diamond in the sky” she chimed in.

“Star bright, the first star I see tonight - I wish I may, I wish I might,
have this wish I wish tonight” we both sang in unison.

“You'll wake up tomorrow with your family 'sweet pea' and this will be forgotten like a distant dream.” I managed to tell her just as she was leaving the room we were both in.

This seemed to calm the child as her brow unfurled , her eyes became less frightened and she seemed to establish a slight sense of calm.
Slightly smiling, her mind told mine - “thank you mister.” as she was being led off into the other room
all the while I could hear her petite angelic voice still gleefully singing the nursery rhyme.

That old rhyme had served its purpose well and I was glad I could pass it on to that sweet child but as an adult, in my mind it sounded way too childish for a grown man to be singing.
I decided it was time to sing a different song during these 'abducted dreams'.

Searching my memory banks for lyrics, I tried to conjure up forgotten songs that would suit my weird sense of humor during these experiences.

I tried humor on these 'folks' before but jokes somehow were beyond their realm so I stuck to that old nursery rhyme like a pocket on a flannel shirt, which seemed to suffice them.
But it really was time to move on to a more adult sounding song.
What could I possibly sing that they and I would agree upon..?

Instantly sir Elton John's iconic 'Rocket Man' came to mind;

“She packed my bags, last night ~ pre-flight
Zero hour... ... nine a.m.
And I'm gonna be hiiiiiiiIIIiigh ~ as a kite by thennnn”.

No, not really, even though this is one of my all time favorites, it somehow didn't suit the situation.

“Ground control to major Tom,
Ground control to major Tom,
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
10~Ground control, 9~to major Tom~8
7~6~Commencing countdown, 5~engines on~4”.
3~2~Check ignition, 1~and may God's [ blastoff ] be with you!!!”

Good Gawd!!!!!
Who didn't love Bowie's 'Space Oddity'!?!
Damn classic tune but not really appropriate for this adventure. I mean, c' mon -
Let's look at the facts - who the hell was I kidding, oh sure we kinda got an agreement (me and them) They'll talk with me and even answer some of my inquisitive questions in trade for my compliance to their probings, but they ain't never in a million years gonna let me fly this puppy!

Hmmm.. “..should I ask,” I wondered..?

Come to think about it – I don't ever remember them taking me anywhere?
What the hell, from what little I've saw of this place - I know this to be a class one 'Star Voyaging Vessel'.

A real one hundred per cent Government Majestic 12 'top secret - for your eyes only' UFO!

No, not like the one that crashed in the Roswell fame of 1947.
That wasn't a real UFO as 'they' had explained that one to me before.
What crashed at New Mexico in 1947 was an experimental jet captured from Hitler and the Nazi's at the end of World War Two in 1945.
That bird was the Horton 229, and what a real beaut' she was!
Yes sir, hands down probably the best bird built coming from a war time invention.
She was sleek and sexy alright!
Her body was shaped in an arc and she had no rudder or tail and was built in a blended body configuration with two jet engines.
Unheard of for it's time!
When every other plane in the sky had a rudder with tail wings driven by a propeller with a top speed
of 357 miles an hour – well could you just imagine a pilot seeing a tailless configuration like the Horton 229 with no visible means of propulsion go wizzing by, and I do mean wizzing by because the Horton's double jet engines gave it almost twice the speed of the archaic looking aircraft of the known planes in1945.
You didn't have to try hard and you could almost vision the look of the pilots face seeing, or more aptly not seeing it go by.
Just catching a glimpse of the Horton's 229 and a person could surely mistake it as a UFO after all – this aircraft really was an 'unknown object'.

But this baby, this baby was the real deal!
You wouldn't know it though. Not by motion anyhow.
It was as stable as a rock with no movement what so ever!

If it wasn't for that portal where I can see Mother Earth shimmering in all her pontification, then I'd swear this baby was parked in the local Walmart parking lot.
Well – maybe not that obvious - but you get the picture, this puppy wasn't moving!

It just sat hovered without a sound or vibration, looking from the ground I'd bet like a shimmering star up in the heavens.

Seeing out that portal window watching Mother Earth, I was almost transfixed in a trance like meditation except for the reason that the word 'overview' popped into my mind.
I remembered the word from a telecast about the Lunar space missions where the astronauts viewing Earth through what I thought was the same type of window referred to as the “overview” of our planet.

The astronauts mission was to go to the moon and bring back 'moon rocks' in hopes that it would teach mankind more about the universe in which we reside but a pleasant unexpected experience happened.
When the astronauts circled the moon and came around the moons dark side, they saw for the first time what they referred to as “the Earth rising” and that was the first time in the history of our known existence that we as a species realized the most beautiful glow in the heavens that we could ever witness was of our very own planet.

