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Dialogue Parts 1 and 2

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posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 11:35 AM
I was born in the late '50s, hit the teens in the late '60's
and graduated high school in '75
Things were very different back then, MUCH different,
Seat belts? What are they?
Color TV? There was 1 in the block I lived on, and seeing
the NBC Peacock in color was talked about for DAYS!
Cigs? you could buy 2 packs for less then $1, and they
even gave cartons of them out as prizes on tv game shows!
Locking your doors? Heck, then the neighbors couldn't pop
in for a cup of coffee!
Thats the usual stuff you hear from someone my age, and all
of that stuff above is correct, but...

Were things in the world (or even the USA)
better back then? Oh yes, in my
opinion, absolutely! But, things weren't PERFECT

Flash to today (2013) I've finally decided to try to convert my lp's
to flac, I have over 1,300 albums to convert . I got to the letter C and came
across this song from a band named Chicago. They started as a band named CTA
(Chicago Transit Authority) but were sued in 1969 (the year they had formed) by
the real CTA and had to change their name. I guess lawyers have always been around.
I never understood why there was a lawsuit.


Anyway, while listening to the album Chicago V, I heard the songs:
Dialogue Parts 1 & 2, they are the last 2 tracks on side 2. This album was released in 1972.
To listen to this song:

Oh, here are the lyrics, even though you can hear them pretty clearly:


I won't get into details about 1972, since I was 14 years old and trying to impress girls
and piss off my parents, but as I've been an 'audiophile' ever since I can remember, thanks
to my older brothers, I've always been impressed with Chicago's recordings.
Now that I'm much older, I'm not sure how this song makes me feel, in one hand,
it takes me back to my youth when I was indestructable, on the other hand, REALLY listening to
and understanding this song, could it have changed my outlook of life and thusly changed
my future?
Nah, I guess not, girls were on my mind, but one can only think.

Since I'm only on the letter C, what will I come up to later in the alphabet?

Oh, and all of this stuff came out before music was ruined by people who can't sing, but love bass and can 'sort' of rhyme. Its good that none of the smiley faces have no ears, they would fall off listening to stuff in this century.

(That should cause a few responses)


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