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No title Dec 2013

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posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 11:37 AM
I write all the time, mostly for myself and very rarely do I share then with anyone other than my wife.

This one, not one of best, came to me while reading threw some of the threads here on ATS. it's not a long read and I hacked it thinking it would make a good premise for a longer better written story... and if you have those skill which I clearly lack I encourage you take my idea and run with it...

November 17th 2001.
Matt and Clarice were not unnoticed as they slipped away from the rest of the campers, fellow students and here at Crow Canyon as part of a 'For Credit' archeology class. Of course Matt and Clarice were more interested in exploring each other than digging up some rather unimpressive dirty old Indian artifacts.

“Matt, slow down...Hehehe... you naughty boy... where are taking me?”

Earlier in the day Matt and friends had scouted out a remote part of the dig site, the crumbled remains of a deep round pit in the ground called a Kiva. A long forgotten place of worship to the long dead ancient Americans. A national treasure to the local Natives and their course instructor too. For Matt and Clarice it was nothing more than a private secluded spot to make-out.

“Emmm... Matt... You know it drives me crazy when you do that!”

At the bottom center of the Kiva was a small hole, no bigger round than the span of a grown mans hand. This particular hole possessed the most remarkable talent for remaining unnoticed for hundreds of years. Darker than black, old as time itself, and something inside those endless depth was awake, aware.

“Oooo...Stop... Wait... Not without a condom, k?”

The thing in the hole, was a raw primal force of nature, a forgotten leftover. A thing that raged with anger over being trapped here in this place alone with nothing but it's hate and hunger... Purred with it's own perverted naked desire as it sensed pray... And at least one of it's victims became aware that there was something lurking in the darkness

Matt could feel Clarice trembling under his touch, his lips, his gentle bites. When she gasped, his inner devil gave a knowing nod that it was time to make his move. His right hand traveled down the soft warmth of her side, traced the smooth flesh of her hip, his fingers tickling their way along her tender young thigh, then going for it, he turns his hand, and plunges it boldly into the nothingness of obviation!

The scream stuck in Clarice's throat, escaping finally as a small sad whimper. Eyes wide in fear saw only the blackness surrounding her, pressing on all sides like an oppressive weight. Her nostrils flared taking in the scent of blood and bile, she tasted that sharp coppery taste in her mouth. She felt the now empty sack of skin that had once been a man fall and drape over her arm like a fallen flag or deflated balloon. Another small sad whimper came when out of the darkness, Something stroked threw her hair, caressed her neck and shoulders like a lover, making her surrender to the sweet sharp pain as her own life's blood ran onto the cold hard ground and she too sunk into the darkness.

“Hey Jimmy... Don't you think we should go check on Matt and Clarice... They should have been back a long time ago...”
“Oh, don't worry about those two... They’re probably having the time of their lives... Now come on, I want to show you this really cool spot Matt and I found this morning!”


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