Staring out the portal, I assumed the astronauts were exceedingly humbled at the view much the same way I was being captivated by mother Earths beauty right now.

When I was a child, I would hold a colored marble pinned between my finger and the table spinning it at high speeds all the while staring at it mesmerized in the beauty of it's colors while being awed at it balancing in gravity and staring out the portal, this is what I now saw before me.

This place was work of art!
How could one not marvel at the simplicity and the obvious high tech ingenuity created within this structure and how everything seemed to melt into each other showing absolutely no distinctive lines.
The portal on the wall showing Earth looked like a three dimensional painting if not for being able to see the Earth revolving, and even then I wasn't one hundred percent positive.
But damn, the lines were so smooth!

The walls and floor had a strange comfortable feeling about them.
In fact upon touching it, everything I came in contact with had a feeling that reminded me off a helium filled birthday balloon.
Firm, but yet soft - and non threatening.
Except this table, it was a little softer and more like a jell pad.

So yeah, no – 'Space Oddity' wasn't the right song either!
Shoot I thought, so much for trying to be cool!

Even though this baby didn't make a sound or feel like it was moving, I could understand why they called it a 'Star Voyaging Vessel'.
This little gem had the feel of a ship!
I don't mean a luxury liner or even a personal watercraft the likes of a 'cabin cruiser' or what have you.
No, I'm talking about an authentic sailboat!
It was just like – floating, for lack of a better term!
Once someone has had the pleasure of experiencing the art of sailing and how serene it can be,
only then does one fully understand when I say how sailing on this vessel feels as peaceful as falling asleep to a lullaby.

Sailing, yes indeed, just like sailing..
...and it made me think of that Styx tune;

“I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea,
'cause I've got to be free, free to face the life - that's ahead of me,
On board I'm the Captain, so climb aboard, we'll search for tomorrow
On every shore, and I'll try – oh Lord I'll try, to carry on...

I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory -
Some happy some sad, I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had;
We lived happily forever, so the story goes -
But somehow we missed out on the pot of gold;
But we'll try best that we can - to carry on...”

For some unrecognized reason, and even though I could see no visible restraints, I could not
for the life of me seem to be able to free myself from this table that I lay upon.
It didn't really matter anyhow.
The attempt at trying to stand was futile as they had returned, it was their time now.

I knew they were their before they crossed into my field of vision for my mind was already buzzing with the incessant sound of their conversation between each other.
It had the sound of 'honey bee's' working amongst their hive and I assumed that was because my feeble brain couldn't decipher the words due to the speed at which they could converse.

The reason they can speak so fast is because their minds are like calculators and they only compute what is logical and that's why they speak in mathematical equations.
Probably why they don't understand humor too now that I think about it!

Each number is designated by a letter and how you apply the equation is how you get an answer.

Each equation of numbers breaks down into words, words which in turn the words become sentences.

They say it's easier than we think.. ..and as humans, we do the same thing only backwards.
For us it's just a slower method, a form of dyslexia.

There were two of them, there was always two of them.
They seemed to always travel in pairs.
Sometimes there was more than two, but never was there ever just one.
Two was the number I was mostly aware of when it came to them.

“A gathering of Angels appeared above my head,
They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said..”

Now they were standing right over me and as always in this situation the first thing I noticed once the shock of their appearance and what they were doing to me had worn off from many countless years of abductee testing, was that they carried no smell.

None! Not the tiniest whiff of anything!
Not now and not ever, not on one damn single abduction!!!
I've never, ever, smelled them.. ..and it was just plain odd!

That always baffled me and I thought about the times I had traveled on the over crowded transit lines and how some folks could use this kind of trick.

I could hear one of them speak to me -

“I told you we were not angels so it should come as no surprise
and we have you aboard our Starship as we transit through the skies.”

I got it, I knew what he, or it, was doing.
That was a parody of the last verse of the Styx song I was singing to myself.

“oooh, you 'whasckally wabbit'” I thought back to it.

I was never sure just what type of experiment I was about to undergo but I had become confident over time that they meant no physical or mental harm, so I began to relax and ready to submit to their personal intrusions -

Yeah right, I was theirs and they full well knew it!
I was in fact helpless to stopping them.
My coherence was just along for the ride.

“No, you can not fly the ship.” answering what they had just read from mind.

“Why not..?” I countered as the lightning fast answer appeared even before I finished my thought question.

“What do you mean I'm not capable..” I blurted back as my mind exploded in mathematical formulas
embossed with hieroglyphs centralized around star charts..

“Slow down, I don't understand..” I replied as momentarily my mind went blank and then all at once,
I understood the message.

Understanding complex math with the use of geoglyphs coupled with the motions of the cosmos is what it takes to navigate and fly what they referred to as a 'helio-static' Star voyaging vessel.

They were right I surmised with dejection realizing the complexity my feeble mind would have to overcome to undertake such a monumental task as to become a 'solar star~chart pilot'.
My dreams of being a Han Solo were quickly floundering.

“Your mind is not feeble..” was what I was instantly told by the entity now standing beside me and gesturing to the portal of mother 'Gaia'.

“You know all there is to know, since time began.
It is mankind's inability to use the depths of their collective pineal resources to uncover what your species has apparently forgotten, but do to ego - choose not to instill the necessary discipline to do so.” was the epiphany injected into my thoughts.

What is a... “ laser beam guitar?” was the inquiry that immediately followed that last statement of infinite wisdom.

This made me chuckle a little for just as I was thinking how their apparent intelligence was beyond my understanding and compare, they rock me – pardon the pun – with a question of what every red blooded boy in the world dreamed of owning with the grand illusion of being able to play like they were some genetically cloned hybrid bastard child of Eddie Van Halen and Nancy Wilson, jamming a live version of the songs 'Eruption' evolving into 'Barracuda'.

“It's an electrified musical instrument but they aren't solar powered.” I retorted.
Chuckling again I added. “..unless you include the acoustic version.”

“They should be, excessive waste of electricity pollutes.” I was told.

I had become accustomed to these inter verbal transactions we were having and although they didn't always answer all my questions, the did answer some.
I believe they would pick and chose what ones I could accept.
I could ask all I wanted to about the medical experiments they were conducting but I learned years ago that they just ignored those I stopped asking.

They did however see fit to answer some questions and boy oh boy, did I have questions!

I've always been curious as to what really happened on that cold April night of 1912 on the ill fated maiden voyage of the HMS Titanic.
Maybe we will finally get down to the nitty~gritty and they'll spill the beans on who was behind the mass destruction of the twin towers on 9/11?
And I wanted to know what the hell they did in1945 with 'Flight 19'!?! (or if it was them)
Or who it was that actually shot JFK and why?
Bobbie too for that matter, and hey, what about poor Marilyn?
Did she give in to suicide or were the CIA involved -
Was their more to that sordid love triangle than we all knew?
Could it be that finally they would answer my questions regarding the fabled 'Atlantis' story..?
And maybe, just maybe, if I were lucky enough - they would actually explain the age old hidden secret of how do they put the caramel in the center of the 'Cadbury Caramilk' chocolate bar!

Yes, I was looking forward to asking some questions and damn it, I wanted to see if there was any possible way I could pilot this thing – or at least go see Kirk and Spock on the bridge.

“Kirk and Spock are not real” I heard one of them say.
“Sure they are” I answered knowing full well they would correct me.
It's what they did, correct things.
Still, my playful taunt brought nothing in return.

I decided to tease some more.

“Are you guys part of the Starship Confederation? and is the name of your ship – Enterprise?” I asked.
“You would call it - Star Trek” was the answer that I wasn't expecting.
The two familiar words seemed to ring like a bell in my consciousness.
“That was a joke, I don't understand?” I said.

“It is called 'sohu~nanja'” they said in harmony together as the two words flashed across my mind.

Stunned, I blurted out “..what the fudge?”
Now who was kidding with who, I wondered ?

“Sohu is pronounced - 'swoo'. ” said a voice.
“And Nanje is pronounced - 'nune'..” the other entity chimed in.

“They are ancient words from those who were before.” came the voice I heard in my head.

“Swoo~nune.” I repeated.

“Yes” they agreed in unison.

“Swoo~nune...doesn't sound like Star Trek” I quibbled.

“Sohu means 'star' and nange means 'pursue'.”
“Pursue as in to 'go after' or to 'journey' as in to 'trek'.” I was told.

“Ah, star trek " I acknowledged.
"Swoo~nune”, we all said in a harmony of one.

“Our journey was to star pursue, researching and investigating other life forms of possible inhabitable planets eventually returning home as our ancestors had instructed.” one of them replied.

“We can only guide and intervene during times of annihilation as it is
mankind's vicissitude is to learn the ten commandments.”

Earthlings would refer to us likened to the Lakota language: name for the Thunderbird is 'Wakiya' . Wakha meaning “sacred”. Kiya meaning “winged”. The 'sacred winged'.

They are called the “Sacred Winged”, my mind answered in astonishmnet!

Suddenly I understood.
All these lost time abductions were tests of different life forms of which I was one on their journey back to their home planet.
To say I understood, was an understatement because what I really was, was absorbed with interest as I was just about to ask what their mission entailed when one of them bent over me and placing his face within inches of my own; peered into my eyes.

I hated that.
I hated when they got so close they could stare into my eyes, for it just felt.. ..wrong!
Like I was being violated!

There was no iris, no pupil, no dilation, no nothing..except..except the equivalence of expansive oceans filled with blackness.

Yes their eyes bothered me, they didn't frighten me per say, but they did bother me.
Not when they were at a distance but only when they were so close it was like we were being intimate.
Distance didn't reflect what seemed to be deviously hidden in those infinitely emotionless oversized black eyes.
They only seemed to bother me when we were up close and as if they could see to the bottom of my soul.

It wasn't the abnormally excessive size of their eyes and nor was it the never ending depth to the absolute blackness in which they obviously peered through.
On the contrary, what bothered me had nothing to do with the size, depth or soul retching appearance of the calculated darkness their eyes offered -
No, in fact one could almost become lost in solitude as peering into those eyes could seem like listening to the droning voice of a particularly boring medical hypnotist.

Almost, I could almost become lost..if not for the fact that every time I would be subjected to this type of trance, I would feel myself drift into what I felt was a semi conscious uncontrolled dream state and dam it, that's when those eerie movies would start!

Peering for extended periods of time into those darkened unforgiving eyes reminded me of sitting in a deserted movie theater with the lights off waiting for the matinee to commence.
The difference was my presence of mind told me this was no movie theater.
Not one that I had ever visited before and although I as much as the next person enjoyed movies, some how I new this would not be one of those types of movies.

The recesses of my mind had already conjured that these 'viewings' were worse than any horror show that I had ever sat through!
Freddy, Jason, Leather~Face, even Dracula.. none of those movie slashers could scare me like what I was about to witness.

Lost in the vacuum of those absurdly oversized eyes, I knew – no not 'knew' but rather 'felt', yes I felt that I was about to undergo more than a simple horror flick or ghoulish nightmare could ever suffice.

Looking into as if almost being joined with the gravity of those irrelevant but piercing eyes, I knew I was about to watch in aggravated slow motion every wrong doing I had ever imposed on my fellow human, animal species - and shamefully yes, even mother Earth.

The expulsion of light filled my brain like a prism peeling away the layers of an onion's skins until it softly resided like a flickering candle slowly revealing what appeared to be a cloudy old black and white video of what seemed to be myself strolling in some type of garden maize while utterly lost in deep thought.

Along the path which I had chosen to walk, happenstance led me to a fork.
The fork split the path into two paralleling each other with the difference being
that one was a low path and the other being significantly higher.

As I neared the entrance to the fork I could see an effigy and this is where my vision blurred as I came upon myself, or rather two of my selves.
(of which my sub conscious registered that there is truly only one)

One path held a younger version whilst the other held an elder.

Curiously, I asked what is the significance and upon hearing that came the tandem answer;

“We are YOU – at different ages – and of particular past lives of reincarnation.
Each path represents a life where you explicitly chose to use your external wisdom
for either treachery, or morality.
Each path is that of your immortal soul and of that dire decision it so chose.”

Hearing this, I first addressed the younger version as my ego appealed to the more
aesthetically pleasing appearance of apparitions beheld in front of me.

“What is this 'fork' in which you stand upon?” I did ask -

“It is the most of the treacherous;
I that is YOU, have succumbed to the evils of the flesh and chosen to willfully
desecrate and vanquish that which as a gift has been bestowed upon me.
I have no use but of my own carnal desire for mankind and mother Earth.
Blatantly I murder, rape and steal all that is in front of me selfishly believing
that my pillaging desire is the only true desire.
My heart is hardened to the cries of infants and my soul is blackened of chastise
to those of desperation and desolate needs.
I care not for justice but instead readily feed on those whom I employ my injustices.”

Feeling the utter coldness from eclipsing the shadow of death, I eagerly turned
to question the elder of my two selves.

“Upon this 'fork' that which you reside and of it's consequence?” my voice uttered -

“Of it, be it the most of justification;
I that is YOU, have chosen to look past that which beckons my darkest desires instead
reveling in the solitude of serenity known as to thy fellow human.
Knowingly, choosing to reach out those who's need of desperation is that less fortunate
all the while enjoying the grace of hidden gifts through out nature glorifying the secrets to
eternal bliss while sanctifying relationships with all living species in the vicissitude of
a Samaritan lifestyle.”

My minds eye conveyed that the path in which I had set out upon before halting at this fork
was of course a circular journey.

I could see the path that I stood upon did not completely vanish but instead hazily did indeed
pick up just beyond the fork in which I was visiting my plural selves.

Earnestly pointing, “What of that one?” I asked.

“It is the path in which YOU must transgress.
That which is YOU, in which many variants have come before choosing either side of this fork,
but few see the pure, simple and concise path which lies in front and ahead.”

“Your feet have already tread on which what we already guard and your soul's search to enlightenment is the one in which YOU seek, but have yet to tread.”

Curiously I started to wonder if these effigy's to myself were in fact my true guardian angels when just then I heard the soft calming voice start to speak;

“The world in which we came from had known an advanced intelligence which led to the understanding of the universe and our planets role in the harmonic balance within it's solar system.
The knowledge came to pass that our planet was to suffer imminent destruction due to a cyclic cosmic clock of a natural occurrence.
It was unstoppable.
Periodic comets would encroach the center of the solar system bombarding the solar systems Sun causing the Sun to unleash plasma bursts erupting on the nearby unfortunate planets. It is a natural occurence of neccesity to keep the planets in formation and spinning in thier cosmic cogs within the great universal time clock, a winding.

Our best minds and brightest scientists could not figure a solution and astrologers could only offer the conclusive evidence of the cataclysmic time date.
Our species was doomed to become extinct as space travel was not an option due to inter galactic radiation being extremely hazardous causing death to the fragile home planets species.

Many years ago in the most ancient of history, there existed a 'prior man'
with an advanced technology likened to that of the fabled Atlantis.
Their civilization was known as 'ONE', or, One Nation Existence. They had passed the infintile stages of slavery, war, oppresion and racial indignities to advance to a class one civilization livignin harmony with each other for the betterment of their true mother, mother Gaia, earth.

They had become 'Savecopyus Symbiote', which when translated means that as humans, mankind see things seen with theirr eyes combined with emotions to experience literally a euphoria of ecstasy with a sense of total unity and oneness as in unison.

Their technology could not save them from what they had learned
through their applications of math and astronomy.
(tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanism, asteroid impact, polar tilt, ice age)
We ALL spoke the same language at the Tower of Babel, as our knowledge was
that of a God - cataclysm was enveloped and the species was scattered leaving
the surviving populace to perish from disease and other consequences.

Knowing this, and as an arrogant society such as earth experiences today,
they would not let there lineage fall to a foot note of cosmic dust.

As scientist would do today if faced with total annilation,
their's was a plan to gather two of everything knowing our planet would
eventually self generate, and re-grow our species after the cataclysm
thereby leaving ancient monuments encoded in math to explain
our mysterious past and illustrious speed in intelligence.

All planet species was gathered and then cryo-genetically frozen and
stored in the round Ark to be sent away from the planets destruction and
brought back at a later date to replenish the earth through test tube and
eventually invitro method once a suitable creature was created via the Adamu project.

As their species wascarbon based, as todays races, and do to jubjectual bombardment of solar radiation, are unable to sustain extended periods of inter galactic space travel, developed a robotic custodial servant to succeed such a monumental endeavor.

This 'servant' was created to endure and recreate it's masters, teaching
as time went.
Today's humanity would see the servant as a synthetic robot built with a exo carbon fibre frame hyrdaulically activated humanoid commanded by internal nano-bot computer chips
with timers and fibre optics draped in a grey synthetic heat absorbing
(transferred to an energy perpetual motion machine) latex skin.
Humanoid slightly in appearance and yet not frightening, not quite four foot tall with a slightly oversized head housing the infinite computer, with large dark eyes for solar power operated internal batteries.

This was our heritage, left by our ancestors, to resume a class one civilization
in a relatively short expanse of time.

They belong to 'mankind', bequeathed from our distant ancestors, and the ship I was aptly named the NOAA ARCC, an acronym for;
Nation Of One Analogical Astrological Atonement Recovery Cohabitation Crisis
This cosmic occurence is cyclc in nature as in everything in the expansive universe. This is mankind's true hidden history. The great hands of the cosmic creators clock are again lining up to the midnight hour so again the created species must be valued and prepared, some as you, have been chosen as a witness to send this message in preparation."
All the sudden as swift as the wind, my mind fell silent and I knew they had left the room.
We had all left that particular room.

Sitting here alone waiting for my 'handlers'
I was curious to investigate my surroundings.
Oh sure I was being monitored, I knew that but my curiosity was at full peak!
I hated waiting rooms but this one was different.

The light was of an iridescent nature and seem to emanate from anything you came in contact with as soon as it was touched.
I couldn't figure it out but it seemed to resonate from my own outer skin as long I was touching a part of the interior of the ships skin.
Almost like I was alive - and it was alive - and between the contact we shared an electrical impulse that generated a sufficient luminescent glow.
It was like a form of static shock that would give off light.
I really was quite intrigued placing my hand on the wall and then the desk, to the floor and then back to the wall, watching the light seem to try to race where I would next touch.
Oblivious to how I appeared looking like a curious kid slowing shutting the refrigerator door to see when the light goes off - I snapped back to reality when the solitude of my thoughts were invaded by the sound of a shrieking noise.

This place never seemed to astound me.

It always seemed by the end of my 'visit' that my mind would clear and the fog would lift just enough so that I could catch a glimpse of what appeared like I was looking down a long eerily lit oval shaped hallway and I 'd almost remember the whole visit from the end to the beginning, it was weird.
Funny thing was, I new I wouldn't remember this, not really.
Sure I'd catch a glimpse here and there during the day if I was lucky..sometimes a small something happens that jogs your memory, but for the most part, I wouldn't remember.
Not unless it was one of those memories that hits you when you first wake up and sticks with you for the whole day; those sometimes dreams that you remember right away as soon as your eyes open.

And then those are usually the dreams you don't want to remember!

I had gotten to the point where I almost enjoyed my times aboard the Vessel and admittedly, there were times I didn't wish to leave.
Well, that wasn't true, I did want to get back to my wife for she might be worried if she awoke and couldn't find me in the house.
I wondered to myself if they left her in suspended animation or something of the relative nature cause how was it they could sneak in, take me out and bring me back without ever waking her?
Admittedly I just wasn't really in a hurry to leave the serenity of the vessel, I confessed to my soul.

One thing for sure was that I dearly needed to start sleeping in pajama bottoms.
Not that it was cold, it wasn't.
It was just my personal pride embarrassing me because here I was again sitting in the departure room wearing nothing but my boxer shorts.

Damn, I certainly was going to have to change this near nakedness ordeal!

Suddenly I realized just what the apparent shrieking noise was and what direction it was coming from.
I realized the shrieking noise was actually a OHM. That's what high pitched electricity pulsates at.
It was an OHM and it's sound seemed to be vibrating through a funnel.

Maybe I could hear the engines? ..I thought to myself.

I remembered what my 'handler' told me, or rather 'instructed' me earlier.
And knowing I mistook the shrieking noise for a low pulsating hum.. I decided to center my focus on the sound that was penetrating my senses.

While siting in the waiting room awaiting what I now called 'departure time' and bored with the amusement of touching objects, I was trying to concentrate on that penetrating sound - and could somehow hear that distant hum mixed with that song from my childhood, the one that had helped me quell my fears so many times during these night invasions.

“In the dark blue sky so deep, through my curtains often peep -
For you never close your eyes, til the morning sun does rise,
Twinkle twinkle little star, now I know just what you are..”

All the sudden I knew where the song was coming from as the voice I heard got louder.
The pure angelic voice could not be mistaken and rounding the corner coming through the doorway I could see 'sweet pea' come into view.

She was sort of half skipping while holding someone's hand.
Sweet Pea didn't seem afraid any longer and exuded a happy
Whoever it was with her, was definitely a substantially elder being that seemed to have lived many past lives by appearance from the overly frail body and wrinkled features.
I wondered how I knew this, all the while noticing how it was almost like sweet pea was holding and guiding the mysterious elder person.

I just about fell out of the double seat bench I had been instructed to sit in when my eyes focused on the being walking with the young girl for - low and behold, it was the old lady from my youth!
Except she now seemed very strange to look at, and it took me a minute to realize why her persona was off by my recollection.

That sweet old lady whom taught me that age old nursery rhyme, was no old lady at all!

The grandmother like elder woman with the soothing voice and ever so gentle mannerisms whom I came to befriend as a child was to my astonishment – was in fact and always had been, one of them!!!

Eva was her name.
And now that I saw her, I remembered everything just as my mind went blank.

The entity moved forward towards the wall and because of the glow emanating from the contact being made, I could make out two sets of what appeared to be three dots each.

The two sets of three dots had one dot sitting over two side by side dots, giving them a triangle formation.
It was hard to tell how high up the wall they were because everything was so damn smooth, not knowing where the wall and the floor actually joined, I estimated them to be about three and a half feet up the wall and about six inches apart.
Part of my mind thought the dots were floating, that was until I saw the entity put two fingers and a thumb into each triangle formation and stretch an opening into what I thought was the outside shell to the vessel I was riding in.

The light was so bright that my eyes instantly hurt and almost quicker than it came, the pain went away.
At first I thought one of my handlers made the pain disperse but then realized it was a technique they had taught me to do.
It was just one of the many things they had taught me, they were always teaching me things.
They taught me that all I could ask for was inside me, I just had to find it and use it.
I was reminded how they explained to me that we think we only use ten per cent of our brains capability, and although that is essentially true, it is also false for we as humans block our progression with limits we call fear. False Expectations Appearing Real, as it was explained.
Again this had to do with the use of the pineal gland.
Clearing the obstructions allowed us to access the other ninety percent of our brain power.

“Dude, you just ripped a hole in the wall.” I astonishingly exclaimed.

The answer resounding in my ears was, “Have you yet to learn all is not what it seems?”
“Listen close while we once again explain”, I heard in unison.

“There was an elder lady traveling on a jet plane going to visit her daughter and grandchildren.
She was so attached to her pet parrot that she had bought an extra seat and brought the bird with her.
It was resting comfortably in it's cage sitting in the seat beside her.

About halfway through the trip, a large man wearing a business suit sitting in front of her, lit up a cigar.
Shortly there after, the smoke from the man's cigar started drifting back towards the old woman and into the birds cage.
The parrot never before being around smoke started to cough and hack.
The old woman loving the bird and as concerned as she was, tapped the man in the business suit on the shoulder and politely asked that he please put out his cigar as it was choking the woman's parrot.
At first the large man ignored the old woman but due to her persistence he finally grumbled to her to mind her own damn business.

Sitting back in her seat she could see her beloved bird was now coughing consistently.
Again the old woman leaned forward and tapping the large man on the shoulder, politely asked him to put out his cigar.
This time the man in the business suit swore at the elderly lady.

Leaning back into her seat, the old woman could see how desperate the situation had become for her parrot who was now choking breathless.
Looking around and not seeing a flight attendant, the old woman fearing for the safety and health of her dear parrot, decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.
Leaning forward, the old woman snatched the cigar from the businessman's mouth and opening the window, she tossed the cigar out of the plane.

Astonishingly, the brazen large man stood up, reached inside the cage, grabbed the parrot and threw it out of the planes open window.
The old woman, to no avail and in desperation, rushed to the open window to save her beloved parrot.

Looking out the window, the concerned elderly woman could see her parrot perched on the leading edge of the jet planes wing, and unbelievably in the parrots mouth was -”

“The fat boys cigar.” I blatantly interrupted.

Their voices chiming in together, “The blue brick”, was the answer I heard that left me paralyzed in awe.

“We will come for you again” they said.

Giggling, I quipped "Klaatu barada nikto."
Sobering my idiocracy, “I know, I'll be waiting,” I replied exhuberantly adding
“..'cause one time I'm gonna fly this puppy!”

Suddenly the passageway that had opened became filled with the viewof earth and space, the room beacme an oval as evrythingdisapeared including the bench I was sitting own,
Abruprtly the floor below my feet increased in a steep incline and I was frighteningly sliding towards the opening in the vessel to be hurled into space towards earth.
There was nothing to clutch and end my quicening decent.
Calming my mind thinking what had just been taught,I let go of fear as fear had been explained as - False Expectaions Appearing Real.

Realizing this is how I actually boarded and reaching the exit hole, nonchalantly I swan dove from the vessel's threshold into a heavenly apporational view of euphorism.
My view was obliterated with an intense bronze/gold/white hole deep in the reccesses of the heavens and pouring through it was a rainbow of colors which poured over the stars resembling keys on a fret board of a radical version to a violin all heading towards earth..
..and I understood.. I understood our true Creator knew that humanity, if kept in tune, would play harmoniously in honey-sweet existence together.

I had slept in and now I was late for work!
That meant three days this week – Tuesday, Wednesday and now Friday.
That wasn't good.

Usually the my wife wakes me up but she's a shift worker and was on nights again so she wouldn't even be home for another twenty minutes.

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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 04:40 PM
I glanced at my cell phone as I hopped in my truck.
As the owner of a small masonry business, I genrally picked up my few employees.
It was 7:04 and not only was I gonna be sarcastically ridiculed in good fun for picking the guys up late, I just missed the 7 a.m joke of the day on the radio.
I like to start the day with a joke, construction is a hard job and a joke in the morning always made the day go by easier.

As I buckled myself in and fired up the truck, the preset radio station came on.
The D~jay was already laughing so I new for sure I had missed the joke.

“..that was Larry the Cable Guy and I don't care who you are, that's some funny stuff right there!” mimicked the female Disc jockey. “Gooooooood mo-ornin' folks, I'm your host Eva St. Nation and comin' right up next for those of you whom already have had a hard week, to start your weekend early rock fans” she said, “is an old time cult classic by a band called, 'Prism' – blasting out their one hit wonder - “Spaceship Superstar!”

Nothing happens by accident and although I didn't know it, I have become a living testament to that.
Oh, I'm sure you've heard every whacked out crazy sad crying someone's dieing story there is.
Could be you know someone or have your own stories of trials and tribulations?
However, the story following is not a story per say but an actual recounting of an extraordinary event surrounding not just my life, but all human life on this planet we know as mother Earth.

I came into this world born to a 13 year old mother who was forced to give me up for adoption as her parents believed her too young and because she was their only child, they wanted her to have a better start in life.

Ezekiel was the name my biological mom gave me, or so the story goes, and Noch was the surname from the first couple to adopt me when I was seven days old.
Unfortunately they died in a tragic car accident after careening into a tree trying to avoid a lost sheep by some misplaced shepherd one night on some lonely highway on their way home from being away for the weekend at a relatives wedding and rushing a little wanting to be home that night to celebrate the next day as it was to be my first birthday.

After that things had a way of never really seeming to work out.
Growing up I never really felt settled if you know what I mean.

It's kinda hard to explain, it's like when you walk into a room with people there and you realize you don't really feel comfortable all of the sudden.

Oh, I could blame it on the countless different foster homes I had lived in.
There was enough of those.

But it wasn't that, I just felt like I didn't belong here, like I was from somewhere else.

Life had turned out fine marrying a gorgeous woman I refferred to as "my rib", having our first of two children at the age of thirty and now at almost sixty-five, I find myself stopping to ponder my existence..

The radio drifted back into my reality, the song had switched and the lyrics filled the cabin of the truck..
"..Now I don't say that you've been telling me lies,but why do I hear those childrens cries?

I'm a stranger here, I'm just looking around..

I see the aero planes carrying the bombs
Why, you've even found people to drop them on
You know you can't keep what you take by force
But it's only my first impression of course.

Well I'm a stranger here on your planet Earth..

We got the rivers and the mountains and the valleys and the trees
We got the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea
We got the –
Oh you crazy fools don't you know you had it made
You were living in paradise
But take it from one who knows
Who knows the gates of Heaven can close
I only pray that you take my advice
Because Paradise won't come twice!"

The song echoed the sentiments I felt resonating within my heart reminding me of who I am and suddenly an internal warmth enveloped me as in a sudden burst with a resoslution that wahsed over me and I remembered everthing!

Zeke is what they call me, my friends anyhow.
My real name is Ezekiel and I sign my signature the common way by shortening it to the first intial and last name only when signing anything.

E. Noch, is my name ..and this is my story...

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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by HumAnnunaki

Are you French? There's some words that seemed to be French, as if you didn't knew how to translate them.

Other than that, I love it! S&F

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 09:13 AM

reply to post by HumAnnunaki

Are you French? There's some words that seemed to be French, as if you didn't knew how to translate them.

Other than that, I love it! S&F

Thank you for taking your time to read this story 'StarHeart' -

This is my first attempt at writing a story, mostly I just write poetry

I apologize for the jumbled words as I had much trouble trying to
post this story and of course, truncating it lost some of it's inner
core story not allowing me to elaborate deeply into the hidden
story between the old lady and the young girl..although I felt
the jist was enough to allow understanding of whom they
are and what they represent.

The story of Ezekiel Noch is actually taken from two biblical
characters (Ezekiel & Enoch) and re-written in modern day times.

No, I an not French and the story incorporates languages
of the French, Latin and ancient North American Native Indian -
so all apologies for perhaps the misspelling of such words.

I have read an article you produced on the 'Bacon Templar'
and your last story "ISIS" -
Bacon Templar, very informative, the kind of material I enjoy reading!
The ISIS story is very well written, a page turner indeed.. you have
a unique perspective and classic story telling techniques.

Be well

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 01:40 PM

No, I an not French and the story incorporates languages
of the French, Latin and ancient North American Native Indian -
so all apologies for perhaps the misspelling of such words.

No, no, it's allright. In fact, even with the misspelling, it makes it as if it's a futuristic language that incorporated all languages. It's very original in fact; good job!

Bacon Templar, very informative, the kind of material I enjoy reading!
The ISIS story is very well written, a page turner indeed.. you have
a unique perspective and classic story telling techniques.

Thank you.
I love happy endings, and I can only write those kinds of stories. I think it is important that we bring back hope for a better future, even if it seems dark.

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